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    J'avais envie de vous montrer le disque dur externe 2To Seagate pour Xbox One/Xbox 360 qui a ete donne/vendu lors de la Fanfest 2017 dont le principal interet est de porter le nom du projet de la Xbox One X, project scorpio, ce qui peut etre un souvenir utile
    1500 exemplaires

    Seagate Fanfest.jpg


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    I've seen a few of the "swag bag" contents from Fanfest 2017 and this was definitely one of the cool things.

    Have to say though, you search for eBay listings of all the stuff in the backpack, and it was a good way for fans to get some pretty cool stuff.

    Thanks for posting some neat stuff once again.

    Outtie (aka - Kirby Y)

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    Someone get me one of those
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