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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon

Overall: I was really looking forward to this game but once I got it, I was quite disappointed. Not the game to buy if you don't have XBox Live, like me.

Gameplay: The game isn't bad, but what really is is the control you have over your teammates. All you can do is issue two guys on A or B team to go somewhere and thats about it. I would really like to issue commands to my guys individually, or tell them to hold fire, hit the dirt, hide over there, etc. Exactly like in Desert Storm, which I really like. Controlling your three other characters in that game is great....and easy. You don't have to bring up some stupid map like you do in GR.

Graphics: Eh, pretty good I guess. But nothing great. That's about all I can say about tha

Audio: Sounds seem to be really good, though I only have stereo, so I'm a big fat loser and lacking in that department. But not for long...

Suggestions: More interactions with your squadmates. Check out Desert Storm in the way they control the squad members.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Frontline

Overall: Awesome game! The first battle when you hit the beaches is just amazing. Planes flying in bombing and strafing the place, bullets going everywhere. Guys yelling, etc. I only wish more levels were as 'hot' as this one. But they are all good in their own rights...walking down sniper alley's, sneaking inside homes, etc.
Big problem though and it has been mentioned in other reviews. Lack of SAVES on the Xbox! I have a flipping 50,000+ block (still!) free and yet I can only save after I have completed a level? Ridiculous! I should be able to save anytime I want to. Like, when my health is green and I just got through a big part, when I want to eat dinner, or...when I want to go to bed now that it is 3am and I'm still playing the same flippin' level for the 3rd day trying to get the last 30 seconds finished! That really irritates me and is th eonly thing that makes this game less than 5.0

Gameplay: Great, great, great. Different missions, some all out blasting, others sniping, others a combination.

Graphics: Visuals were great. Especially when sniping a german in the head. Literally his helmet will blow off and he'll have a dramatic death sequence...which my wife hates. Shoot 'em in the foot and they hop up and down on the good one. Shoot a sniper on a building roof edge in the chest and he'll touch his hand to it and then bring the hand in front of their face...then flip over the edge and fall to the ground.
Cool. ;)

Audio: I only have stereo, but the sounds were awesome. Especially like I said in the first level. Dolby Digital would be awesome.

Suggestions: Game Saves...I should be able to save anytime I want with that huge XBox harddrive. It shouldn't take much to code in the state of the players environment at any given time. And make the save names longer...I shouldn't have to abbreviate it (but at least you give us some capability, thanks.).

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: Ok, this really is a good game. But I don't like the guys who say you have to have this and Halo. They are two way different games. Halo is a shoot-em-up, this one is total stealth.

Gameplay: The gameplay is great and I've had to redo some things many times and try different things and the people will react differently. That's really cool.

However, as someone else said, the map it totally worthless. At first I spent much time studying it to figure out where the heck I was. I figured if they gave it to me, I probably need to use it. Thankfully, the gameplay is linear and you never have to use it. Thank god. It doesn't even have a compass rose on it, nor your current position. If you can get radio transmissions into your ear from around the world, surely you could use GPS to display your current position on the friggin' map!

The other thing that bit me was in level 2 when I was trying to go from the balcony across the pipe, into the window. About half-way across the pipe, the alarm would go off. I couldn't figure it. Went back through the mission and hid the bodies better, ect. thinking someone was spotting them, to no avail. Thankfully, I had a save back from the beginning of the mission and I just did it all over again. Then no problem. Huh?

Speaking of saves, why only 3 slots in the entire game??!! I have 50,000+ blocks still on my harddrive, sheesh! Let me use some of it!

Graphics: Visually, its the greatest. Shadows are awesome. Even shadows through flowers or fencing look realistic. Lighting, everything is great.

Audio: I've only played in TV-stereo and you do have to turn it up really loud to hear everything being said, even from your commander guy who butts in every once in awhile. I can't wait to try it in surround, I'm sure it would be awesome.

Suggestions: Yea, just as another guy said, the map sucks! YOu must have forgotten about it. And if the user has spent mucho time just walking back and forth because they are stuck, I voice or something to give a hint would be great. User settable of course, so some of don't want it don't get it and you can delay the time it activates.

Saving the game. I can't see why all developers don't take advantage of the hardrive and let us save a game at any point we want to, as many times as we want untill all the space is gone! And let me name the save whatever I want, 256 characters or so (just like on PC's). I don't see the big deal...I got the space, I wanna use it.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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