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    What's up guys, been a long time since I popped in here but I had a small project I did yesterday that I wanted to share.
    Tomorrow one of the linebackers for the Houston Texans, Brian Cushing, will be signing autographs here at work. I wanted to get him to sign a faceplate and thought, why not a Texans plate? After searching everywhere I could not find any or a sticker small enough to fit the plate. So I had to make my own stickers out of masking tape, a pic off the internet, and a hobby knife.

    The top right horn is a little off because the tape raised as I layered the white on.
    I'll post a pic of it autographed Wednesday.
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    Met Brian Cushing last night. Was a quick sign and move along type deal but he was a nice guy. Here are some pics.

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    Sweet. I love signed plates.
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