Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer (Original Xbox) by Vivendi Universal Games

Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer (Xbox) by Vivendi Universal Games Box Art

North Amercian Release Date: October 7, 2003.

Region(s) Released: North America, Europe, Japan

High Definition Resolutions Supported: 480p
Average Overall Score:
7.60 / 10

If Gauntlet was the sort of game that sat in a dark room, dressed in black, wearing too much makeup, listening to the Cure and writing dark poetry on black construction paper, it probably would have ended up looking a lot like Hunter: The Reckoning ? Redeemer. That?"

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Hunter: The Reckoning returns to the Xbox with even more frenetic multi-player action than the original game. Based on the gothic fantasy world of White Wolf\'s pen and paper RPG system, players act as human monster-hunters combining melee, ranged and spell-driven attacks. In Hunter: The Reckoning - Redeemer, the hunt continues as a new Hunter joins the original team of 4 in their fight to save the citizens of Ashcroft from a twisted plot to take over the innocent town. Players battle against hordes of supernatural enemies in single-or multi-player mode - they do whatever it takes to get the job done.


Wednesday, October 15, 2003
Saturday, September 13, 2003
Wednesday, August 13, 2003
Saturday, May 17, 2003
Monday, March 17, 2003
Tuesday, February 11, 2003

Cheat Codes

      Unlocks All secrets X, B, X, B, Up, Up, Down, Down.
      Unlock All Special Features and Characters X, B, X, B, Up, Up, Down, Down.
      Unlimited Ammo X, X, X, X, Up, Down, Up, Down.
      99 On Conviction with playable monster character Y , Y , Y , Y then on digital pad UP , DOWN , UP , DOWN.
      Super Speed Y, B, Y, B, Up, Up, Down, Down.
      Progress To Next Level Black, L, Black, L, Up, Down, Up, Down.
      No Conviction Cost For Edges L, L, A, A, Up, Down, Up, Down.
      Mega-Melee Damage X, X, Y, Y, Up, Down, Up, Down.
      Max Health B, B, White, White, White.
      Max Ammo For Current Weapon A, B, White, Black , B.
      God mode R, R, A, A, Up, Down, Up, Down.
      Get Heavy Weapons B, A, B, A, B, A, Black, White.
      Gain All Weapons A, A, A, A, Up, Down, Up, Down
      Gain All Edges Y, Y, Y, Y, Up, Down, Up, Down

User Reviews

Score: 76
Overall User Average: 7.75 / 10 (76.0%)
Gameplay User Average: 8.00 / 10
Graphics User Average: 7.50 / 10
Sound User Average: 6.00 / 10
Date reviewed: July 24, 2005.

Overall: A well-worth sequel to get the most fun of it! Great coop gameplay, graphics are the best with some new characters to choose from.
Gameplay: Well, now a new hunter named Kaylie that join the four hunters to help the city Anscroft to ride out the demons once and for all. Now, the levels are more vast and complex to navigate but you still have fun as previous installment.
Graphics: The visuals is great but the hunter act like a doll that being manipulate with. The developer must focus in the characters a little bit more to make it look like being there. Everything look sharp and great to see, the water effects is also a plus in the game.
Sound: Same as the first one, when there are intense action, the music is on make you more nervous than before.
Suggestions: The levels are varied but their are too short and the game also. Make a sequel with more long story and bring back Estaban!!!

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 70 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 80 %

Date reviewed: July 7, 2004.

Overall: If you liked the original, then you'll really like this one. The main thing that I like the most is the difficulty. The first game was incredibly hard, but in Redeemer, the game is much easier. There is an extra charater, plus a few more unlockable charaters and downloadable costumes via Xbox Live. However, there isn't much of a story, so it's pretty much a run around and kill stuff kinda game. The co-op multiplayer is one of the best parts of the game. There are very few games with a co-op as fun as this one.
Gameplay: Very easy to learn controls, exactly the same as the last installment. The gameplay is very similar to Baulder's Gate: Dark Alliance.
Graphics: Good graphics, nothing spectacluar, but nothing really bad either. Some of the convictions look really good.
Sound: Blah. The music is so-so and the voice acting is pretty bad. This is where the game could improve. However, some of the sound effects of gunshots and monsters sound great.
Suggestions: Better storyline, and the ability to create and name your own hunter would be pretty cool.

Overall: 90 %
Gameplay: 90 %
Graphics: 90 %
Sound: 60 %

Date reviewed: March 23, 2004.

Overall: The new Hunter improves a lot on some of the failed elements of the first game. Players who wishes to play through different games can keep the experience of their players and export them to other games. Overall, I had more fun with the newer one and even though the stages locks all the players to the same area on the screen, I feel that the stages in the new game are less likely to kill you based on its design. In the first game, a bunch of my friends would be killed due to people not going in the same direction at the same time.
Gameplay: The game play is great. The game is really fun to play with friends but within a week of owning it, my friend has already beat the game three times. The bosses are easier to kill and the game isn't that long.
Graphics: Visually, the game improves mildly over the original. Then again, the original game wasn't terrible.
Sound: The sound in this game is decent. There really isn't that much to pay attention to since the sound doesn't play an important part in the game play.
Suggestions: Make the game longer, make the enemies harder to kill and maybe add a LOT more enemies to the screen at one time. Zombies (and warewolves) attack in hordes. I didn't feel like that happened in this game.

Overall: 60 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 50 %
Sound: 40 %

Date reviewed: December 15, 2003.

Overall: Hunter the Reckoning Redeemer is a fun game that definitely should be played with friends. Of course, every game is more fun playing with buddies whether in person or online (now there's and idea!), but really this is the way Redeemer was meant to played. It's an upgrade over the original, but I'm not sure if it's enough of a boost to justify another purchase if you're not a true diehard fan of Hunter the Reckoning. The game does what it set out to do; it just wasn't trying to do too much more than the original Hunter the Reckoning. Improved visuals and new goodies certainly count, but there's a next level for this series that Redeemer just doesn't reach. Improving on the Gauntlet multiplayer concept was one thing with the original Hunter, but now that we've seen they can do it, there needs to be more.
Gameplay: Great fun with buddies but solo gamers may get bored easily. It's like a party game with axes and shotguns.
Graphics: Some good, some bad in the animation department. The environments and camera are good though. Not bad.
Sound: Too thin and not enough variety. This goes for monster sounds, weapon sounds and music. Just completely average.
Suggestions: Please get some better sound in there. Also get online play, this would be killer to play online.

Overall: 80 %
Gameplay: 80 %
Graphics: 80 %
Sound: 60 %

Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer News

Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer Ships
Vivendi announces Hunter: the Reckoning Redeemer is now on store shelves for $49.99 with an (M) for Mature ESRB rating.

Hunter: TRR Screens and News
Vivendi Universal announces Hunter on track for release in the US and also included in this bit of info are four new screenshots.

New Hunter Redeemer Screens
We've got six brand new Hunter: The Reckoning Reedmer screenshots...they are sweet!

A New Hunter Is Coming Only On Xbox

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