NEWS - Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Weekly Top 10 Games

Today I am going to try a new format for posting the Top 10 games. So bare with me because its something new and if you don't like it, then I will go back to the old format. We will bring this list to you weekly for everybody's enjoyment. If you would like to see the list daily then just click on over to the Top 50 games
  • 1.) Halo
  • - Halo has been at #1 for the past 3 weeks(only 3 weeks I have been doing this now) holding all glory over the others. It hasn't moved a slight bit yet.
    Rating: 4.87, Weeks on List: 3 weeks, Highest Position: #1, Last Week: #1
  • 2.) SSX Tricky
  • - SSX Tricky seems to hold this position down quite well. For the past 3 weeks, SSX Tricky has been able to fight off other extreme sport games to hold this high position on the list.
    Rating: 4.76, Weeks on List: 3 weeks, Highest Position: #2, Last Week: #2
  • 3.) Genma Onimusha
  • - Genma Onimusha took the list by storm marching its way all the way up to 3rd, almost taking over the 2nd position. Just released, Onimusha seems to have a bright future on the Top 10 list.
    Rating: 4.75, Weeks on List: 1 week, Highest Position: #3, Last Week: Not Rated
  • 4.) Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2
  • - Dave Mirra 2, was holding on strong the past 2 weeks until being dismantled this week by the new released, Genma Onimusha. Still in the top 5, Dave Mirra seems to be one of the favorite around here.
    Rating: 4.64, Weeks on List: 3 weeks, Highest Position: #3, Last Week: #3
  • 5.) Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee
  • - Abe & Munch are double teaming the other challengers to stay in the top 5. Only falling one position from last week, it still remains one of the most liked from fans and staff members.
    Rating: 4.62, Weeks on List: 3 weeks, Highest Position: #4, Last Week: #4
  • 6.) NFL2k2
  • - The football genre seems to have many competitors and NFL2k2 is rising above the rest. It fell off the list last week and NFL Fever 2002 entered in the lower half of the list. This week NFL2k2 made a rebound and crawled back up the rankings.
    Rating: 4.50, Weeks on List: 2 weeks, Highest Position: #4, Last Week: Knocked off List
  • 7.) Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding
  • - Amped had a strong coming, last week. This week it fell back to its first position but remains on the list.
    Rating: 4.49, Weeks on List: 3 weeks, Highest Position: #5, Last Week: #3
  • 8.) Project Gotham Racing
  • - Racing games have seemed dismal recently and Project Gotham tops off the better half of the choices.
    Rating: 4.47, Weeks on List: 2 weeks, Highest Position: #8, Last Week: #8
  • 9.) NHL Hitz 20-02
  • - NHL Hitz 20-02 took a charge to the higher rankings last week but fell to its original position this week at #9.
    Rating: 4.46, Weeks on List: 3 weeks, Highest Position: #6, Last Week: #6
  • 10.) NFL Fever 2002
  • - NFL Fever could say it was the best football game last week but NFL2k2 jumped right back in the countdown with a #6 spot. Either way Fever is still on the Top 10 list, capping off the lower half.
    Rating: 4.46, Weeks on List: 2 weeks, Highest Position: #7, Last Week: #7

    Is there a game you would like to see on here that isn't? Well if so, you have the privledge to rate the games yourself. Only thing you have to do is go to the Rate Products page and just look through the products you would like like to rate and thats all you have to do.

    Note: If you don't like the format e-mail me at so I know if it had a positive effect or negative so I could change it for next week's edition.


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