NEWS - Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Rockstar’s Table Tennis Facts

We reported earlier last month that Rockstar, the developer famed for it’s Grand Theft Auto series was to bring a Table Tennis game to next generation console the Xbox 360, today we bring you a slew of details about the game along with some new images, and below the new boxart. So be sure to keep an eye out for this when it hits stores at the end of this month. Rockstar Presents Table Tennis Facts: • Rockstar’s goal was to create a game that is perfectly addictive in its focused simplicity, a game that showcases the true possibilities of a next gen experience, not just in looks but also in feel and pace. • By using the power of the new Xbox 360 hardware and the resolution of new televisions, Table Tennis has an immediacy, an intensity, and a sense of physicality and reality, resulting in a purer, more visceral experience that simply was not previously possible. • Table Tennis is a distillation of game design philosophy, focusing on removing the traditional areas of compromise inherent in managing size and scope and concentrating the hardware’s entire power on one activity, with the aim of doing that better than it’s ever been done before. • Rockstar Games first true sports simulation title. • Developed by Rockstar San Diego, the studio that brought you Midnight Club and Red Dead Revolver. • The intensity and speed of a fighting game, wrapped in a tight gameplay mechanic that offers a highly unique experience. • Table Tennis utilizes R.A.G.E., the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine. • Characters you saw included: Mark from England, Liu Ping from China and Luc from France. Arenas you saw included: Liberty Northside Prep in the US, National Table Tennis Auditorium in China and Saint Nazaire Coliseum in France. • 11 playable characters in all from countries including Japan, Brazil, Sweden, Egypt, the U.S. and others. • Each character possesses a distinct personality and playing characteristics. • 7 male characters, 4 female characters. • Each player has four attributes: Spin, Accuracy, Speed and Power. • 19 unique venues complete with crowds that chant your name in support and react like a live audience. • Each character contains an individual skeleton, as well as highly detailed skin, hair and facial textures. • An average of 30,000 polygons go into creating each character. • Multiple outfits for each player featuring life-like cloth physics that ripple and sway as you dart • Incredibly easy to pick up and play, the controls of Table Tennis are very intuitive. • Shoulder buttons are used for “Focus” and “Drop” shots. • A slight trail that changes color follows the ball. The color is dependent on what shot is used and the amount of spin is put on the ball, this becomes useful to determine what kind of shot you should use to return your opponents volley. • Placing and retuning shots strategically are the key to winning. • Controls are as follows: o Left Analog – Player Movement / Ball Placement During Shot o Right Analog – Paddle Movement (each direction corresponds to a Face Button, X, Y, A, and B. o X Button – Left Spin o Y Button – Back Spin o A Button – Top Spin o B Button – Right Spin o R Trigger – Right Spin o L Trigger – Left Spin o RB- Hold + Spin for Focus Shot o LB – Hold + Spin for Drop Shot • Tournament matches are best two out of three, played to 11 points and must be won by 2 points. This can also be customized in the menu. • Reflections on the floors and playing surface, as well as the multiple lighting sources and shadows provide an incredible amount of realism. • Real world sponsors such as Adidas, Butterfly, Killerspin, Paddle Palace and more. • Player models move realistically with footwork and racket swings linked together to create a realistic sense of inertia and movement while the action remains fast, intense and natural. • Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis for the Xbox 360 is expected to ship to North American retailers on May 22nd, 2006 for a MSRP of $39.99 and will hit European retail shelves on May 26th, 2006 for a price of €39.99 and £29.99 in the UK.


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