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Project Gotham Racing

Overall: This Game is simply amaizing with stunning grapics great cars to choose from such as the Audi TT and Fararri F50.Also the cities look so real with many landmarks included symbolizing the areas.To enjoy the game more type in Nosliw (case sensitive) to unlock all cars,colors,boards,and riders.

Gameplay: Well 2 me this is the only thing the game lacks in with not nearly enough modes for me they should add a few more if they create a seqel which i think they should do.

Graphics: Wow I was amaized by the graphics in this game i did not think very much of. The cars look so real as do the many landmarks.Also if you hit anything you car looks realisticly dented and the lights on your car begin to shatter.One thing they forgot is people on the sides of the streets i mean there is never a time there is no one wandering the streets of new york but that is just a minor detail in a great game.

Audio: The sound is a little above average with realistic grinding noises and it does sound like there is a car going 150 mph in front of you but the could have done better.

Suggestions: Keep up the great work you have 2 great games under your belt just add some more sound add maybe 5 more cars and also try to add maybe another mode like where you can drive around without being pressured by time but overall great game a must buy.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Airforce Delta Storm

Overall: Wow I was blown away by all the aspects of the game from grapics to sound this game is a winner.Also everything is so realistic when you hit a target it really does look like you just demolished an enemy ship or tank.Much improved from the lame Dreamcast version.Another thing I don't give 5's easily so this really is a winner from bottem to top.A must buy to complete your game collection.For an example of how rare it is for me to give 5's look at the test dive off rode review

Gameplay: Best game out for the X Box amaizing visual effects with stunning sound effects.Also is the most improved game out there much improved from the Dreamcast disaster made a few years ago.

Graphics: This is the best game to date when it comes to graphics.From planes to ships to tanks it simpily is an amaizing sight to see.

Audio: Another great feature is the great sound effects with realistic explosions and it really does sound like real missles are flying at you.

Suggestions: Great improvment from the Dreamcast version.I think it may be a little hard to improve on this one though.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Test Drive Off-Road: Wide Open

Overall: This game is a good game made horrible with bad graphics (not even as good as PS2.Also not nearly enough off road cars to impress me.Also there really is no object to it making it even less enjoyable.

Gameplay: Pittiful gameplay really no object to keep you interested in playing it more than five minutes and the graphics are sub-par.This is one of the worst games ever.

Graphics: Biggest disapoinment to me was the grapics it really is worse than any other game for the X Box with jagged edges on everything.

Audio: Sound is very average and can be ok at times but still not even close to what the X Box is capable of.If you want to try a game with cars and is a lot of fun try simpsons road rage.

Suggestions: You've got a good idea just look over the game and clean up the many mistakes.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 The Simpsons Road Rage

Overall: This game is great with a great story to it which is Mr.Burns buys the Springfied Transit Co. and jacks up fares to 100 hundred dollars for a ride.Also the game's sound is great with authentic character sounds.Another great feature are all the landmarks from The Simpsons home and Moe's bar to Bart and Lisa's school,this was done by the gamemakers at fox who watched many hours of trape to make every detail percise.One other great feature is the all the game modes such as Sunday Drive mode where you can simply tour every area of Springfeild.I would like to play more than just the time I played with my cousin who is a game tester.

Gameplay: I think this game is top-notch when it comes to gameplay with so many modes to chose from.Also the sound and great detail to buildings add to the fun for everybody who is a simpsons fan.

Graphics: I like the visual aspects of the game becuase it really does look like the Springfield you see on TV.Also all the characters are very detailed.Even though I like the visual aspects of the game I think there is a little room for improvment in the jagged outlines of some of the characters.But the thing is the appeal of the game won't be from the graphics it will be from the amaizingly fun gameplay that you will enjoy.

Audio: To me the sound is the best part of the game with authentic character voices straight from the same people on the normal simpsons shows.Also it is great sound effects like when you just barley hit a car you can really hear the medal grinding together

Suggestions: My suggestion is just keep it up this is a great and funnie game.*****

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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