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    Alien Faceplates on

    I would like to know what happens with rights to peoples designs when "design your own plate is used".

    I understand that images that are copyrighted such as other games cannot be used and uploaded to the gallery on unless its for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

    However, if I was to spark some kind of imaginitive design in photoshop and upload it to the gallery, do I get a percentage of that faceplate's sale and if so how much?

    Also if I suspect someone has used my work and claimed it as their own and maybe edited the colour etc how does your site protect me??

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    Heh.... we went through this before, just do a search for 'bubbles' or something

    I'll let Spacey explain it though.
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    I was hoping that we could set it up so that people could create images and submit them to the gallery, and then get a royalty for every one sold. However, there hasn't been enough traffic on the site to warrant the work it would require to make that happen.

    If you choose to create an image for yourself, do it and don't add it to the gallery. If you want to create a cool image and upload it, just for the joy of knowing your creation is available, then do it.

    If you choose to use someone else's image and not acknowledge that they are your own, and the someone in question finds out and has a fit, the site will point them to the part where the used claimed rights to reproduce, and they can go after them.

    I've found a few images on deviantart that I wanted to use, and one of them I wanted to make multiple plates from it. One guy gave me permission to use three of his images for personal plates, and the other guy agreed to let me use his image if I made him a plate. He even cleaned up some stuff on the image to make it more acceptable for printing onto a faceplate.

    Best think I can say is, if you think there's a possibility of someone using your image, or claiming rights to use your image and allowing it to be added to the gallery, then check the gallery once a week and if you see something you made, let me know.
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