STAFF REVIEW of Full Mojo Rampage (Xbox One)

Friday, July 15, 2016.
by Brent Roberts

Full Mojo Rampage Box art Lately we have become inundated with a plethora of seemingly lack luster budget games. Enter Full Mojo Rampage from Over the Top Games, a twin stick style shooter for $12.99. Full Mojo Rampage is priced in the upper middle tier for indie games. So, you might already be thinking that it's pushing the expensive side of indie gaming and that there are only a few twin stick experiences of any quality that are worth playing. Well, after playing Full Mojo Rampage I can honestly say to get ready to add another one to that list.

Over the Top Games has done something brilliant as they have taken a formula that was undoubtedly successful in the past, adapted it, and put some of their own influence in for a kick. Full Mojo Rampage is what you could consider a baby Diablo clone in almost every sense of the imagination. Think of it, if Tim Burton, Disney, and Diablo all had a wild evening together, the resulting product of that trio of fun would be Full Mojo Rampage. The game involves your character, a voodoo keeper in training, who must learn from various voodoo masters, and this requires many different challenges and boss fights; however, the plot is told with a dark and humorous twist that is very Tim Burton-esque, and you can easily see where some of his work has drawn influence here. It's not too shabby to draw from that type of material when constructing a game about voodoo and different powers.

When you start your game you have the option for single player, multiplayer, and other various options such as library, help, options, and more. When starting the campaign you can tackle it as a single player or with a friend or two, and multiplayer gives you the option to go at it co-op style or in a PvP match for more intense action! For this review let's start with single player campaign.

You'll get the option to select only the first world when starting, but as you complete the various worlds you'll get more. After this you get the option to configure your voodoo warrior. You can opt to change your mask though this is only a cosmetic thing. You also carry pins, that you can upgrade, that you find in the various levels you play. These pins give your character certain bonuses. The next section you have to pick from is from a stack of voodoo master cards that give your character certain abilities. As you level up you'll be able to purchase different blessings as well that are dramatic one time bonuses that come at the expense of both coins and medals.

After you have your voodoo warrior customized and ready to go you'll notice that the world is divided up into multiple stages. While some sit off the beaten path and provide sanctuary, such as shrines and stores, there are also optional side quests, which if you complete them, will grant you access to a special chest that contains rewards for your character from coins to mojos and more. Each stage requires you to fulfill various requirements before exiting, but as you'll quickly discover, the levels and presentation are a more lighthearted and comical style of Diablo.

The top down view works wonders for the twin stick shooting, and armed with a mini map you can locate everything from various doors, chests, and exits. Over the Top Games did a brilliant job here; however, their map leaves a lot to be desired. I'm playing on a 55" 4k Samsung and wow is the map ever tiny. There is an ability to expand it, but it doesn't seem to be an enormous benefit.

Earlier you heard me talk about mojos. These are bonus items that you can find throughout the levels that grant you bonuses such as attack power increases, health bonuses, increased critical hit chance, and so much more. These equip automatically to your character as you pick them up, but they can be switched with ones not equipped or those found on the ground. There are even unique mojos that offer you tremendous bonuses such as unlock the entire shaded map or reflect all damage back at your opponent. These are rare to find and are a treasure to hold onto. As you venture throughout each world you'll uncover rooms that allow you to combine your mojos. For instance, if you had one mojo that had health +50 and another that had a damage bonus of +5, you could then combine them to make one mojo that had both stats. This does wonders when you realize that you now have one spot in your inventory open for a new mojo.

One of the hidden gems of Full Mojo Rampage has to be the music. To coincide with the child like graphics and humor, the soundtrack and sound effects fit like the skull head on a voodoo master's staff. With a dark and almost groovy funk they serenade you as you play with interesting sound effects. Full Mojo Rampage does a great job delivering all of this in a package that makes it very hard to find faults. One thing however, is that this game is packed with Easter eggs from various sources such as Game of Thrones, Mario, Skyrim, The Jungle Book, and I'm sure many more that I haven't uncovered yet. Even though I just said it's hard to find faults in the game, outside of the map there are still a few big faults, and one of them is the whole campaign structure.

You have one life to get as far as you can through the game world. If you die on the level right before the boss, congratulations, because now you'll have to do all those worlds all over again. As you restart you'll be placed at the beginning with none of your mojos or bonuses, but if you've acquired enough XP to level up then you'll want to quit back to the main menu to level up your character. Sure, the pins you unlock and the stats you upgrade will help, but wow does this game like to kick you right in the groin. If you're playing multiplayer co-op, you and your partner will share lives, so make sure none of you die. The game mercifully gives you multiple lives to work with in co-op play, but only two. There have been many times where I lost focus and got killed on a boss only to have to start all the way back at the beginning of the world.

Despite the 'one-life' major fault, and a map system that could use some improvement, Full Mojo Rampage is a dark, humorous, gem from the voodoo gods. Priced at 13 bucks it is an absolutely brilliant game that will undoubtedly drain numerous hours, and even days, away. I usually find myself treating these indie games with the same scrutiny as top shelf titles because I feel that sometimes a game is grossly overpriced for the execution and content that it brings gamers, and with that in mind, Full Mojo Rampage is a bargain every day of the week.

Please improve the mini map, and if need be, directly rip the entire map mechanics from Diablo!

Overall: 8.3 / 10
Gameplay: 8.5 / 10
Visuals: 8.0 / 10
Sound: 8.5 / 10


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