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Thread: Just picked this up ;)

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    Thumbs up Just picked this up ;)

    What do you guys think?
    I've never seen any high-quality pictures of it
    and it seems to be rumored.
    I'm guessing since there are no high quality pictures
    it's impossible to fake it like this and create such levels of detail.
    The seller has also sold one other developers plate so I'm pretty sure it's legit.
    Your opinion?

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    Up until a couple of months ago, I'd seen promotional pictures but never a picture of an actual plate. It was shown along side the orange swirl, pink bubbles, pale wood and water puzzle Japanese plates. Then, an Asian bootleg showed up with a similar design but without the fine red lines, and the image was printed onto the USB door where the promotional plate had a black door.

    A couple of months ago, I bought a lot of plates with one of these in it, but it was a pre-production plate. The plate was printed, but it didn't have any of the doors, the i/r port or the power button/ring. And it wasn't that they'd been lost or removed. The places where those thing were attached were clean because they had never been attached.

    This guy had two of these plates, and I bought the other one. They both had the doors and power buttons.

    What you've got is a legitimate Microsoft prototype faceplate and it's worth a damn lot more than $65. I wouldn't part with mine for less than $500. The reason I think it's worth that much is that the image was visible on so many official materials. People think, because of the Asian bootleg, that the plate was actually produced, but it never was.
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    the photo seems good quality, good find lad!

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    Thanks a lot guys!
    Space I read your thread about the bootleg ones and saw your button-less one and instantly became paranoid that mine was a bootleg, but I'm happy to hear it's genuine and worth a LOT! A great addition to my collection. Thanks so much for the replies! Will post pictures when it arrives!

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    Thumbs up It came it came it finally came!

    Well guys here it is, what a beauty.
    I'm debating whether or not to remove the plastic on the front.

    I'm so happy.

    The seller is a real top bloke, he gave me $10 shipping for $6 since I used "Buy it Now".

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