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Thread: I need a broken controller

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    Default I need a broken controller

    Actually, I just need the guide button but sending the whole thing would probably be less hassle.

    Anybody have one? I don't even think it matters if it's a wired one but it does have to be first party.

    Or if you just have a guide button. That would work.

    PM me.
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    Dang, just a couple weeks ago I took 2 of my friends broken controllers and couldn't fix them cause the sticks were broken, I think he threw them away =(.
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    I thought I had a couple of dead ones (in pieces) around here, too, but darned if I can find them.
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    spaceghost2k i have one you can have do you want the plastic sleeve that the guide button goes into as well,pm me your details and i will post it out to you asap.

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