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Thread: My whole collection for Sale!!!!

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    Default My whole collection for Sale!!!!

    decided to sell my collection....cause it only sits in boxes.

    Launch console+launch faceplates

    selling it as a lot .......PM your offer.
    in 2 days i'll put it on ebay.........but you collectors got the first shot

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    Check PM Please!

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    Wow that's nice collection i really like your collection dude if you have these collection then tell me the price of the whole collection in pm i will purchased...
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    Why are you going to sale these all dude???
    It is a really good Collection..!
    What is signature???

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    Hey, SighKo. Sorry I didn't see your post. I have a couple of large projects in the works right now and haven't been checking the forums on a regular basis like I should.

    So, was me. We wanted to make a destination site that I could like to, and there was a partner page for a company in Norway that could print directly onto faceplates. Unfortunately, that company no longer does faceplates for Xboxes. They're now called Frydaze, and they still do phone and tablet covers but no Xbox faceplates anymore. In fact, toward the end, the problem was getting the raw materials (blank plates) that caused them to stop. They had to buy 2,000 at a time and there simply wasn't that kind of demand for faceplates anymore. Kamshaft and I decided to keep the database because of the work that had been put into it, but we closed and we shrunk the forums here at Xbox Addict.

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