I saw this on another forum and I'd like to see more of it:

While my younger brother was in the US over Christmas, he bought a Gamecube in New York, along with Rogue Leader, Super Monkey Ball and Smash Bros. As I'm a Nintendo fan, I was looking forward to playing on his new console. However, when he came over after Christmas to stay for several days, I found myself disappointed by the Gamecube and games.

I played Rogue Leader and Super Monkey Ball (Smash Bros isn't really my kind of game) for several hours, and although they were good fun, I couldn't help feeling disappointed with the console and games. I didn't have the same feelings as when I first played Super Mario 64 on my brother's N64. (SM64 was the game that made a Nintendo fan of me, and prompted me to buy an N64.) After playing on my brother's Gamecube, I simply don't feel that I "must buy" a Gamecube.

I enjoyed playing Rogue Leader, but it doesn't really do anything that hasn't already been done before by the likes of Rogue Squadron.

I'm a fan of Sega, and I enjoyed playing Super Monkey Ball (my brother and I had a good time playing Monkey Bowling), but I thought the main game was a rather shallow Marble Madness/Kula World hybrid. I think it's also the kind of game that would soon have me tearing my hair out and throwing the controller around in frustration.

Which brings me to the Gamecube controller. I don't like it as much as I like the N64 controller. There seem to be too many sticks and buttons, and the Z button has been placed in an awkward position. Maybe after using the controller for a while you get used to it.
I like to see Ninty fans bad-mouthing the console...
Although, personally, I feel it would be a sad day when Nintendo go out of business - albeit a funny one!