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Robocop: The Future of Law Enforcement

Overall: You are Robocop, or at least - you are supposed to be Robocop, although it somehow doesn't feel as invigorating as some fans of the original film would have hoped for, you start each level watching TV news that has nothing to do with the game in a sad attempt to associate the game with the movie. Then once the news is over, you are sitting in the chair in your corner at the OCP police preceinct. Some cop walks over to you, utters a few lines, and then you're on your way. I assume you're supposed to have been able to *pick* what missions you wanted to accomplish across town, but no matter whose name you highlight on the suspects screen, you always go to the same level you were supposed to. You go to levels and shoot badguys, try to miss the innocents. Sometimes you have to collect something, sometimes you have to rescue hostages.

Gameplay: Really quite choppy. I had a rough time shooting accurately without using the analog stick to zoom in at a target, which is a huge time consumer when youre trying to take out multiple targets shooting at you from different angles on screen. So overall, I'm sad to say the gameplay control is bad.

Graphics: The game doesn't look *terrible* but is very far from being anything innovative. The best screens in the game are when Robocop is at the preceinct in his chair, and that is sad.

Audio: The music is pretty awful, the voice acting is TERRIBLE. What more can I say? Robocop gets all excited when he kills someone??? Plus, that doesn't sound like Robocop? That sounds like some high school teacher pretending to be Robocop as a joke to his afternoon class. Also, there is a voice acting part that is so inappropriate to the theme of the Robocop series more than any other : when you die, you hear everyone in the police office BOO at you in unison, then some wimpy black guy is all like "youre a disgrace. have you ever heard of POLICE ACADEMY? go sign up"

Yeah, like a programmed robot, let alone ROBOCOP should sign up for police academy. Whoever wrote the dialogue script for this game should be fired immediately and put back into the food industry flipping burgers at burger king.

Suggestions: MAKE A GOOD ROBOCOP GAME! Get Peter Weller as the voice, get a competant script, or even base a game on the original film DIRECTLY! Thats what we want to see! Not some slapped together piece of crap like this that ruins the perfect license: Robocop.

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 XIII

Overall: It is a first person shooter. You collect weaponry to help assist you in your mission to figure out your true identity, as you have lost your memory. Then, to seek revenge against those that screwed you over.

Gameplay: At first, in the one player mode, the game starts off a bit slow, but picks up the pace in later missions. Some good controls can be found here with the exception of having to look down/jump during crucial moments to pick up certain items. Going up and down ladders could also have been a little tighter, but overall it's pretty solid. The Xbox live function is great, very little slowdown versus multiple opponents.

Graphics: What can I say? This game is beautiful. Some people are all anti cel-shading, but I can't see why. The visuals in this game are stunning. Great attention to detail has been made to make this game feel as if it were a comic book. When you kill an enemy that is far away, you will see numerous boxes open up so you can see the close up of a shot to the head, or watch them take a fall with a visual depiction of "whhamm!"

Audio: David Duchovny from X Files fame plays the voice of Thirteen. Adam West (awesome) from the 1960's Batman show plays the voice of Carrington. This adds respect factor plus a few notches, but aside from that, the sound is actually quite decent. The whole game has this sort of 1960's spy theme music going on, which can be a bit annoying at times, but being in tune with the game's theme I suppose it works fine because there are no rela flaws with it... When playing on Xbox Live, you have the option to hear the other players voices through the TV (finally) - and there are numerous interesting voice masks to be found, but - too bad they didn't give you an option to test out the voice masking to see how it sounds before you use it, because even if you put all voices through the TV, you will never be able to hear your own voice through it.

Suggestions: Make it so you can test the voice mask you are using in Xbox live before selecting so you can hear what it sounds like. Get Adam West to do more voice work.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Whacked!

Overall: Here's an SOS - PEOPLE NEED TO BUY AND PLAY WHACKED MORE ON XBOX LIVE. This is (even if the box art makes it look stupid) THE BEST xbox live game out there. There is endless replay factor with this game. It is, for lack of a better definition, Xbox's rendition of TWISTED METAL and it's beyond fun to play. So get online like when this game was first released!!!

Gameplay: Xbox live description: Pick from a variety of characters, then beat the crap out of one another. Or king of the hill. Or beat the crap out of one another trying to collect the most stars (my favorite) - either way, this game is so much fun and the boards have excellent replay value.

Graphics: While the box art, and the overall theme of this game looks retarded, the game itself is a lot of fun. The graphics are not that bad at all, it is a cartoon mimic with adult themes.

Audio: The music is a bit cartoonish, but it works for the "over the top" sado-masochistic-gameshow type theme it is shooting for.

Suggestions: Make a sequel with more characters, new boards, and the ability to use a code to take Lucy's bars off.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Sneakers

Overall: Sneakers is a fun game that plays along the lines of such games as Knights of the Old Republic. You play as a disgruntled little mouse who is looking for the ultimate stash of cheese. You see, the adult edge in this game is that cheese is actually a modern drug in the mouse underworld, and it is your job, as a cheese-addict to seize this stash for your own personal usage from drug kingpin underworld mouse mob bosses.

Gameplay: Mob bosses chop off limbs, heads and even legs if you aren't careful. Along the way you have to make a few tricky choices just like KOTOR as well, the gameplay stops while you make a crucial decision that could affect the game's levels and outcome. Word to the wise: save often.

Graphics: The graphics are crisp and clean. There really are no complaints since this is probably one of the best sleeper hits of all time. This game looks great, and you'll be apt to agree.

Audio: Although some of the music is sub-par to Xbox's standards, the addition of Alien Antfarm Vs. DMX (featuring Robert Van Winkle) as the exclusive "theme song" to this game, makes it worth the purchase price alone considering I have never seen that track released commercially on any of their albums except for this game.

Suggestions: Make a sequel with everything I just listed above.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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