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Thread: Rumor: Mid April Annoucement from Microsoft

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    Default Rumor: Mid April Annoucement from Microsoft

    My guess we'll all see something on the dashboard end of march, with a cool staged video.
    Then again we may see nothing at all. LOL

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    Hmmmmmmmm i wonder what it might be....?!?!?!?!?

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    Again this is a rumour floating around the net.

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    Default Re: Rumor: Mid April Annoucement from Microsoft

    That would be awesome, Xbox 720 I hope. Only time will tell

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    I was so disappointed with the SONY announcement. haha I was surprised they didn't even show us what it was going to look like!

    But I'm beyond excited to see what Microsoft has in store for the next Xbox. I honestly hope its called just that: Xbox. No fancy pants name that sounds dumb. :P
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