It's me. For those who know me.

A lot has changed.

I'm a father of 4 kids, yes I procreated. We are all doomed. I also joined the Canadian Armed Forces. I'm a Signal Operator. I plan on going Armored. Right now I am in a Land course finishing up my 4th week this week. We are doing a 5 day field ex. The rain this week is going to suck in a trench.

I get back to my base on the 7th of December and I'll be home on the 9th. Ill have my brand new XO with me and I'll be back in the game.

When I RTB in Jan ill have a 32" tv in my shacks and my little white box will be my new friend while I await the state of my trades course.

Add me if ya know me.

*My friends list got nuked*