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Overall: Ok, so this game WAS over-hyped, but if you give it more than 2 to 5 hours to reveal it's finer points then you'll discover that it stands on it's own as a trick system game, plus you get a little T&A on the side. The number and variety of levels helps boost the replay value, as does the 20 different missions on each level. Overall, the appeal is much higher than other reviewers would have you believe. If in doubt, rent first (as always)

Gameplay: With over 2000 trick combinations and 20 missions (which unfold the story line per level) there's plenty to keep you occupied. The missions vary from quite easy to frustratingly impossible. For all those people who say that games are too easy nowadays and they wish they could find a game which challenged their thumb dexterity, here's your opportunity. If you play this game for 10 hours, then switch to another extreme sports trick-style game, you'll be surprised at how much better you're playing the other game, thanks to the trecherous training provided by BMX XXX.The only problem I have with the gameplay appeal will be listed in suggestions to developers.

Graphics: The graphics are mostly PORT-A-Kraptastic, with a little better texturing, but far from maximizing XBox potential. However, the sheer focus required to complete the level goals and pull off tricks blots out any recognition of just-ok graphics. I'm scoring this a 5.0 however (this is visual appeal afterall) because the movies of babes demands it. Acclaim took a big financial risk in putting this content out there. The content is mighty fine, and certainly deserves our support, especially if you want to see more of this sort of thing in the future.

Audio: I happen to like the sounds. I think they're matched well to the strip scenes, and there's plenty of options. The incidental sounds of the game (bike noises, etc.) are appropriate to the experience. For those having a problem with the sounds, USE THE CUSTOM SOUNDTRACK option. This should be a standard feature of every XBox title. Thankfully you'll find it here.

Suggestions: Well, it could have been much better, but with so many extreme sport games on the market, I can see how you needed to curb expenditures on a risky product. This aside, I am grateful that someone is putting out some more mature content for this console, and I'm going to support you with my $$$, even if the product failed to meet the hype. Now, this business about gameplay - You should have given us a short movie after EACH challenge completed on a level. The movies are way too short to be considered adequate rewards after long hours of mastering the two most difficult challenges. The movies for meeting the gap challenge and icon gathering challenges should have been 5 to 10 minutes each. The other challenge movies could remain at 30-60 seconds each. Also, the strip scenes, with the exception of bare breasts (which were grotesquely fake, defying physics with every gyration) were very tame. This game should have been called BMX PG-13. Overall it's a step in the right direction (making product for a more mature audience who has the $$$ for such pleasantries) However, we needed more flavour and duration in the T&A provided.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer

Overall: What a sweet surprise! I thought I'd just hate this game, as I simply couln't see the point in mastering a bunch of tricks to repeat over and over again. I thought it would be boring, dumb and repetitive. Whoa! I was blown outta the water. This game has become one of the few I return to most regularly. The gameplay is challenging without being frustrating. The visuals are magnificent - especially the lighting and water. The music is typed perfectly to the attitude of surfers. Plus there's a 30 minute video of the featured surfers doin' their thing and playing the game.

Gameplay: This game offers those new to "trick"
games plenty of breathing room to train as you go along. And for the veteran synchronized button masher, it delivers a steady challenge of new tricks to master as you progress. The movie video lead-ins to the beaches heighten the interest and are quite amazing to watch, repeatedly, even without the game. There's plenty of variety in water, sky, character, and challenge elements to make each return to the game refreshing and worthwhile.

Graphics: Water looks fantastic. The light reflecting off the water is incredible. The water and lighting are soooo crucial for surf games and these guys did an excellent job. Best I've seen. The visuals in first person mode are simply astounding. I find the visuals gorgeous and soothing watch, without putting me to sleep or sending me into an epileptic seziure.

Audio: Finally, a soundtrack which doesn't provoke headaches. The vibes are mellow and driving, sustaining your interest without clobbering you over the head. Excellent job of matching sounds to genre. With the low-key, high quality music and the sounds of the ocean, it's easy to relax deeply while playing. Ask any professional, when you're in your groove, you've got to stay mellow and clear headed. The sounds here take you there.

Suggestions: Job very well done. I have other games which I think are well done and offer great gameplay, but this is the first which actually motivated me to write a review. Congrats. One suggestion, I would have preferred an even greater number of the music tracks you supplied as well as an option for custom soundtrack. ------ I don't know what's with that dude who dinked around for 10 minutes at Walmart. Man needs to chill, and not review games based on his inability to sustain his awareness for more than 2 minutes without his pre-conceived notions taking him to the land of of retarded turds.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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