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    Exclamation Forum Rules and Guidelines Forum Rules and Guidelines

    A. Registering to the forum

    1. Usernames and Custom User Titles
    2. Avatars
    3. Signatures

    B. Posting Guidelines

    1. General Topics to Not Post About
    2. General Posting Guidelines
    3. Images in Posts

    C. Advertising

    1. Prohibited Sites / Spamming
    2. Allowed Sites
    3. How to Report Posts / Threads

    D. Trading Forum

    1. Personal Information
    2. Good / Bad Traders Lists
    3. Prohibited Trade Items

    E. Moderation

    1. Warnings and Bans
    2. " The Mods Deleted My Post! "
    3. Account Management
    4. Staff Disputes

    Please note: staff have final say in any and all issues. Please respect this.

    These rules may be modified at any time. Please check them periodically to ensure that nothing has changed.


    A. Registering to the Forum

    1. Usernames and Custom User Titles –

    Usernames and custom user titles must be G-Rated, may not be offensive or vulgar in anyway. If and username or custom user title is found to be inappropriate it will be removed. Each member is allowed one username. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.

    2. Avatars -

    The maximum size of your custom avatar image is 140 by 140 pixels or 293.0 KB (whichever is smaller). The image may not contain nudity or be offensive. Moderators will remove any avatar that is deemed inappropriate.

    3. Signatures -

    The maximum size of your signature image is 500 by 100 pixels or 19.5 KB (whichever is smaller) or up to 5 lines of text. Signatures must be G-Rated. Any signature that is deemed to be inappropriate will be removed by a moderator.

    B. Posting Guidelines:

    1. General Topics to Not Post About -

    * Do not discuss modding of any console (using chips or other workarounds to play pirated games) This does not include customizing your case to make it look different or providing a link to any site about a console piracy tool.
    * Do not discuss the making of pirated games whether it be a console game or a pc game. We will not tolerate these kinds of topics. If you must talk about this with somebody, take it elsewhere, this is not the place.
    * Do not discuss P2P programs, files that you have gotten via P2P programs or post links to where you can get a certain P2P application (this includes bit torrent as well). If you really need it, go search Google, that’s what it’s there for.

    2. General Posting Guidelines -

    * While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposefully inflammatory posts. Religious and political talks are not open for debating / discussion. Our decision is final in these matters.
    * If you post a message containing a logical argument with a few scattered insults in it, we don't mind. However, if you post a message which solely contains insults directed at another forum member, your post will be deleted. People do not come to our forums to see people insult each other; they come to read about the Xbox 360 console and games. Engaging in a flame war is a great way to get yourself banned.
    * Do not verbally abuse other members or staff. Doing so could result in a ban from the site, and if this type of behavior continues it could lead to a permanent ban.
    * Please wait a reasonable amount of time before bumping posts / threads. For style changes and general 'how-to' questions this should be 24 hours. For specific troubleshooting issues, use 12 hours as a guideline.
    * Make sure you are posting in the right forum. All forums are self explanatory, so please use common sense. For example, GameCube posts do not belong in the General Xbox forum. If we find you posting in the wrong forum, we are going to move your post to the correct one.
    (see: Moderation - “The Mods Deleted My Post!”)
    * If anyone of our users sends threats or insults you via the Private Message (forum or chat), contact a moderator to deal with the situation.

    3. Images in Posts -

    * "Babe Threads" are not allowed, they will be deleted.
    * We will not accept partial nudity in any form. Including sig related images.
    * If you are going to post very large images, please provide a link to the website that has hosted it or provide a direct link to the image. This will allow the forums to be much more readable without having to scroll horizontally. Also, try not to quote larger images, as they will just extend the width of the page.

    C. Advertising:

    1. Prohibited Sites / Spamming -

    * Advertising, spamming and trolling is not allowed. This includes using the forum, email, visitor messages, and private message systems to spam other members.
    * You cannot post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal.

    Sites that you will not be able to make a thread about will be in the following categories:

    * Other Xbox sites
    * Any site that requires registration for a contest
    * Any site that the user posting gets a referral bonus
    * Any commercial site that is selling something

    2. Sites Allowed -

    * Promoting personal sites:

    You may promote your site in a maximum of one thread only and through a permanent link in your sig. The only stipulations are that the site must be a non competing website (no other Xbox fansites allowed) and that you are not making any referral points or money by having people click your link. You may not promote your site if you are trying to sell items or make money, whether at a loss or for profit. Failure to comply with these guidelines will be dealt with.

    Sites that will be allowed to post a thread about, not crazy spam, will be in the following categories:

    * Clan Sites
    * Ladder Sites
    * Graphical Sites

    3. How to Report Posts / Threads -

    * If you find a post which you find overly offensive or that violates the rules and guidelines of, please Private Message a moderator, report the post or e-mail us and we'll determine any further course of action needed.

    D. Trading Forum: is not responsible for ANY transactions which occur through it’s Trading Forums. We only provide you with a place to make the trades happen. To help you out, here are a few trading tips:

    1. Personal Information -

    * DO NOT POST YOURS OR ANOTHER USERS PERSONAL INFORMATION! Posting another users personal information may result in legal action being taken against you.
    * Feel free to setup the trade here, then finalize the trade through another source, such as Yahoo Auctions, or Ebay.

    2. Good / Bad Traders Lists -

    * Make sure the person you are trading with is trustworthy. Check out their past trades at XboxAddict. If they have had many successful trades, they are most likely a good trader.
    * Do some research on the person's past at XBA. Try to do trades with people of good standing within the XBA community.
    * If you are unsure of the other person, make sure they send first. If they will not, there is no reason why you can't break off any trade.
    * The Good Traders List can be found here.
    * The Bad Traders List can be found here.

    3. Prohibited Trade Items -

    Trading and/or selling of illegal merchandise in this forum is prohibited. This includes modded consoles, pirated pc games or pirated console games. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a permenant ban from this site.

    E. Moderation:

    1. Warnings and Bans -

    The following is our basic moderator guidelines and standards. These rules apply to moderators too. Any moderator who breaches these guidelines will lose their moderator privileges. There are no double-standards in our forum.

    Warnings are given by moderators to those who break the rules and guidelines. All warnings are logged into our database. We are aware of those who have a “record”. The most common method of action towards offenders is this:

    1. When you break a rule for the first time, a moderator will contact you via Private Message or email to warn you. Whether you respond to the warning or not, we will assume that you are aware of the situation.

    2. If you continue to break a rule for the second time, a moderator may warn you again for the last time. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be banned for the second offense without warning.

    3. After three offenses, you will be banned. The severity of the ban will be at the discretion of the moderators.

    If you post anything that we regard as illegal you will be banned upon the first offense.

    If you have been banned, it was not without warning or reason. Do not send in emails requesting to be un-banned. At this point, your requests are falling upon idle ears.

    2. " The Mods Deleted My Post! "

    * Chances are, we probably moved it to the off-topic forum. Failing that, your post most likely broke one of the above guidelines. If you're still not certain why one of your posts got deleted, send a Private Message to a moderator or email us and we'll discuss why.

    3. Account Management -

    * Your account belongs to you. Please do not give out your account password to others. Any actions/posts they make may be attributed to you.

    Forum Tampering

    Any attempt to manipulate the coding of the site, or perform any actions not of normal operations of the site, will result in an immediate IP ban.

    4. Staff Disputes -

    * If you have a grudge against a particular staff member, we suggest that you try to work out your situation via Private Message or email with him/her. If you continue to have trouble you may contact an administrator by Private Message or email. Do not post your problems in any forum. If you do, we will warn you once. After the first warning, any other offenses shall be strictly acted upon.
    * Harassment of staff members via e-mail, personal messages, instant messages, telephone calls, or other means of contact is a punishable offense, and could result in legal charges should the action be serious enough.


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