So I have two xboxes. The first Xbox is set up as the Xbox home. The parent account has the Xbox Live subscription, game pass and ea access. Two kids accounts exist without any subscriptions.

when a kid signs into the Xbox that setup as the home Xbox they're able to play games that they don't own as well as online however this is not working with Apex Legends. This game is free and when the kid account is the only user signed in on the home Xbox they cannot play that game. If the kids signs in with a parent account and then switches to the kids account it works fine.

Is this expected? It's my understanding that the Xbox that set up as Xbox home can have an account being used that doesn't have Xbox Live and still play the game?

I'm still a little confused as to how the Xbox home really works. I'm not trying to beat the system or anything here however I think it's stupid to have to pay for three Xbox Live subscriptions.

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