STAFF REVIEW of King of Seas (Xbox One)

Saturday, June 5, 2021.
by Heather Webster

King of Seas Box art Welcome to King of Seas! A single player RPG pirate adventure game developed by 3D Clouds and published by Team17. After the navy kills your father and frames you for his murder, a couple of eccentric old pirates find you and take you under their wing, teaching you about life on the open seas. Take control of your own pirate ship as young Luky or his sister Marylou and set out on your adventure to become The King of Seas. But be warned, the navy will challenge and attack you in order to "test your mettle" and see if you have what it takes to become the King!

As you become a more powerful pirate, you also build your own Faction and wage war! Broaden your horizons and talk to cartographers throughout the ocean to purchase map segments and to complete your ocean map. There are two main factions you see in the game; The Navy and Merchants.

When sailing my boat through the ocean, I noticed that it is very realistic to how an actual boat moves on the seas. If you travel with the wind behind you and with the way the ocean is moving you will naturally sail faster. You will also experience all types of weather as well, as creatures in the ocean like fish and large tentacles of the Kraken that will attack your ship if you get to close, and will cause damage (I hope you held on to a repair kit).

Travel the open seas and find shipwrecks that you can loot, usually resulting in spoils like repair kits or weapons upgrades. You'll also experience all of the night and day cycles, storms and even volcanoes. Choose to fight under a volcano and it might help you by hitting your enemies or kill you. I think the volcanos were a great addition to King of Seas as a fun little challenge to see if you can get the loot from the shipwreck without getting damaged.

Equip your ship with Cannon Barrages and collect cannon balls. You then can swap to different types of cannon balls that attack the sails of the ships. Your crew determines the cool down of your cannons and the hull is the remaining life of your ship. Attack Forts in navy ports in order to take control, but be prepared to fight off the navy ships that come to defend the port to destroy you, but as you build your faction, your allies will come to help you against the navy. Conquer ports and expand your domain to collect the more resources to upgrade with, as well as build and strengthen your faction.

When you go to any of the ports there are a few things you can do. Shop, repair your ship, banking and “speak to the governor”. In this section you can upgrade your fort, increase the population which will produce more ships and more clues in the tavern to help you on your quests, strengthen your military force which will make your port stronger and more defensible, and increase the wealth that your port will give you. You can also go to the Tavern to hire crew for your vessel, find quest clues and find sidequests to do and get rewarded for your efforts with things like repair kits, gold and experience.

As you upgrade and level up you gain more abilities and skills to help you on your quests. One of the abilities that I really thought was cool was one that lets you drop a decoy ship, so if you need to repair or loot and enemy ship comes to attack you it will go attack that ship instead as a diversion. Use your inventory to craft and customize your abilities and the looks of your ship, giving you full control over the way your ship looks and moves throughout the game.

Using the map is simple and easy to use, zooming in or out to see a more detailed view or a broader picture if the map. Finding your current quest marker is easy, just look for the big 'X', it always marks the spot! Throughout the game you will encounter pirates that are legendary and will test you and challenge your more than in previous battles to see if you really do have what it takes to become King Of Seas!

Overall, I'm glad I got to experience King of Seas, as it reminds me of other RPG games I have played like Diablo, where you have your character of choice and you move through the game obtaining things you need for quests and upgrading your character. This time though it is a ship, and you are the captain! At a max level of 60 you can get a lot of cool upgrades for your cannons and your ship to make you the strongest in the ocean with some effort.

The biggest problem I faced with King of Seas was that I wish there had been more spoken narrative, as there can be a lot to read at times, slowing down the pacing, but that is just my personal wish. I also think it would be cool to see some online multiplayer added so that you could play against other pirates to prove who the real online King of the seas truly is!

The ship battles were quite exciting and got me going and really into the adventure of being a pirate on the open seas. King of Seas can be a lot of fun if you give it the time to understand what you need to do and start to customize your ship. So if you like customizable RPG style games I absolutely recommend King of Seas for you.

**King of Seas was provided by the publisher and reviewed on an Xbox One S**

I think it would be cool to have the ability to take your ship into an online mode and play against other pirates.

Overall: 8.0 / 10
Gameplay: 7.0 / 10
Visuals: 8.0 / 10
Sound: 6.0 / 10


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