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Hunter: The Reckoning

Overall: I've been waiting for this game for such a long time. I had mixed feelings at first because of the Linear game style but its still incredibly fun. I think that they could have maybe made a few more zombie models because you fight flods of the same zombie with the exact same body movemnt, looses its creepyness after a while.. But its just mindless killing anyways so you really don't notice your killing floods of the same zombie for about 30 mins.

Gameplay: Very good..THe controlls are very fitting to the game. And the movement is very fluid. There are some issues with the camera but they aren't that bad, keep in mind that no game ever has the perfect camera in every situation. It would have been great though if they let the camera get in a little bit closer like..alomost over the sholder..

Graphics: Everything looks great! Except for the same zombie models over and over and over again. They do however put different textures on some, so I guess thats a little different. Everything from the fog all the way to the Cracks in Pavement looks marvelouse.

Audio: The sound effects are top notch. All the guns sound real and the sound of Samantha's Katana being pulled out of the sheath is very clean sounding. There are a few hiccups when there is music playing and you pause the game, the music will just stop and change tracks. Speaking of Music, where is it! I expected a little bit more than what I heard. The game only plays music when there are large groups of zombies surrounding you. For all the other times that aren't necissarily large it just doesn't play..this is fine but listening to your own footsteps for 10 mins when you get lost is kinda annoying. But ehh whatever im sure they thought it was a good idea.

Suggestions: MOre Zombie Models...Its fun killing the same zombie over and over again but if you give us more it will look a whole hell of alot better. Checkpoints are really nice to have too when your venturing afar like in this game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: Great game...I still don't know what everyone is complaining about and why they are calling it a button masher...I mean...sure you "can" mash buttons with any game..but DOA3 takes button finesse.

Gameplay: Gameplay is great. However I do wish that they would have made the story a little...emmm..I don't know .. Seemed like I was just kinda thrown into the story. I do like the ending CG though.

Graphics: Ohhhh man...this is a sweet looking game. I mean come on. From seeing snow fall down to watching the jubblies bounce. This is truly a game that has done great with the visuals. Its got realistic looking people but also has them stylized..not to make them look real..but not so much that they look fake either.

Audio: Sound..Well i never really listened to the sound that much....I just listen to music when I play. I have a bad habit of doing that. Soo....YOU GET A 5

Suggestions: Volley Ball Court....I wanna see swimsuits and bouncing ...lots of jumping up and down...
Using my own soundtrack would be pretty cool too though. I wouldn't say ONLINE MODE..but more like a post your high scores..that would be cool.. Like competing with everyone around the globe to get the best time attack that would be sweet and very addicting.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Airforce Delta Storm

Overall: Awsome!!! I personally have been looking forward to this game ever since they were trying to develop it for hte DC.

Gameplay: The gameplay is very nice. I like the way that they objectives are handled. For instance you dont have to actually destroy everything in the area you just have "specific" objectives that need to be destroyed. But all the other things you blow up will give you extra points to buy more planes.

Graphics: The plane design is stunning. Nice textures and nice Plane models. You really don't notice how detailed they are untill you watch the instant replay once you have completed a mission. Although they could have fixed a few things liket he ground because when you get close to it you see that its just flat and not to well textured but I personally dont pay attention to the ground while im flying. The missels leave a nice smoke trail behind them for quite a while until they hit their target. One of the best graphical features that really make this game shine is the highly detailed clouds and sky, like for instance when the sun is shining through the clouds you can see the sun rays beaming down very visually pleasing. Also if you are flying in a muggy kind of foggy weather.. Just fly above the clouds and it will be alot clearer...its just cool looking.

Audio: Sound is another aspect in which this game stands out. You will know what im talkign about when you hear a missle zooming up on you and you quickly dodge it and it sounds like the missle just wizzed right by your ear..very nice. The engines all sound authentic and the explosions sound nice.. You really have to hear it to know what im talking about but trust me I think that the sound department did a great job.

Suggestions: I dont really have any suggestions except for...I wish I could actually see my plane crash into the water instead of seeing "MISSION FAILED" Would have been nice.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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