NEWS - Friday, July 17, 2009

Red Faction: Guerrilla Demons Of The Badlands DLC

 A new singleplayer campaign, Demons of the Badlands gives you an entirely new area to explore outside of the existing world. The area, Mariner Valley, is a deep canyon with rugged terrain and steep vertical surfaces.

 The story is a prequel to the events that take place on Tharsis in Red Faction: Guerrilla, set three years before Alec Mason arrives on Mars. And, yes, this means you won’t be playing Mason! Instead you’ll take control of Samanya as she fights alongside the Marauders against the EDF.

 Out 13 August Demons of the Badlands features new missions, new guerrilla activities, new weapons, new vehicles and new Achievements / Trophies.

Here’s what you get...

Mariner Valley
Entirely new area with a new look and lots of new buildings to destroy. Featuring a new mission arc set three years before the events of Red Faction: Guerrilla.

New Guerrilla Actions

    * x1 Offensive Raid
    * x1 House Arrest
    * x1 Area Defense
    * x3 Demolitions Master
    * x2 Transporter

Marauder Vehicles

    * Chomper – A fast dune buggy with two seats.
    * Stomper – Marauder truck with three seats and a built-in turret.
    * Punisher – The Maruader Walker!

New Weapons

    * Spiker – Maruader machine gun that shoots rapid fire spikes that stick into victims / walls.
    * Subverter – EDF submachine gun.
    * Missilepod – Maruader rapid fire rocket launcher.
    * Ripper – Marauder melee weapon based on the iconic pickaxe from the original Red Faction.
    * Royal Sword – Maruader blade.
    * Remote Charge – New Marauder version of the remote charge.
    * Marauder Sledgehammer – Only seen in multiplayer, this is the default weapon carried by Samanya

Achievements / Trophies

    * Bound By Blood – Complete Mission 1 (30 Points / Bronze)
    * Family Vengeance – Complete Mission 2 (40 Points / Silver)
    * A Greater Purpose – Complete Mission 3 (50 Points / Silver)
    * Deliverance Defender – Complete all Marauder actions (20 Points / Silver)
    * Tumbling Down – Pro time on all Demo Masters and Transporters (10 Points / Bronze)
    * Mobile Bombs – Destroy 100 EDF vehicles (10 Points / Bronze)
    * Structural Integrity – Destroy all medium and high priority targets (30 Points / Bronze)
    * Purge The Valley – Break the EDF control of Mariner Valley (30 Points / Bronze)
    * Ares’ Bloodlust – Destroy the 4 Marauder War Totems (20 Points / Bronze)
    * The Power Of One Collect 75 Marauder power cells (20 Points / Bronze)



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