Hey all;

Hope everyone is enjoying their day/evening depending on locale.

I have just come across this site & wanted to check it out so I became a registered member.

My name is Michael; I'm 45 & have been a gaming member since the commodore 64 computers & Atari. LOL

I am also a father of 3 & proud to have served my country when I was in the Army. Currently this is my 2nd Xbox 360 system since my 1st one died from the dreaded red rings of death syndrome. (yes it's been awhile, however am back & enjoying gaming again)

I am looking to make new friends who love to play games such as COD (Call of Duty), Titanfall, Gears of War, etc.

I try to play as much as possible which is usually after work but quite a bit more on the weekends. If you would like to add me as a friend, feel free to do so.

Also I know this might not be the place to post this but was wondering what the difference was (if any) that the Xbox One has over my current 360. (I know that I won't be able to play 360 games on it, as playstation did that with ps3)

Hope to meet & make new friends as well as share fun with one another.

See ya soon;

Michael (SonicBoomEagle)