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Thread: I got my reply from developers of BC! Read Now!

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    Default I got my reply from developers of BC! Read Now!


    I got my reply!

    Now all of our dear xbox gamers going to know mUch more about B.C.!

    I asked about 28 questions!

    The questions and replies going to be listed here!

    Me 1. I read somewhere that in B.C. any objetcs you picked up can be used as a weaponm is that true?

    Them 1. Any object you pick up can be used as a weapon. In addition there are other weapons that hav to be discovered.

    Me 2. What kind of objects is there in the game?

    Them 2. Think of a natural world where no one has built anything. Think of anything. Think of anyting in that world. Those are the objects in the game.

    Me 3. What about hunting for food?

    Them 3. You can kill creatures, and get meat from them. I guess that is hunting.

    Me 5. Can you use a dead dinosaurs meat as a food?

    Them 5. Yes.

    Me. 6 Can you drink water from the ocean?

    Them 6. We decided that isn't needed.

    Me 7. How does B.C. will look on TV? I mean it's REAL TIME FIGHTING! I can't wait to see it in the motion, I am so crazy about this game!

    Them 7. It looks fantastic. Almost like a movie.

    Me 8. Look I know the realease date for B.C. is not published yet, but somebody told me it could come in March or summer 2003. Is that is possible for B.C. to come out in March or summer 2003?

    Them 8. The release is not public.Nobody outside of Lionhead or Microsoft knows it.

    Me 9. I know tha your tribe need food is there like a food meter?
    I mean a food meter that shows you how mach food you need for your tribe?

    Them 9. Not how much you need, how much you have.

    Me 10. Do you fight in first-person or third person?

    Them 10. Both, but you cannot move in first-person.

    Me 11. Do you build any houses inside caves? Or outside in a safe place?

    Them 11. The tribes camps are in a veriety of diffrent places.

    Me 12. Can you build shelters at all in this game by using wood?

    Them 12. Your tribe build stuff automacially, and you can also build things using a secret method.

    Me 13. do you use wood for any other requirements in the game?

    Them 13. There is no wood resource in BC.

    Me 14. Is the game going to be smooth?

    Them 14. Constant 30fps.

    Me 15. Do you swim in the water?

    Them 15. Yes.

    Me 16. What you use for replsih your health?

    Them 16. Secret!

    Me 17. How can you know how much health does a dinosaur have?

    Them 17.By looking at its wounds an movement.

    Me 18. Is it hard to kill dinosaurs?

    Them 18. Some of them are very very tough, others not quite so.

    Me 19. How long it takes to kill T-Rex?

    Them 19. Depends on how you kill it!

    Me 20. Is there any dinosaurs you required to kill to continue the progress in the game?

    Them 20. Yes.

    Me 21. IS there a traning level before playing the real game? I love traning levels!

    Them 21. The traning takes place in the first level.

    Me 22. Do dinosaurs step on you? Do dinosaurs chase you in the game? Do dinosaurs roar?

    Them 22. Yes, Yes, Yes.

    Me 23. Is ther a health bar when you fighting a dinosaur?

    Them 23. Undecided,definitely not on the dino.

    Me 24. IS there like the more you fight the higher your strength gets?

    them 24. Caveman get better through fighting and training.

    Me 25. Do dinosaurs fight with other dinosaurs for food or property?

    Them 25. Oh yes!

    Me 26. Is there gore in the game? I love Gore and bloody games!

    Them 26. You'll be happy then!!!

    Me 27. Do the bite off a head, limbs, legs, or half of a body?

    Them 27. Undecided.

    Me 28. Do they eat a caveman?

    Them 28. Yes.

    Yep Great game they making!

    Ohh if you want to know something else about B.C tell me and I e-mail them your questions!

    Anything for our dear xbox gamers!

    Please reply!

    Thank you.
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    that's good info. I'm getting pumped about this game! Thanks Leo.
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    graet info thanks leo,i can not wait to get my tribe eating by a t-rex
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    Leo where in the hell did you learn how to write? Im hoping english is a 2nd language for you.

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    lol good info leo
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    Leo, good job man...and one day when you want...drop me a PM and I'll teach you some secrets called Copy & Paste

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    Good job Leo.
    Game sounds a bit like Black and White...that game ruled.
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    Hey Leo you forgot to ask if it will be on Xbox Live. I would love to go into another tribes cave steal their women and **** on their bear skin.
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