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    The links to the Faceplate Store and the Design Your Own Studio are in the upper left.

    THE ONLY RESTRICTION RIGHT NOW is that that you have to use Internet Explorer. They're working on getting it to work with Firefox but it's not ready yet.

    When you clink on the "FACEPLATE STORE", it will take you to the front page of the site, which looks line this:

    Don't worry about anything on the front page right now except for two buttons across the first row: Products and Design Your Own.

    If you go to Products, it will let you choose which gadget you're interested in, and then you can see the designs available for that particular gadget. Some designs are offered on PSP plates but not on Xbox plates, and vice versa. You can choose from a large number of solid colors, and a large number of patterns, many of those similar patterns available in different colors.

    In the future, there will be many, many more images to choose from. I have submitted over 100 additional images that will eventually be made available on the site. I'm also hoping to secure game images through my trip to E3 so that you can make plates for your favorite games.

    I should clarify that there are rules concerning which images are "legally" acceptable to be printed on plates. I've got an actual description as part of a picture later in the tutorial, so I'll wait until then to go over that part. For now though, I expect that the most popular part of the site will be the design studio.
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