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Thread: Young but not new to gaming

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    Default Young but not new to gaming

    I might be young but I'm not new to the gaming world, I am currently playing many different games trying to keep an open mind to all styles of games. Gamertag is DABUC931 my name is Jordan.

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    Welcome to XBA, Jordan! Take a look around while we are in the process of getting a few backend things completed to have a grand reopening. Keep your eyes open for the awesome changes coming!

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    Sup Buc,

    Good to see you around. We so need to game soon.

    I hope you enjoy the change in scenery here at XBA, from where I used to be. I am happy to be focusing on just this platform with people who also want to do the same.

    Feel free to start ranting in the Xbox One section as we start up some great discussion there.


    Kirby Y

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    Welcome aboard!
    Back into the world of gaming.

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