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hope you’re all staying healthy

****’s wild out there
Good to see you are still kickin' it my man. Whenever the topic of Eliot Smith comes up, I like to chime in I first discovered Waltz #2 and through it his music on an Xbox messageboard when I was in middle school. Pretty sure that was you who turned me on to his music....so thanks. If not, no worries. Lots of good art discovered in my youth via here and I'm grateful for every tip early on.

Finally got an Xbox One. I had the 360 2007-2010 but rarely played it. Anyone getting Tony Hawk next month? Pretty sure my gamertag is birfdaydad so add me and let's skate like it's 2002 again.

And birfdaydad is not a reference to any kids on my end.

Stay safe and be well XBA! Take care of yourselves and pay attention to your mental health during this weird time we are in.