Preview of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Box art

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

by Brent Roberts

August 9, 2011

"Attention all pilots... Attention all pilots... The UN has given the green light to allow NATO to secure the East African nations from uprising rebel forces in an attempt to destroy their latest ultimate weapon... You will be briefed in the air but for now get to your planes pilots, the fate of the world rests in your hands now, Godspeed.

As we here at XboxAddict take to the skies it's time to brief you on some of the amazing new qualities and innovations of the upcoming game Ace Combat Assault Horizon.  The UN is responding to cries for help in East Africa and in order to assist in the salvation of the people, they have ordered NATO to establish a special military task force to fly into East Africa, eliminate the rebel threat, and bring hope to a land so desperately devoid of it.  Unfortunately that is only the beginning.  Armed with a new super weapon you quickly discover that not only will this new destructive evil wipe out Eastern Africa, but soon it will engulf the entire planet, oh and on top of all of this, you learn of another threat trying to halt your progress, the fighter team known as Sharks.

Having learned that not only is Eastern Africa's survival but ultimately the world's fate in your hands, it's time to get to the details and reveal some information before you go in flying blind.  First and foremost are the areas in which you will be protecting.  Already we know of Eastern Africa, however, to ensure a more realistic quality to this Ace Combat games, Project Aces has decided to put you into other major worldwide cities such as Miami and more.  What is absolutely amazing about this is now the fight seems more realistic.  No more phantom or made up territories and lands, no more fantasy worlds made up in some studio.  Now the battle is real, now the battle hits home.  You actually get a sense of urgency and determination as you fly over stadiums packed with people who are all counting on you to save them.  Also included in these real world settings are now real world physics.  Before if you missed a missile shot and watched it hit a building the building would still be intact.  Now however, if you miss well congratulations you have now successfully blown a building in half.  This is where skill will come into play because now you realize that your stray actions still have dire consequences to the civilian population you were sent to protect.  Finally this is the Ace Combat we have all been waiting for; these are the realistic scenarios we all love to conquer.

Some of the new gameplay innovations really help to make this Ace Combat the best of the best as now dogfighting is not only far more challenging but also far more exciting.  One of the great innovations of Ace Combat Assault Horizon is the inclusion of a one button press Close Range Assault mode in which now a HUD circle will appear on your screen and it's your job to try to target your opponent by keeping their plane inside the circle so your targeting system can get a lock on them.  This serves not only to help aim and guide your missile attacks, but it also serves to help your machine gun target and destroy any enemy aircraft.  Take heed though because even though you have these new toys, so do your enemies and believe me when we say that dogfighting will never be the same again.  You say you have skills behind the wings of your fighter, now it's time to put your ego to the test.  With such fluid and fast paced action constantly going on all around you, talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

In Ace Combat Assault Horizon you are also now not just limited to some fighter jets.  Now you are also given the opportunity to pilot some of the most vicious helicopters ever made by man.  You will have the option to fly Apache Longbows, Blackhawks, as you add them to your arsenal of F22 Raptors, F-35B Lightning II's, and more.  In Ace Combat Assault Horizon you get to finally realize that planes are not the only things that fly.  One of the things that make all these vehicles unique is their own special weapon systems.  The F22 can target four aircraft simultaneously and send them on a one way ticket to the pearly gates.  The Apache Longbow can target multiple threats from miles away, sort them by importance and send them a care package of multiple warhead rockets right to their front door.

While we could go on for longer talking about various aspects including the newly introduced Sharks, we want you to experience all of this breathtaking gameplay and innovation.  Get ready pilots because in Ace Combat Assault Horizon while your ego may be big, the warhead on the end of that incoming missile is bigger.  It's time to prove that you belong with the Aces; it's time to show to the world that you are its protector and defender; it's time to take to the skies with Ace Combat Assault Horizon.


Monday, October 3, 2011
Monday, January 3, 2011


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