STAFF REVIEW of Crysis (Xbox 360)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011.
by Brent Roberts

Crysis Box art Listen up soldier, we got 30 seconds before your insertion into the warzone and once you're there we can't guarantee successful radio contact so pay attention! All information is on a need to know basis son and all we know right now is that the CIA has sent in a scientific research team to the Lingshan Island, and after their arrival the Koreans have sent in a large militarized force and have taken the research team captive and are apparently very interested in their work and findings. We don't know why they would need to dispatch such manpower to this remote island, or what their interest is in our scientists, but we do know whatever it is, they want it bad. We are flying blind up here son, but what we can tell you is that our scientists have uncovered something groundbreaking that could be one of the biggest discoveries in human history. We have declassified XboxAddict's records in an attempt to help you so brief your squad on the intelligence and prep for war! Be forewarned that this aggressive action could be considered grounds for the next world war soldier. We need you to rendezvous with the research team and extract them to the LZ and retrieve any and all data possible. Your team is needed now more than ever to prevent this worldwide Crysis. Godspeed.

Before we drop your squad into the warzone we need to bring your team up to speed on the Crysis that we find ourselves in. Developed by Crytek and released four years ago, Crysis was acclaimed for its graphical prowess and the physics engine that brought the island of Lingshan to life and we'll discuss that here shortly. Originally nicknamed the PC benchmark, Crysis set the bar for graphics and physics in a video game that to this day leave even the top companies scratching their heads wondering how this marvel was accomplished. Unless you were sporting some serious graphic hardware in your PC, the full potential of Crysis remained a dream, until now. Crytek has given the gaming community a gift, for now that they have released the original PC benchmark game Crysis on the Xbox Live Games on Demand section. Now gamers on the console have the chance to finally enjoy one of the most influential games that has ever been released. You know that your game sets a bar when graphic card companies continuously run the catchphrase "Yeah, but can it run Crysis".

Now listen up soldier because now that we are in a serious Crysis, it's time to learn your surroundings as survival is critical to you completing your assignment and making it out alive. Originally Crysis was made using the CryEngine 2, but now things have become more spectacular as Crytek decided to use the infamous CryEngine 3 and oh how blessed we are. The island of Lingshan has come to life like nothing we have ever witnessed before and every aspect of Crysis from the water and sandy beaches, to the underground caves are done with pinpoint precision that every moment will take your breath away and give your eyes one stunning scene after another all the while incorporating the shifts in the time of day ranging from midnight to noon and back again. Watching the rays of sunlight peek their way through the upper foliage of the trees through your sniper scope while maintaining cover upon a high rocky ridge is just one example where you will find yourself taking a moment just to examine the beauty that this game brings.

With your squad up to speed on the island and all its beauty it's time to become acquainted with your gear and know how to handle it before you go rushing off to death's doorstep. You and your squad have all been provided with experimental nano suits and learning how to manage it properly will mean the difference between coming back alive, and coming back with a toe tag. Your suit has many abilities and the two main functions for it are an armor mode which will make you almost completely bulletproof, however that doesn't mean you can stand still and take a direct shot from a rocket launcher. Think of the armor mode as a last ditch effort to ensure your survival. You won't be very mobile, but in a gunfight it will allow you to take more damage than your aggressors. The second primary focus of your nano suit is a built in cloaking device which will allow you to elude oncoming forces from a distance, however, if you get too close then you will be in trouble as your enemies will be able to detect you, so be wise soldier when you decide to use these features. It should be noted as well that if you are cloaked soldier and you decide to get into a gun battle, you will instantly de-cloak and your suit power will drain to empty even if you had a full power level before you started shooting.

Your nano suit while providing these abilities cannot maintain the necessary power levels for long, so while these features may be a gift, they are only temporary so plan to budget your power supply accordingly and make sure that it has time to properly recharge before advancing on your enemies. The last thing you want to do is engage in a firefight only to find out that your suit has no power to protect you and save your life. Besides granting you and your squad these new enhancements, you will also notice that your nano suit will give you the ability to run at very high speeds, jump to new heights, and give you strength that most men dream of having. All of these enhancements use power as well soldier so be prepared and use your suit wisely.

While you and your team use your eyes to visually take in everything around you and your squad manages their resources with their new suits, one thing that they will need to really pay attention to soldier is the sounds of war itself. The island while beautiful by all accounts are filled with ambient sounds that can not only help you detect any oncoming threat, but also alert your enemies to your location. Through your adventure on the island you may come across various security patrols which you can hear them communicating with each other so that will help you pinpoint their location so you can determine the best course of action. However, the ambient sounds can also be your demise. If you decide to sneak in to your objective be wary of startling the wildlife as a spooked chicken could be all that is needed to draw your enemies focus and their gun barrels in your direction.

Now that you have all the information we can give to you son we hope that it will be enough to help you and your team succeed. Arm yourself and load up on munitions because there's one thing we can guarantee and that is you are about to face a fierce and mammoth military force and you must overcome this if you want to come back alive. You have all the help we can provide at this time soldier, now lock and load because your deployment begins now. Godspeed to you and your team for you are the only hope that mankind has in this time of Crysis.

Overall: 9.0 / 10
Gameplay: 9.0 / 10
Visuals: 9.4 / 10
Sound: 8.7 / 10


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