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    Are there any older gamers out there, by older I mean over 40 years old. I would like to hear from them and their experiences on line.

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    I fit the category...from my tag you can tell my age, I am sure! I don't do a whole lot of online multiplayer, but overall have had a good experience with things online in games I have stuck with. On occasion I get someone who is sooooo slick and guesses that I am older than many and has to make a comment, but overall not many people say much. I don't do clans or anything like that...I just jump in to games, generally sans headset, and do my thing. Back on the original Xbox I was deeply into Crimson Skies, and I still am plugging away at Halo: Reach online. I got an Xbox One just a couple of months ago, but so far I have barely touched the thing...for some reason I have a block on it mentally, and just don't really care for its interface much. In due time, I guess!

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