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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter

Overall: Take the Lead as Captain Scott Mitchell and lead your Ghosts in Mexico to recover the VIPs, Run and gun and blow stuff up, Oh My!

Gameplay: Button layout is worked well. Customizing the controls is nice and presetting online characters is good. I cant give this a 5 and for one reason, my AI is a bunch of IDIOTS!. If I tell them to stay and hide, HIDE, dont cut infront of me and get shot.

Graphics: AWESOME! HDTV is the way to go. I popped it in and I was amazed, although I didnt get much time to drool because I got hit up with 5 requests to play online. When I went to the single campaign I was amazed. I was thinking the pre-rendered videos wouldnt be close, but I was wrong. The use of lighting, the sun on the game and how it moves and changes the environment is cool. The "Predator" type night vision is not a good idea, IMO.

Audio: The dolby digital surround is awesome!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat

Overall: Great single player and awesome multiplayer. Need a better selection on music but hey, cant have it all. Single player mode you will Hotswap to different players to complete your task. Use whatever weapon, vehicle, WHATEVER to complete the mission. Multiplayer, use EVERYTHING! Awesome!!

Gameplay: Button config is good, could have tweaked the stance button on how its used, shouldnt have to cycle through all to get what you want. Firing is right now, dont have to wonder the aiming point to hit someone. First person in single mode is good, IMO third person would be nice addition. Online game play is great, just one thing, FIX THE DAMN SERVERS.

Graphics: Great environments, alot of hiding spots, visuals look great on HD. Great layouts for all types of players, snipers will love most of the maps.

Audio: Could have done better, but whos listening to the music when the bullets are flying? Next time this area could use some work.

Suggestions: Third person option would be nice. Single player mode is great, difficulty on the game is right on. ONLINE PLAY!!! PLEASE, PLEASE fix the servers. Nothing like getting into a room with friends to be bounced out. Look EA, if your gonna make games for online, you really need to put more effort into the servers, this isnt the first game I have bought from you where the online gameplay sucked. This game could be a solid 5, but until you fix the servers and lag, 4 is at best.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Overall: Lead your team through missions similiar to the encountered by US Special Forces in Somalia. Gun your way through 16 single player missions, Co-op modes and Xbox live modes.

Gameplay: As far as using the controls, this game is good. Easy to use and configuration is well planned out. Single player mode is where this game shines. Although at times it seems targets die too easy,even from leg shots, maps are wide open and you never know who is around the next corner or sniping from a building. I dont know if its me, but I cant quite but my finger on it, but all I can say is that this game is missing something. Its good, but I thought it would be better. Xbox Live is a joke, who thought up how to spawn? Dropped in the same spawn point 5 times and dying from campers is a joke. Auto-spawning, lag and inaccurate shooting make this game online very weak. If I had to say what its like, its a cross between Halo 2 and Counter Strike. For all the delay time fixing, should have scraped the online and rebuilt it.

Graphics: I expected more in this dept. Graphics seems kinda first gen gameish. By now, I expected clear visuals with smooth flow and I get cropped grahics and shooty flow. Another area that could have been worked on.

Audio: Sounds are very good, one area this game is actually good. The music along with the background sounds blend well. Makes you feel the pressure of the situations.

Suggestions: If you have any thought of making another game, you really need to put more effort into it. Look, for all I am dumping on this game, the single player mode saves it. Its not the best I have seem, but surely not the worst. Im just frustrated with all the delays and anticipation and I get something that IMO wasnt very well thought out, online that is. Completely retool your online play, delay with loading, what a joke. Spawning, joke. Maps seems too small for 10 people, never mind 50 like you claim. Cant get into vehicle and use them, come on! Concept of the game is great, if you plan on a second for X360, you really need to rework graphic, online play.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 MX vs. ATV Unleashed

Overall: Compete in Supermoto, Short track, Hill climbs, Way Point racing, Machine challenges. Race ATV's, Motocross bikes, dune buggies, Monster Trucks, bi-plane and even a golf cart. Race single, multiplayer and multi-online.

Gameplay: Playing this game is fun. Learning the tricks isnt too hard, but executing the 360's or backflips take a bit to learn, havent got those down just yet. Controls are good and not too complicated to work. Learn the clutch, helps alot. Online play is great.

Graphics: 1080i, what more can u say. If you have the tv to view it in HD, it looks awesome. Great minor details can be seen in HD.

Audio: No Dolby Digital, would like to hear the 5.1, what happen here? Sounds to the game are good, but could be alot better. Having the stadium and player noises all around would have a better effect.

Suggestions: Make a little more open ended tracks. I understand you have to follow way points, but come one, some u just want to cut across but get penalized for it. Also add 5.1 surround, come on even some of the cheaper games have it. Anyone remotely interested in bikes and off road racing should get this game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Brothers In Arms Road To Hill 30

Overall: "The night before D-Day, 1994. The paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division are dropped into Nromandy and scattered behind enemy lines. As Sgt. Matt Baker, lead your squad through eight harrowing days that will define history, and unite you forever as brothers in arms."(from game" Basically this is balls to the wall, shooting,ducking,flanking, and trying to stay alive to complete the game. If you are looking for a good shooting game, dont get this game. If your looking for one of the best on Xbox as of right now, this is your game.

Gameplay: Easy to move your troops and CYA! Game play is very good, better than I could have imagined in a game. Yes, there some glitches but I would take this game with its minor glitches over any game without any. Contols are set up nice, autosave is good. Excellent game overall, great job! Played online shortly and it took a bit to get use to, but if your expecting a one on one shoot up this isnt for you. Its you using your men to complete a task and if you die, you choose another member until your team is dead and then you have to start from the beginning of the map. I think the online play will make this game have a lasting appeal, GIVE ME DOWNLOAD CONTENT!

Graphics: 480p, looks great and is one of the best games I have seen in a long time. From the two opening scenes, one of getting blasted from a tank and the other paratrooping into enemy lines, I knew this game was gonna look awesome and it didnt disappoint me.

Audio: 5.1-Alot of great sounds if you have the system to experience it. Just incredible. Ubisoft once again has proven itself to be a leader on Xbox, keep the great games coming.

Suggestions: Only have one problem, while online I was stuck in a carriage and couldnt get out, couldnt jump, couldnt run out. Also had a soldier just kneeling and moving like he had a gun and didnt. Minor glitches on a bad side. Make more maps available in the future, maybe some more weapons. If you can do that you will make alot of people very happy. Make another title for the NextBox or whatever you call it. Add more levels and 1080i. Truly a great game, anyone who likes shooters SHOULD have this game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Republic Commando

Overall: You are the leader of Delta Squad and must command your squad on the planet Geonosis and battle the bugs and battledroids.

Gameplay: Controller config is set very well. Being able to control your squad and position them into places for sniping, blasting and whatever else is needed is fun. You can do it yourself or have one of your squad members do it for you. Loading time isnt too bad and keeps the game flowing. Played briefly online and it was a bit glitchy if someone has a bad connection. Other than that online play was nice.

Graphics: 480p, what more can I say! Playing on 55in Mits WS is awesome. Background and character design is very good. Movement of your squad members is excellent. Maybe next installment on Xbox2 u can bump it up to 1080i, would make me very happy!

Audio: 5.1 again, what more can I say. Mixing the flow of background sounds along with the character voices go together nicely. Alot of fine detail but into the sounds.

Suggestions: Co-op play on this would have been an added bonus, I dont know why this was not included. Patch the online play to kick off those with horrible connections, makes for very bad game play when you dont know who has the bad connection. Would be nice to be able to pick up the alien weapons and use them. All in all a very good game and a must for those who enjoy SW games.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2

Overall: Future Korean battlefield, kick butt takes names. Online, much of the same, just dont have to worry about AI, just real time snipers.

Gameplay: I love the game, but have some problems with it. For one, why cant I use the rest of my team. I really hate the idea of only having Mitchell to die with. He goes, no one can call Medic, but I can when someone else goes down, makes no sense. I liked being able to customize the levels from the first game. Online spawn killing, still a problem, and why does it take so long to find a game that is ACTUALLY IN THE LOBBY! I have spent more time looking for games then finding, I guess i should host and not complain. On some levels the repetative noise is annoying at times. Also would like to go into buildings like last game.

Ok, ok. now the good stuff which far outweights the bad. I love this game and will be playing for a long time. The graphics are a sight for sore eyes. Beautiful job with the levels and feel for each level. I would perfer 480P, but the game looks great. Over the shoulder takes a bit to get use to, but a very good idea and its kinda cool to see your man in action. Nice job with the M29, love that gun! The single player is good, but where this game rocks is online. Nothing is better than adding the human element.

Graphics: Excellent! Great job over the last games. Great use of the night vision on levels, cant use it all the time. Some of the rain levels are out of this world, dont move too fast, just might catch a bullet in the rear.

Audio: I love to play it loud on 5.1, what can you say when the bullets are flying and you hear the feet running and snipe the guy who couldnt hear the same. background sounds are good, but at times are stuck in a cycle. overall, great sounds!

Suggestions: great job on this one. I personally would have liked to see some of the first two games in this one, using the other members of your team. I guess when your making games something has to be left on the chopping room floor. i dont know what you can do about the spawn killing, but all in all, this games beats the previous two and with hope GR will only get better. Add some download content in a couple month to keep us happy, maps, new guns, new uniforms. This game will be a staple in my online play. One last complaint, how the heck can you have a game with no blood? Im not asking for body parts to be falling all over the place, but a little sign you hurt someone would be nice. Come on, your core players are late teens to adults, if your gonna rate it, put it in.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Need For Speed Underground 2

Overall: Race around Bay City to find cash, cars and add on parts to customize your ride. Take on rivals to win cake to upgrade and win future races.

Gameplay: Controls are good, game play gets a bit repetative just driving around town. When u first start out, cars are junk, nice upgrades along the way.

Graphics: This is were the game falls apart, sort of. The cars look great and the add ons that you can use makes it nice to bring your own ideas out. As far as the city and background, a lot more work could have gone into the detail. And what is up with all the rain, sorry but a little too much for me, if you need it wet, make the streets slick, hydrants or something, but all the rain, come on. Need more detail for WS HDTV, sorry just looks poor on a 55in tv.

Audio: Great, this is an area they did some work. Car sounds are great, soundtrack is very good. Too bad didnt spend as much time in the visual dept.

Suggestions: Maybe I havent put enough time in to give an accurate view of the game, but for me a game has to get me from the get go or i'm bored. This game does have its moments and there will be alot of people that love it. I love racing games, but this one could have stayed out a couple more weeks for them to fine tune it.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: Someone took there time and really put some effort into this game. Nice constant flow of alien killing. Cut scenes are good and dialogue is really funny at times. One of the better games I have played for Xbox. Oh by the way, Target, no lines no waiting and this was 1 hours after opening the store, heheheeeeeeee

Gameplay: Controls are easy to get use to and moving around is good. Im one who gets dizzy with FPS, but this one is working out fine so far. There were times when I was walking around for a bit to find out where I had to go, but Ill chalk that up to not playing the first Halo.

Graphics: Great, although they could have given it 720p or 1080i. I play on a 55in and wish they had the graphics pumped up. It does look great though.

Audio: I have a 5.1 system and the sounds come out from everywhere. I like to play it loud and doing so during online play and single player for that matter really helps locating players or aliens.

Suggestions: To some it may be minor, but just improve the graphics for WS HDTV. The complaints I have about other pieces of the game are far outweighted by how great the game is. I enjoying playing it and will for a long time. Good work keep it up.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Star Wars: Battlefront

Overall: You take on the role as the Empire or the Republic and battle each other to the end. Fly around the galaxy and either defend planets or conquer them. Use of 5 different soldiers for each fight, each with different skills and weapons. Take control of vehicle, your or the enimies and use them to your advantage.

Gameplay: Run around and try and deplete your enemies army. Controls are good and dont take too long to get use to. The game play in single mode is ok and is fun to do. Try on hard and u have a battle. This game really kicks butt ONLINE! I've joined up for a couple hours of battles and its fun. Some people talk about the spawn killing, but its not too bad as long as you dont loose ground. Take control of enemy walkers and destroy everyone!

Graphics: The environment is nicely detailed. The different areas for fighting are large and fun. If your complaining the area is too small, u camp too much. Run and gun! There are times the games slow, but thats usually online.

Audio: One word LUCAS! Enough said- well have to fill a bit, but 5.1 rocks and the background sounds are nice.

Suggestions: Maybe add some more missons, hint DL content!!!!!! I have heard of some people talking about online problems and the only thing I got was a disconnect, but that happen once in the course of about 4 hours. Crimson Guards would have been nice. Deal with the online issues!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Def Jam: Fight For NY

Overall: You become one of 40 Hip-Hop artists in a no holds bar free for all match. Nothing is really out of bounds and watch out for the sick "Blazin" moves. Pick one of 5 different fighting styles and make your way through the ranks of the underground fights. Most of the men are fighters, but add a couple hotties for a different spin.
Different modes of fighting, Storyline, Battles-Single, Double, Triple, Quads. You can Co-op with a friend . Also has a create a fighter with a pretty good feature to customize your own fighter.

Gameplay: Not a button masher, thats what I like. Frame rate at times is a little slow, but the games flows nicely. This has got to be one of the best fighting games out there. Blazin freeze frames are unbelievable. Button combos arent too bad.

Graphics: I play on 55 in HD and it looks good. Not 480p, but it still looks good. Backgrounds are designed nicely, interactive backgrounds work well.

Audio: 5.1 LOUD! AWESOME! Great sound tracks for the game. Unlockable tracks available. Background sounds blend well into the game.

Suggestions: My complaints are few, either make the next one 480 or 720p, Hell if you can make 1080I I'll take it. I wish there was online play inorder to take you skills out of the box, but all in all if you like fighting games you'll love this game. Alot of sick moves that make you laugh or make you cringe. Make another one, just not for a year or so, need that kind of time to unlock what I have and fully enjoy this game.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Burnout 3: Takedown

Overall: Excellent game for the racing fool. Take everything about racing, add insane crashes and great music and get this game.

Gameplay: Race, crash, cause others to crash, make money. Unlock different events and vehicles with each win.

Graphics: I have play 55in TV and it looks great. Viewing vehicles at 200mph+ looks great and detail in making the vehicles look fast is great. Dynamics of crashes are awesome, pletty of times I just sat back with my jaw to the floor viewing a crash. Not sure if they could clean up the pixels a bit, maybe its just the big screen.

Audio: Sounds of the game are good. The background sounds are good, crashes, excellent. The only thing about this game is most of the cars sound alike. If you could give more distinctive sounds would have been great.

Suggestions: Excellent game. For those of us with big screen HD, little better graphics would be great. A def must for any race fan. PLEASE dont compare this to any game except their previous, this game is in a league of its own. I love it and will be playing alot. Havent tried online yet, but looks to be great. Great replay value!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Island Thunder

Overall: IA is better than the first game. Overall, game play is the same, like the new guns. Love this game!

Gameplay: Same as before, does take a bit to get use to, but overall, works well. Just get a bit touchy and zoom out when I get surprised, DAMN! Loose a shot.

Graphics: Better than the first one. Harder to locate from a distance, better blending into the environment. Love the new scenes and more areas to hide and shot. With Xbox Live, gives more places to stake out and shoot. Playing on 55in TV is awesome, but if you could upgrade to 480p it would help.

Audio: Sounds great on surround sound, LOUD! Cant really go wrong on this, no real complaints on this area.

Suggestions: Upgrade the visuals, playing on big scrrens do lose some detail. MORE levels, dont like paying for only eight levels, but love the game and playing on Live makes up for it. Dont take advantage too much, people will rebel and not buy. Add more to the enemy attacks, ie: jeeps. Love when the scene looks clear then a jeep roles up. Making more places to hide is great, keep it up. Make it longer and maybe add some exotic, prototype weapons.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell

Overall: When I feel like breaking the contoller, you got me. I havent written in on any games for the Xbox, I didnt feel any deserved a review. I have to say this is the best game I have ever played, even with the minor clitches.

Gameplay: Had a blast dying, and then dying, and then dying, only to figure out a different was of getting by. Gameplay was good, sometimes had a problem with switching weapons when the Sh*t hit the fan. Didn't use some of the moves, wall split to name one, but nice to know it was there. The setup of the controller was nice, good job.

Graphics: By far one of the best I have seen for the Xbox. Use of lights and shades was nice. Need a little more detail in the moving of the mouths when speaking. Overall, game looked great.

Audio: Sounds were great. Althought I would have to request that at some points when your heading into an ambush, no sound wouold have been better. The warning was useful, but would have been nice at times to been totally caught off-guard and blasted. I know, I know, replay, but the inital play would be priceless. Sound realy set the mod for the game, at times had the whole family watching what was gonna happen next because I had the surround sound on.

Suggestions: I think some different offensive moves would be nice. At times when I went to catch from behind a quick turn by the bad guy and I was SOL. Quick chop to the throat would have been nice. Nothing to fancy with the buttons, but if you have the guy in position of chockhold and he turns suddenly, you have no defense except to run and not die. Another move that would have been cool would be a trip when or if someone runs by you, then pounce on them for a chock or something. MORE LEVELS. I liked the difficulty increase at the end, but if your in the middle of the game, how come not there? Instead of the 3-4 guys all the time, 9-10 would have made it better from the middle on, not just the end. More levels like the library, would have been awesome. Took me more times to figure out that level than any. Levels where u can actually use more of the items you have. I know you can use them when you want, but to have levels were they are vital to survival would be great, COMBINATIONS! I love this game!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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