Ok, so I just got an Xbox One S after being out of gaming since 2012. I got it all set up and spent at least 2 hours updating system software, installing games, and even a controller update? That's weird. In the several years I played my 360 I never had a controller update.

In any case, I logged into my account and a few points of interest.

1. My gamer avatar is the same as it was when I created it in 2005 (clothes, hairstyle, etc.) but does not reflect the changes to the appearance I made to it probably in around 2010. I gamed this way for at least two years but now it is as if I never made those changes.

2. Second and more important issue is that I had several Xbox live arcade games that I had bought/downloaded on my 360. A couple of these automatically appeared as free downloads in my queue (NBA Jam on fire edition, and Lode Runner). However, most of these are not showing in my queue and finding them in the store they are showing as I would have to buy them when I already have (Hexic HD, Bionic Commando 2: Rearmed, Galaga, PacMan CE). I know these are on the backward compatibility list and I did previously pay for them. Any thoughts on why these are not showing as free to re-download?