Dragon’s Lair 3D: Return to the Lair (Original Xbox) by Ubi Soft Entertainment

Dragon’s Lair 3D: Return to the Lair (Xbox) by Ubi Soft Entertainment Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: November 18, 2002.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p, 720p, 1080i
Widescreen Supported (16:9): Yes
System Link Support: No

Average Overall Score:
9.33 / 10


Become one with Dirk the Daring, whose intentions are always good and honest, as you step into a marvelous world of fully animated dungeons, dragons, castle traps, wizards, potions and spells. It is the detailed retelling of the tale in which Singe kidnapped Daphne, only this time you are in full control of Dirk's and Daphne's destiny. It's up to Dirk to rescue the fair maiden by treading carefully along the darkened path towards the dreaded Dragon's Lair.

Challenges arise around every corner, so be alert on your quest, brave knight. Avoid the strange tentacles that rise from the moat when you cross the drawbridge and watch out as flying books and jumping bookcases in the library that try to smack you down. Make a wrong move and the floor might disappear, and you may find a door that's not what it appears and you'd better run…quickly!

Lead on, brave adventurer, your quest awaits…


Tuesday, June 4, 2002
Saturday, June 23, 2001
Saturday, January 13, 2001
Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Cheat Codes

      Cheat Mode
At the main menu, press Right trigger + click Left Analog-stick, Right trigger + click Right Analog- stick, Right trigger + click Left Analog-stick, Right trigger + click Right Analog-stick, Right trigger + White, Right trigger + Black, Right trigger + White, Right trigger + Black.

User Reviews

Score: 93
Overall User Average: 9.33 / 10 (93.3%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.67 / 10
Graphics User Average: 9.33 / 10
Sound User Average: 9.00 / 10
Date reviewed: April 29, 2003.

Overall: Overall? This game is fun. That?s about all it is too. Simple fun. Nothing really too challenging?.nothing really mind-blowing in the graphics department?. But if you are looking for some easy gameplay and you like cartoony games?. This one is really a good lite play.
Gameplay: Gameplay? Its average. Controls are pretty standard. Sometimes awkward camera angles and screw you up, but?its not tough to move the camera. Sometimes it seems that the hero moves a little slow compared to the things he is fighting? but? I guess that just the way they wanted it to be.
Graphics: Grapics? Cartoons. If you like cartoons then you will be blown away by the fact that you finally get to ?play? a cartoon. Its probably the most appealing part of this game. Just the ability to feel like you are in a Don Bluth cartoon. Now, if only we could get a Transformers game? J
Sound: Sound? Its good. Good score. The voice acting of the damsel in distress is so annoying tho. I seriously got so sick of hearing her that I wanted to mute the voice volume slider. At first she seems good.?but EVERY SINGLE THING she says is exactly the same. So. Yeah. That kinda sucked?. But other that that. Pretty good. A little empty at times. But. You are in a big quiet castle. And that?s how it sounds.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: February 22, 2003.

Overall: The original feel of Dragons Lair is reborn in 3D. This game delivers the same heroic feelings of a 15 year old boy attempting to free the beautiful princess from the evil dragon. The same enchanted castle is now brought to life in epic proportions. If you liked the original or are a fan of a dungeon crawl full of puzzles and monsters then prepare for a grand adventure. With over 250 rooms to explore, it should keep you busy for a good month of average play time.
Gameplay: The controls are a bit awkward and take a slight learning curve. Once you become comfortable enough with them then you'll be swinging from ropes, grabbing ledges and cutting down baddies in no time. There are alot, and I mean ALOT of ingenius puzzles in this game. Some are simple, but be ready for the tougher ones that wait. They come in a mixture of swinging from ropes, chains, moving platforms, disappearing stairs, etc. All at the same time things such as fireballs and baddies are being sent your way. The score loses a bit for the weaker AI of enemies. They can still be a challenge though, especially when grouped up. If you want a good official review then check out IGNs' review.
Graphics: Beautiful cel shaded goodness. I have read that there are better cel shaded games on the market but this is still a relatively new graphic form. I can't really say there are better ones, but when I'm looking around the colorful detailed areas of this creepy castle, who cares? And it's suppossed to be better in HDTV.... wish I had one.
Sound: Orchestrated music and great sound effects. Perhaps Daphne didn't have to sound so high pitched. Some of the audio is drowned out by other bits and unless your volume is turned up you may not hear certain ones as clearly. I'm sure full surround set ups will benefit. Unfortunately my system is currently only set up with a left/right/center channel.
Suggestions: Excellent work. I hope to see a new and improved one in the future with smoother controls and smarter enemies. Thank you for the trip down memory lane :-)

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 90 %

Date reviewed: November 25, 2002.

Overall: A new twist on an old classic is one way to describe this game. If you loved the old arcade classic, you'll love this one. The big twist is that this time you are actually able to control Dirk, the bumbling hero. This one is a keeper.
Gameplay: The gameplay is different than the original in that you control Dirk's every move. The controls are somewhat stiff, but not too bad. The view can be annoying, but that's the way most 3D games are. Still, being able to control the hero in this version renders these minor annoyances moot. The gameplay is solid.
Graphics: The visuals are better than ever. The old scenes drawn by Bluth are still there along with a lot of new rooms, over 200 to be exact. The cel shading is dynamic, really beautiful. The visuals couldn't be better.
Sound: The developers spent a lot of time on the sound and it shows. A major musical score was written which would rival the score of any movie now in theaters. The music changes with the environment and really gets you into the mood of what's going on in the game.
Suggestions: I can't imagine any improvements unless the control scheme can be tweaked. This one will keep me playing for a long time.

Overall: 100 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 100 %
Sound: 100 %

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