NEWS - Tuesday, May 29, 2007

(RUMOR) - Halo 3 Achievements Revealed?

The armor types seems to be referring to customizable armor in multiplayer, where you can change your appearance. Spartan players can choose from Mjolnir (the default), Cobra, Intruder, Ninja and Regulator while Elite players will have default, Predator and Raptor types. The hackers also believe that because the helmet, shoulder pads and body armor are all listed separately in the beta code, that means you can mix and match what you wear like a girl in Top Shop. If your bum looks big in Cobra body armor, then stop asking if your bum looks big in Cobra body armor and swap it for something else. Then there are the achievements, with gamerpoints awarded for completing campaign on Legendary, finding the skulls (remember them in Halo 2?) and nabbing kill frenzy medals in multiplayer. Bungie has remained quiet on the emergence of this list, which could well mean these achievements are a red herring designed to drum up hype. Even so, most of the achievements sound plausible. So, drum roll please... here is the list in full, complete with ’leet’ underscores to make it look more authentic. achievement_complete_mission_jungle achievement_complete_mission_base achievement_complete_mission_outskirts achievement_complete_mission_voi achievement_complete_mission_floodvoi achievement_complete_mission_wasteland achievement_complete_mission_citadel achievement_complete_mission_highcharity achievement_complete_mission_halo achievement_complete_campaign_easy achievement_complete_campaign_normal achievement_complete_campaign_heroic achievement_complete_campaign_legendary achievement_find_jungle_skull achievement_find_base_skull achievement_find_outskirts_skull achievement_find_voi_skull achievement_find_floodvoi_skull achievement_find_waste_skull achievement_find_citadel_skull achievement_find_highcharity_skull achievement_find_halo_skull achievement_jungle_training achievement_jungle_no_casualties achievement_floodvoi_no_flood_victims achievement_spartan_recruit achievement_spartan_graduate achievement_spartan_officer achievement_extra_crispy achievement_banshee_surface_to_air_kill achievement_triple_kill achievement_killtacular achievement_sticky_x5 achievement_brokeback achievement_tripmine_vehicle_kill achievement_flag_carrier_kill achievement_kill_frenzy achievement_triple_sword_kill achievement_mongoose_splatter achievement_melee_kill_x5 achievement_needler_kill_x5 achievement_sniper_kill_frenzy achievement_headshot_kill_frenzy achievement_full_warthog_kill achievement_temporary_placeholder


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