STAFF REVIEW of Outlaw Golf (Xbox)

Tuesday, July 9, 2002.
by Underdog

Outlaw Golf Box art What do you get when you take a dash of Adam Sandler's attitude from "Happy Gilmore", a pinch of hi-jinks from Rodney Dangerfield in "Caddy Shack" and just a sprinkle of T&A that was all though that wonderful *cough* documentary on how to become a stripper, Showgirls? I'll tell you what you get, one hell of a recipe for making a golf game and the Iron Chefs who stepped up to the challenge of putting together all those ingredients in their crock-pots and feeding us Outlaw Golf were Hypnotix and Simon & Schuster. After playing this game you will not be able look at normal golf again with its sponsors, green member jackets and polo shirts. Instead you'll enjoy playing with strippers, ex-cons and some other off the wall characters all at your command and their caddies at your mercy to smack them around in hopes of making you play better golf. It wouldn't be golf if you didn't have commentary and with the help of Steve Carell from Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" shouting out smart a$$ remarks, it will surely make you laugh or make your blood boil depending on what kind of golf your playing at the moment.

The game play is simple put the little white ball in the hole in the least amount of strokes. Sounds easy enough but at times it can get a little tricky. As you start out you have your choice of 4 golfers and as you complete certain games you will unlock more golfers. To complete some of these games you might have to take your choosing golfer over to the practice range. Once there you must complete certain task to add to your character's statistics which are, distance, accuracy, composure and control. Now that you have your golfer's statistics where you want them you can hit the course.

When you start you will get a flyby of each hole which if you like can be skipped by pushing the A button, after that is done it's time to hit that ball. By pressing the B button you can see where the ball will land if hit correctly, you may also move the location of where the ball will land with the left thumb stick or add spin to the ball with the right thumb stick. Once you feel good as to where the ball will land press the B button again to go back to the tee. Now it's time to hit the ball, first you need to push the A button to approach the ball also a power bar will appear in the lower right hand side. Now here's where it's gets exciting, you need to pull back on the right thumb stick which will make the power meter rise and soon as it reaches the desire level of power that you want, you must move the thumb stick as straight up as you can, not left or right. If you have failed at doing this you will witness what the golfing community calls a hook or a slice and you will see your composure meter go down, but never fear you caddy is here. What better way to get you composure than to beat the snot out of your caddy. Press the Y button to begin the beating, now you must hit the A button to make the slider move forward once the slider is in the light blue area (the Beat Target) hit A again which will move the slider back to another Beat Target. Do this 5 times to give your caddy a full a$$ beating and put your composure in the zone.

Now that you?ve learned how to drive the ball and beat up your caddy, let?s talk about putting. You're on the green now you have the challenge of putting the ball into the cup. You can press the white button to pull up the grid that will help you read the green in hopes of finding the right line. To aid you in finding the right line is a round yellow marker and your handy friend the X button. This button will show the line depending on where the yellow marker is, so by moving the maker around you can effect where the ball will go, hopefully you will move it so the ball will go into the cup. So there you have it this concludes this crash course lesson on how to play Outlaw Golf.

My hat goes off to Hypnotix's graphics team, all I want to know is which one of you guys has the green thumb, what you guys accomplished for the all the courses would surely make any pro golfer smack his mother and his grand mother both at the same time. The characters designs were also something to shout about. All of them were very detailed, I mean how many Tiger Woods' games have seen the g-string of stripper or a sign tapped on the back of a caddied that says "Wasp 69?" Another nice little touch is the smoke and comet trails that are behind the ball when you smack the hell out of it.

Another thumb up. The sound department did an outstanding job with Outlaw Golf's sound. From people chatting in the background to planes flying over head, trains roaring down their tracks and automobiles driving on the roads. The background music did get a little old at sometime, but to fix that problem all you have to do is go into option and turn it completely off. Without the background music playing it helps you feel like if you were really on the golf course due to the fact you can hear the birds chirping and even the hush of the crowd as you about to tee off.

For suggestions I can only think of a few to throw at you guys. First, more courses just so we can have a little more variety to choose from. Second, when you just have hit the ball what you think is the recommended power rating that is shown, if you could somehow show what you really hit. Example, the desired power for this shot says 35% and since the power meter goes in quarters you know that you need to swing somewhere between the 1/4 and 1/2 marks. So after your swing you know you were between those two marks but have no idea what percent you really hit the ball at. Last, thanks for making this game, after playing OutLaw Golf at E3 for the first time; I knew that I just had to have it.

Overall: 10.0 / 10
Gameplay: 10.0 / 10
Visuals: 10.0 / 10
Sound: 10.0 / 10


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