STAFF REVIEW of NBA Street Homecourt (Xbox 360)

Saturday, March 10, 2007.
by Longball77

NBA Street Homecourt Box art NBA STREET Home Court

In life we have all had those late nights when going to be had no appeal, reading had no interest, so we watched those late night television shows that nobody really wants to watch but too late for anything good to be on. A few years ago an up and coming mens TV channel tried to start its own national past time by creating a basketball game that is played in a gym with trampolines. That is right trampolines. A six team league was formed. The game its self was not great but the high flying dunks, the blocks, and even the unique way to take a free throw, reminds me of the this high flying, slam dunking look at me Ma I can fly game, created by EA Sports Big. NBA STREET Homecourt returns with new moves, easier controls and a more in-depth trick re-mixer that will allow you to be as creative on the street courts as you want. Features have been enhanced like the Game Breaker that will allow you to unleash a whole new variety of tricks that can make your rivals watch with mouths wide open. Unlike the traditional sports simulation games you can take your game to new heights. Have you ever wanted to make that Vince Carters dunk over an opponent look like yesterdays news, or create an alley-oop pass that sets new heights. Even from this years slam dunk contest where a sticker was placed on the back-board, do you want to make it look like a lay up from elementary school. NBA Street Homecourt allows you to show case your imagination.

This is my first sports game with out the seriousness of league simulation that I have come to enjoy and expect out of my sports simulation games. EA Sports Big is known for the fun, energetic Arcade like sports games that allow for imagination and a whole lot of fun. Ever want to soar high above the rim. Ever wonder if you what it would look like to soar through the air miss a dunk and end up hung up on the rim? Play this Three on Three basketball, as a 58 player. Find out how he or she can dunk, pass, shoot from the three point line, block from the three point line and how can be exciting that can be. EA has introduced the Trick-remixer that you can create and change what tricks you have in your arsenal. Mix together with a touch of a button seamless spins, cross over dribbles, and high flying dunks like never before. You will be able to have more moves strung together that will dazzle and impress your opponents like you have never seen before. Along with the most comprehensive trick control you have ever seen EA has unleashed Game Breaker. It will you yet again take this arcade game to a level that is fun. Those of you that have seen the Harlem Globetrotters will remember Curlys patented dribbling technique, well the first time you see the game breaker played against you, your memory will be refreshed. At centre court you light up like the 4th of July, perform some moves and race to the net with unparalleled determination. But get the ball stolen and your opponent can use your game breaker against you. This arcade like game lets you become the ball master. If using NBA players is not your style you can also create your own home grown hero and take him or her on the road dominating the country from coast to coast. Take on NBA greats from every team. As EA states maybe you can walk a way a hero.

The biggest selling point Microsoft has with the 360 is the stunning HD graphics capabilities. EA with its sports simulations has yet to disappoint in this department. Street Home Court is no exception. The seamless AI has impressed me. Each year the gamming experience is taking leaps. It wont belong before there will have to be a disclaimer stating no real NBA player were hurt during the making of this game. You would think with all of the game features, tricks, dunks, and amazing blocks that EA developers would forget something. Maybe slow down the game processor or video cards to enable these tricks to happen. I cant figure out how they did it but is definitely worth playing to find out. The flips, and jumps that are impossible in everyday life look so natural, that at home we may think of adding a trampoline or two on our home courts in an attempt to recreate some of these awesome moves.

Every NBA game out there from year to year impress me with the choice of music they choose. With so many NBA players coming off the street courts where music has meaning. Developers are choosing these songs very well. The in game sounds are not as well defined as in the NBA Live that imitates the great sounds capabilities of the arena atmosphere. I think there could be some improvements in this area. Have horns honking, kids screaming, sirens and car alarms going off, for a true street game experience. Sounds of the streets would add a touch of realism to the arcade game.

Overall this is a great game for fun with the buddies. Trying to out trick, out dunk, out dribble will definitely appeal to you. This is a fun game to play and is not for the serious sports enthusiast. Developers just keep improving the sounds and graphics. EA states in its sports simulation games If it is in the Game, Its in the game. Well the slogan for this genre should be if you can imagine it, its in the game. This serious sports addict is rating this game a 4.3 out of 5.

Overall: 8.6 / 10
Gameplay: 8.0 / 10
Visuals: 9.0 / 10
Sound: 8.0 / 10


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