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Thread: is saying goodbye after 15 years

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    Default is saying goodbye after 15 years

    As it breaks my heart to write this. Sadly, all good things must come to end, and this includes
    As much as this may or may not surprise some of you. The reality is that my heart has not been into it for a while now. It has become a lot work, and I’ve simply become burnt out on running a fan site in general. After a 15 year run, who can blame me right?

    Now this doesn’t mean that I’ll personally stop playing games. I’ll just stop reviewing games and running It will be a bit of a relief actually – I’ll be able to go back and play games like I did before.

    Now, I’m not saying that the last 15 years have been for nothing. I’ve had the best life changing experiences of my life with especially the incredible people I’ve met through the site. Without the entire (past and present) staff of, it wouldn’t be where it is today.

    Now what happens? The plan is to shut down the forums, and all the interactive avenues of the site on May 1st. But, the keep the site live, but non-interactive for about a year or two. There will be a more “official” announcement from me and Variation on the front page saying our final goodbyes.

    This will give the writers the chance to link to their work and possibly pursue a career elsewhere if they wish.

    If some of you want to stay in touch with me in particular, you can follow me on twitter @therealkamshaft

    Please feel free to comment below.

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    This is very sad to hear.

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