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Thread: DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball problem

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    Question DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball problem

    Ok, I rented the game on Friday and haven't been able to play it since then until now. When I last played it, my partner left me for some reason and now and I can't play the volleyball part of the game because no one will join me. I'm stuck with the Casino and the poolside. Does anyone know how I can get back to playing volleyball? Oh and the Zack guy keeps giving me weapons at the end of the night, does he want my character to kill herself? He gave her a knife then a golden revolver.

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    First accumulate some wealth either by the hopping game or in the casino. Then buy items/swimsuits for the girl you want to partner with. Also notice that some of the girls are unmatchable, they just don't plian like each other, but for the girls that are compatible you should try to buy items that correspond to their particular favorite color and/or favorite hobby. Hope this helps.

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    The "Partner" system does seem to be one of the downsides of this game . . . especially if you're playing somebody like Christie or Ayane who have the personality of a brick.

    Basically, follow studepaber advice. Here's a quick reference in case you can't remember who likes what:
    Kasumi: likes Pink, Fortune Telling (tarot cards or crystal ball), and her favorite food is Strawberry Millefeuille (Fair warning, she's a hard person to get close too, and may return a gift even if it's her favorite).
    Hitomi: likes Sky/Light Blue, Cooking (recipes or cookingwares), and her favorite food is Sacher Torte (Hitomi is one of the easier characters to make friends with).
    Helena: likes White, Walking (haven't cracked this part of her personality), and Blanc Mange.
    Lei Fang: likes Yellow, Aromatherapy, and Chinese Desert (Lei Fang is probably the easiest person to partner up with).
    Christie: likes Black (and wears it well), Driving (steering wheels), and Tomato Juice (since she's also an assassin, I consider it a safe bet to say that she also likes weapons; but like I said, she has the personality of a brick).
    Tina: likes Deep Blue, Video Games, and she likes Sea Foods (crabs, lobsters, etc) (I haven't had much luck befriending Tina, and I eventually gave up).
    Lisa: likes Red (and also wears it well), Surfing (not sure about this one, either), and Cherry Pie (she's your partner at the start; she's pretty damn good, too, so I suggest showering her with a bunch of red gifts).
    Ayane: likes Purple, Beauty Treatment, and Marrons Glaces (also hard to get close to).

    Just a few pieces of advice: if you give a swimsuit as a gift, make sure it isn't too skimpy. Even if it's her favorite color, odds are she'll pitch it. Also, try not to make mistakes while playing (hitting into the net, missing passes, etc). That'll also **** off your partner, even if you win the match. In any case, it's a good idea to give out gifts every night, even if it's nothing but one of those little flowers. You should also give presents to several girls every night, whether you're partnering with them or not. At the very least, it's a safety in case your partner decides to dump on you. But it's also useful in that they'll start giving their own gifts back, including swimsuits you wouldn't otherwise be able to get.
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    Originally posted by SlightlySycho

    Helena: likes White, Walking (haven't cracked this part of her personality), and Blanc Mange.


    Im guessing shoes and water bottles are good for walking.. I havent tried making friends with Helena yet, mostly the first girl.. And it is super easy to if your Christie. Just buy pink swim suits and a pink bear after all that and you got her in the bag hehe.

    Complete List I bought her

    1)Pink Hat
    2)Pink Glasses
    3)Pink Suit

    4)teddy bear (pink)
    5) Pink Suit
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    DOA Love Items (not a complete list, just one I scammed from GameFAQs)

    Ayane - Grape Juice, Hand Glass, Kunais, Marrons Glaces, Peridot, Shurikens, Swallowtail Broach

    Christie - Army Knives, Blue Guitar, British Bread, Brown Guitar, Gold Revolver, Guitar (Blue/Red), Guitar (Brown/White), Knife, Leather Steering Wheel, Orange Guitar, Pistol, Pistol (Black), Silver Revolver, Sub-Machine Gun, Tomato, Tomato Juice, Turquoise, White Guitar, Wood Steering Wheel

    Helena - Blancmange, Blue Conch, Candles, Collar, Dolphin Brooch, Dolphin Clock, Dolphin Sea World Ticket, French Bread, Garnet, Green Murex, Pen And Ink, Perfume, Pink Murex, Purple Conch, Shell Brooch, White Shell, Yellow Murex

    Hitomi - Aquamarine, Emerald, Frying Pan, Heart Brooch, Hourglass, Microwave Oven, Milk, Music Box, Recipe "Sanuki Udon", Recipe "Sashimi", Recipe "Shabu-Shabu", Recipe "Sukiyaki", Recipe "Sushi", Recipe "Tempura", Recipe "Yakisoba", Recipe "Yakitori", Sachertorte, Silver Set

    Kasumi - Amethyst, Balloons, Blue Origami, Checked Cushion, Clover Brooch, Crystal Ball, Cute Cushion, Orange Origami, Purple Origami, Strawberries, Strawberry Juice, Strawberry Millefeuille, Tarot Cards, White Origami, Teddy Bear (Pink)

    Leifang - Aromapot, Black Fan, Blue Fan, Chinese Desert, Diamond, Fan, Nunchaku, Orange Juice, Panda Doll, Pink Feather Fan, Red Fan, Sky Blue Feather Fan, Star Brooch, Teddy Bear (Brown), Teddy Bear (Pink), Yellow Feather Fan

    Lisa - Cactus, Cherry Pie, Doughnuts, Fountain Pen, Lavender, Lily, Pineapple, Ruby, Salad, Scholarly Book "Anti-Gravity", Scholarly Book "Clone", Scholarly Book "Cyborg", Scholarly Book "Time Machine", Scholarly Book "Warp", Vegetable Juice

    Tina - Blue Guitar, Crab, Doughnuts, Gold Revolver, Guitar (Blue/Red), Jewel Brooch, Lobster, Pistol, Pistol (Black), Prototype Xbox, Silver Revolver, Sub-Machine Gun, Turquoise, Ukelele

    Sometimes a girl will still throw away a Love item. It could be that she doesn't like you enough and the gift is too extravagant. It could also be that she doesn't have room in her inventory. The girls are horrible at organizing. If you buy one lots of suits, she won't put them away in her collection. She will always keep them on-hand. This tends to fill up her inventory. Tecmo may have done this on purpose to force you to play as every character. Or it could just be a minor flaw.
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    Honestly, you guys need to take a step back and look at what you just wrote. It sounds like my two 7-year-old cousins talking about their dolls. I was just about to go out and buy this game too. Man, I just don't think it is for me. Do you guys hide this game or turn off the t.v. when other people are around? I know that I would.

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    People? Who needs people!? Weaklings, that's who! I don't need anybody but the imaginary Gnome that lives in my head!

    Have another pill, Slightly.

    OK, Oort.

    No, seriously. DOAXBV is a character-intensive game. You have to understand the characters in order to do well. It isn't some sporting sim where the AI is just weighing the pros and cons of a trade.
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    Seriously i agree with the panda! Maybe becuase i am a girl and i figure its virtual i'm just kidding! I love this game and also have guy friends that love this game too! Its not something to be ashamed of! what you said shows us something about you...No disrespect or anything but thats just my view.
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