NEWS - Friday, May 28, 2004

New Crimson Skies DLC 5/28

Crimson Skies: New (Free) Downloadable Content! What:. On Friday (5/28) Microsoft Game Studios and Xbox Live are releasing a series of downloads for Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge These downloads are free of charge as part of your Xbox Live membership.* When: The downloads will be available on May 28 after 5am ET/2am PT. You may have the download available before this time, but everyone will have access to it by the time posted above. If you don't see the download right away don't panic. Don't post that you don't have it yet. It will show up shortly. Where: The free* downloads will be available to Xbox Live members in all countries that Xbox Live is sold. Details on the downloads: The downloadable content contains one new game, three new planes and two new maps: The New Game: GUN HEIST: Gun Heist is an exciting new game where you capture and hold three strategically placed AA guns. These guns show up as blue icons on your radar. Friendly guns (guns your team has captured) show up as green, while enemy guns are red. If a gun is in the process of being captured, it will flash either red or green, depending on the team alignment of the person trying to flip the gun. Some items of note: " It takes five seconds to capture a gun. " A destroyed AA gun takes 20 seconds to respawn. " The guns are 1-shot, 1-kill goalie guns. " You must actually get into a gun for five seconds to capture it. Just blowing up an enemy gun will NOT flip its alignment. " If you destroy a gun already on your team, it will respawn as neutral. You get a point (as seen in the player side of the summary screen) every time you capture a gun, that is, flip it to your team. You also get individual points for every 10 seconds you manage to stay in a friendly gun. The points column on the team side charts how many guns your team owns when time expires. TO WIN " If a team takes-and holds-all three guns for 60 seconds, the game ends. " When time's up, the team with the most guns wins. " If the score is tied, the team with the most points wins. " If the score is tied, and the points are tied, it's a draw. STRATEGY Holding a gun is tough work, and takes good teamwork. After you destroy an enemy gun, your team will need to establish air superiority while you're waiting for the gun to respawn. Focus on shooting down the incoming enemy planes while one teammate keeps an eye out for the reappearing gun icon. Windy City, Chicago, and Plateau are great maps for this type of game. CHICKEN POX: Chicken Pox is a fast-paced, dynamic, team-oriented game that puts a new spin on the old team dogfight. There's a chicken for every three players in the game. Picking up a chicken will do a number of things for you-completely heal you, reload your secondary ammo, and instantly recharge your boost. In this case, having Chicken Pox is a good thing! Furthermore, while you hold a chicken, your health regenerates over time. And the coolest thing about having Chicken Pox? Two points for every kill on a non-infected player. . . Teams are dynamic: Any person with a chicken sees all other chicken carriers as friendly-and shooting down teammates is a bad thing. All non-chicken carriers see other non-carriers as friendly. You can't drop a chicken. Once you have the Pox, you have it till you're shot down. Carrying a chicken also means that you can't grab the steal-able plane, or jump into AA guns. SCORING " Not holding a chicken, and shooting down an enemy who is = 1 point. " Holding a chicken and killing an enemy (a person w/o a chicken) = 2 points The game is over when time runs out or a player hits the required number of kills for victory. STRATEGY You want a chicken! You also want to be in a tough dogfighter. Don't take planes with secondary weapons that do damage over time. Grab a chicken and hammer hard on enemy planes. Of course, it always helps to target a smoking plane first. . . The New Planes There are three new-and-cool planes to add to the multiplayer mayhem. Each plane has a different job, and is very useful in the right situation. Vampire A slow and heavy dogfighter, it packs a lot of punch with its plasma ball secondary weapon. Not a plane to go head-to-head with. This plane works well in Team Dogfight. Firebrand The classic flying wing. Slow-moving, but oh-so-brutal with its new fireball- spitting secondary weapon. Does great guard duty when protecting a base, or firing into a pack of incoming enemy planes. Just don't expect to be able to get away with the other team's flag. HellHound Fast and agile, the HellHound is quickly becoming the new favorite of many a Sky Pirate. Its burst-fire cannon can quickly tear through slow-moving targets. Get on their tail and let fly. The New Maps There are two new maps for players to shoot it up in. 1st map: Badlands-Canyons and caves for both teams to fly through. Team bases are also located in these caves. Be on the lookout for strategically placed AA guns guarding the opening to these locations. They can add an extra line of defense (or offense) for protecting your flag or stopping the Wild Chicken score. This map works great with any team-based game-especially the Heists and Wild Chicken. 2nd map: The Lost Plateau. A cool nighttime map with lots of ruins to fly through on the way to stealing a flag, and a series of tunnels underneath for a quick booty-heist getaway. This map works great for the new game types, and is also a rollicking good time with Flag Heist.


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