STAFF REVIEW of Crash Drive 3 (Xbox One)

Thursday, July 8, 2021.
by Heather Webster

Crash Drive 3 Box art Can you 'Catch the Drift' in the latest ultimate driving playground? Crash Drive 3 is full of competitive events, open world exploration, explosions, tanks, loops, ramps, tunnels, ferries and full cross platform play. Initial opinions of this game made me think this was going to be a simple short game that probably was not going to be all that fun or have much longevity. Well, I'm glad to report that I was so wrong! This not so serious fun little arcade open world race game is a great amount of fun and entertainment. You can play for a short period when you only have ten minutes or like be like my friend and I who played it for 3 hours straight, not noticing that much time had gone by.

Take part in random spawning events every minute or so that give you a set goal and timer to achieve that objective. There are a total of ten different events including destroying a giant beach ball, collecting coins, cops and robbers, king of the hill, tag items, races, stunts and more. The best part is that if you do not want to participate in any of the events, you do not have to, but each event you win you earn coins added to your bank to use towards upgrades and buying more cars. The more players in a lobby that participate, the more potential for earning you have, like how at a carnival if the whack-a-mole was completely full of players you played for the largest stuffed prize. Play against your friends and frenemies to earn the most cash and have the coolest vehicles and customizations.

Explore the frozen arctic, a desert full of ramps and loops and forest with a castle. The Tropics has a sky arena to battle opponents in tanks by blasting them with your cannon, or just crash into them and push them over the edge to score points and dominate in order to level up and buy new tanks. There is even a moon level with a rocket and low gravity! Crash Drive 3 is packed with insane stunt chances, tons of details, and even some easter eggs if you can find them. This game is full of different ways for you to play solo, with friends, cross platform, or follow each event and see how well you can do. There are so many secrets in this game I do not know if I will ever find them all.

Everything you do within each level, mode, vehicle, ramp or event progresses you farther in level and wealth to use towards upgrades and maxing out your cars. Since I have been playing the pre-release, obviously there are not very many other people playing, but when I was playing with a friend, we did get to play with about 5 or 6 other people and had no issues at all. This is when we discovered that the more opponents to play against, the larger the prize pool and winnings became, so it pays, literally, to play with others online (since there's no split screen mode).

Battle in the King of the Ring challenge and bash your opponents out of the ring to obtain the longest time spent as the King, or travel into the tropics and switch to a tank so you can battle it out and fire your cannons at each other with the goal of killing your opponent as many times as possible until time runs out. Once the time runs out, wait another 30 seconds and another match will start.

Crash Drive 3 is not to be taken seriously because it is a very lighthearted and simply a fun arcade game with ten different events that take place randomly every 30 to 60 seconds. You can participate in them or simply just drive around looking for collectibles or trying to achieve various objectives within each world. Doing stunts in this game are super easy and fun because there are no consequences to your vehicle should you crash, but you do get more points for perfect landings. Challenge accepted!

Max out all your stats for your cars and trucks to increase your player level and unlock the ability to buy new cars and customizations. With the ability to collect over 50 different vehicles (including a delivery truck!) with vast customizations like funky antenna, boosts (exhausts), and the ability to change your license plate style, you can really show your friends who’s the boss when you're sporting a badass monster truck or limo. Anyone down to race a solid gold car?

This game is so simple and fun to play that over the headset I heard my friend’s non-gamer wife say that she would even play this game; a big win in my opinion. It is like a big virtual playground for all ages that is very simple to pick up and play without any need for explanation. This is a great multiplayer game for anyone one whether you are super competitive or just like to mess around and have fun online with your friends in game. Again, the fact that you're given the option to partake in events or not was the best part, as sometimes I simply wanted to drive around, explore and search for hidden collectibles and not want to try and bash a giant beach ball around the map for a few minutes.

Some of the downsides are that if you do not like a specific event and do not want to play, you cannot really stop the event from happening. You can choose not to participate but the event will still continue and possibly impede the goal you may be trying to complete instead; a vote or veto option would have been a great inclusion. You will need to log quite a lot of hours if your goal is to unlock every vehicle and max all of them out. And it can be exceedingly difficult to find your friend within the worlds unless you are close by, as the nameplate doesn't always stand out as much as it should. Also, when playing with others online, unless you have the same worlds unlocked which takes time and money to do so, you can not play the same worlds together or have them join you until they unlock the later levels. There is also no way to simply type something on the chat, as there are only preselected phrases accessed through the D-pad. None are deal breakers by any means and didn't impede the fun I was constantly having playing online with friends.

Crash Drive 3 turned out to be so much more fun than I initially anticipated, full of laughs and the good kind of swearing at friends when they overtake your score or steal your tags in a stunt event! I can fully recommend Crash Drive 3 if you are looking for a chill game with an edge of competition and an open world exploration that doesn't force you to partake in every challenge, but I had a lot of fun trying to win each time I did.

I would like to see the inclusion of paint options when customizing vehicles. I would have fun putting my own decals on some of the available cars.

Overall: 8.8 / 10
Gameplay: 9.5 / 10
Visuals: 9.0 / 10
Sound: 8.0 / 10


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