Deciding to clear some of the clutter, and wanting to get rid of some of my plates.

PM with offers, as I wanted to offer here to whomever before I list them on Ebay at the end of the week.

Top left to right:

ADIDAS World Cup Germany 2006
NCAA 11 Tebow
NCAA 11 Mascots
Quake 4
iCon chrome
Saints Row
Saints Row

Bottom left to right:

Blue pinstripe
The Outfit
The Outfit
Full Auto
Call of Duty 2
Naruto - yellow
Ghost Recon
George Nozuka (canadian r&b) signed
Nole Marin (canadian top model) signed
Sam Roberts (canadian musician) signed
Jay Manuel (top model) signed
Belly (canadian rapper - real name Ahmad Balshe) signed

The signed ones were from an official charity auction. If you want more pics or have questions, PM me.

Going to leave this thread here till the weekend before I list them on Ebay.