NEWS - Monday, November 21, 2005

Xbox 360 Camp-Out Survival Guide

The Basics Wallet and pre-order slip (if you’re lucky, that is) When purchasing a new console at launch, obviously you have to remember to bring your wallet, equipped with a selection of the most advanced weaponry. I myself will be carrying a MasterCard, Visa and Maestro - just in case - as well as good old cash. If you were lucky enough to get a pre-order, you might as well stay home and in your nice warm bed until 8am and pick up your Xbox 360 in the morning. Unless, of course, you’re the hardcore type. Clothing Depending on where you live, you’re going to need a varied amount of clothing - even here in Florida it is cold during the night in November. For the colder areas, you’re obviously going to need a heavy coat, as well as hat and gloves if you’re going to be extra protective of your health. Oh, and for further south, you’re probably going to need under-layers, like a fleece, for example. So now that you’ve managed to find the cash and clothes, you’re going to need to get to the store, so that brings us on to the next stage of planning -- finding a store where you’re likely to find unreserved Xbox 360s. Store Raiding Wal-Mart It is now common knowledge that Wal-Mart will be selling Xbox 360 consoles at midnight. However, the chances are they will be very busy, but if you want to try, we recommend that you head to your local at around 7 or 8 o’clock. Some may postpone their launches to 8am. Golden Tickets are to be handed out by store staff from 10pm for midnight launches. My personal stock allocation guesstimate - 120* Xbox 360 units (50* cores) Target Target will be opening their doors from 8am on the launch day for you to pickup your new console. Staff have been instructed to issue tickets to people outside from 6am, so be sure to head there between 4 - 5 AM. My personal stock allocation guesstimate - 70* Xbox 360 units (30* cores) Best Buy Store opening times seem to varied nationwide, so call ahead for details of your local. Circuit City As with Best Buy, exact details are store-dependent, so call ahead to get the details. My personal stock allocation guesstimate - 30* Xbox 360 units (10* cores) A word of warning: Make sure you call ahead to find out what the arrangements will be for your store. You can check,, and for store contact details. * Estimations may not reflect final amounts So now you’re sensibly dressed, have got your wallet ready and are all set to head to your local retailer, its time to pack your bag full of survival gear. First off? Food. Food and Drink Candy bars, soda and chips A good selection of candy bars, cans of soda and a bag of chips will likely keep you going through the night. Our personal recommendation is a few bars of Snickers and Baby Ruth’s, with a crate of Mountain Dew to swallow it all down. Fast food Fast food is always a good choice to go with when wanting to keep yourself warm and full. However, make extra sure you don’t lose your place in the queue. Mc. Griddle, anyone? Pizza via your cell phone! Probably the safest bet for the midnight launch - call your local Domino’s or Pizza Hut and get it delivered right to you. Triple Cheese and a Meat Feast are just bound to go down a treat, so why not give them a go? And if you’re short on cash or can’t manage a full pizza, just ask the folks around you if they’d like some and get them to chip in. But remember to play it safe to ask the staff’s permission and offer to share if you’re inside the store, as you don’t want any risk of being chucked out for getting grease over everything when standing in queue for your shiny new console. Xbox 360 tailgate cookout This has to be the craziest idea we managed to come up with. Grab your tailgating cookout gear and have a huge BBQ under the stars. But don’t give anyone food poisoning, or they might lose out of days of 360 action, and what a shame that would be?! Drink If you can get away with it and are over 21 years of age, try cracking open a few beers [unsure on how to do that? Ask our Editor, Hanley - Ed]. Otherwise, its the Mountain Dew and Coca Cola for you. Coffee in a thermos flask is also a must to keep you going - even if you’re not in for the long haul. Entertainment Game Boys for game boys The battle for supremacy takes another turn. Whilst Nintendo DS comes out on top for better battery life and the legendary Mario Kart DS for multiplayer action, if you have that and a PSP, there’s no harm in taking both. Just be wary of Xbox fanboys. Board Games A certain staff member suggested this and was promptly dismissed. We’re celebrating the move to the next generation, not going back a few. However, if we’re playing Monopoly, I call the dog. Music Player Fill up your favorite player with some head-banging (or whatever takes your cake) tunes to keep you awake, but don’t forget to check out all of the fantastic Podcast content like Xbox Live’s Major Nelson talking at or Podtacular at Add some speakers and everyone’s invited into the party. Laptop Maybe close to overkill, but if you’ve got some work to do, or even if you want to play some F.E.A.R. on the go, it might be worth carrying this along with you. However, I’m sure you will regret the extra weight when carrying your Xbrick 360 and the fifty games you bought back home. XBOX, Generator and Satellite Truck Yeah this one is overkill. Grab a generator, an Xbox, a TV and the satellite truck to hook it up to Xbox Live. If anyone does manage to pull this off, be sure to send pictures to the usual address. Thanks! Other Bits If you’re stuck outside, you’re going to need a few things, depending on your location. Tent / windbreaker If you’re in a windy or open space, a tent or windbreaker will keep you sheltered and hidden from the elements. Camera We want your launch day pictures, and we’ll be telling you how to upload them in a few days, so stay tuned. Something to sit on Last, but by no means least - grab a pillow, foldable stool, inflatable sofa, SEGA GameGear -- just make sure it’s something to sit on as its going to be a long, long wait. So, that’s all we’ve got to share with you for now, but good luck on your quest for an Xbox 360.


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