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The Incredibles

Overall: For a kids game this is a lot of fun. Was
playing it with my nephew after seeing the
film and it is killer. No, you will not find
gore of the Suffering or Manhunt, nor the
intricacy and storytelling of Fable or
KOTOR, but as far as Super Mario Bros.-
type gameplay goes, this one is great.
With each level you get to become a
different member of the Incredibles family.
If you have kids or if you liked the film,
buy this!

Gameplay: Basically you run, jump and fight your way
through the levels, much as the characters
did in the movie. As Mr. Incredible you
break things, jump huge distances, and
smash the ground so hard that enemies
go flying. Mrs. Incredible has stretched out
limbs to help her flip or swing about, and
Dash runs at like 200 mph through city
streets (my favorite part). Controls are
easy to learn, although Frozone will give
you some instructions early on.

The game is clearly superior to that piece
of crap adaptation, Finding Nemo.

Graphics: Beautiful visuals, very similar to the look
of the film. Fight your way through cities
and lush jungles. No, this game does not
look as good as Splinter Cell, but this is a
whole different genre. When measured
against other kids games it is pretty good.

Audio: This has hands down some of the best
sound design of any game I have played.
The music, the effects, the dialogue all
work to perfection. Best of all the sound
is unobtrusive -- once you are into the
story and gameplay you feel like you are in
the Incredibles universe.

Suggestions: More Dash levels next time. And how
about a Frozone level???

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: This game could have been so good,
instead it is a really lame game with too
many flaws. First, not enough
checkpoints. If you die, it sends you way
back, so it's not even worth it. Gets
repetitive when you have to redo half the
level. Second, give us more ammo! My
friend and I played co-op and kept
running out of ammo halfway through the
levels. Third, give us more health. We
played on difficult and it got hard
to stay alive with only one or two health
packets in the whole level.

Gameplay: Similar to Halo, with a great co-op story
mode (more games need this). The
problem is that the story barely ties
together, the difficulty is too hard
(see above) and the "easy" difficultly is too
easy. This game introduced duel-wielding
long before Halo 2. Unfortunately the
game is nauseating due to linear
movement and annoying sound effects.

Graphics: Visuals aren't that good, but what do you
expect in a cheap knock-off like this? If
the gameplay was better, this would still
be a decent game. The visuals are

Audio: The worst part of the game. Just try
running through the Tokyo level with the
alarm blaring non-stop and try not to
vomit. The alarms are the worst aspect of
the sound, but the cheap Halo-wannabe
music and the bad sound effects are also
lame. TimeSplitters 3 better have better
sound, more checkpoints, more health,
and more ammo. This could have been a
cool game if they fixed all of those things.
And a better story of course.

Suggestions: Get rid of that annoying alarm sound.
Made me sick to my stomach after five
minutes of that stuff.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 Halo 2

Overall: Judged by normal standards, this is one of
the top five games on the Xbox. In fact it
is one of the top five FPS games ever
made. But because this is Halo 2 it has an
incredible standard to meet. Does it meet
it? Well, yes and no. Yes this is a fun game
with lots of alien-shooting action. But I
do not think the improvements were
enough to justify four years of work.
Bungie could have tweaked the game
engine of the original Halo, designed a few
new levels and enemies, and come out
with this game two years ago. Still, this is
a monster release.

Gameplay: Same as the original but with key
improvements. Duel wielding is the best
addition, Warthog is easier to drive, the
maps are less repetitive, more vehicles to
drive. Good story but not as good as the
one in the first movie. Ending was vague
and disappointing. What happened???
Still, fun to shoot up our old enemies such
as the Flood and the Covenant.

Graphics: If you are wondering why this game took
so long, this is it. The graphics are much
improved, with better textures and even
more amazing settings. This game is nice
to look at.

Audio: This is the worst aspect of the game, in
my opinion. The aliens do not make the
funny noises they made in the first game
(they seem quiet this time around) and the
assault rifle doesn't have that satisfying
reload sound. I miss the old assault rifle,
to be honest. Also, sometimes the sounds
seemed muffled or muted. The voices
aren't as good (Master Chief especially)
and the cinematics have weak sounds.
Some sound effects seem to be missing,
so this does not sound nearly as good as
the original did.

Suggestions: Hire better sound effects people, give us
more levels, make the story have a true
three act structure. I felt like this one did
not have a good ending like the first game

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Fable

Overall: This was my first RPG, but I found it an
amazing and immersive game. I love
fantasy and this puts you right into a
magical kingdom of trolls, evil fairies,
werewolves and magicians. I loved the
quests, the weapons, the wide variety of
magic spells. And the music by Danny
Elfman is just amazing. I have already
conquered the game -- just wish it had
more quests, like twice as many as it
already has.

Gameplay: You start as a young lad and grow into an
adult (I was 62 when the game ended).
You get married, you have sex, you build
experience and become stronger, you buy
houses and engage in many many battles
with creatures and bandits. It is amazing
to see your fighting skills improve.
Creatures that were really hard to kill at
first are taken out with one or two swipes
by the end.

Graphics: Simply beautiful. Run through dark
forests, bustling villages, past sparkling
rivers, or along ancient cliffs. This game
looks great and really takes you away from
the real world. This helped me recover
from the reelection of George W. Bush,
which had me depressed for a few weeks
there. The colors and textures in the
game are awesome.

Audio: Any discussion of the sound must begin
and end with the music. This has some of
the best original music of any game out
there. I was not surprised to learn that the
theme was written by Danny Elfman. This
music would fit perfectly into a fantasy
film. The voice-acting is also top notch,
as are the environmental sounds and
battle noises. Crank this game up on your
surround system and enjoy the world of

Suggestions: You have already built a great world with
cool quests. I think you simply need to
build onto it and make the game longer.
First, slow down how fast the character
ages. I'd rather end the game as a thirty-
year-old rather than a 60-year-old.
Double or triple the number of optional
quests. Also, give us more stuff to do with
our money. I had quite a chunk of change
on hand at the end, but nothing to spend
it on since I already had the best weapons.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Silent Scope Complete

Overall: Total crap. Could have been a great
game, because I love playing this in the
arcade. But the game has SERIOUS bugs. I
purchased the Pelican Light Rifle
specifically for this game, and guess what?
It barely works. You have to increase the
brightness to a ridiculous level on your TV
for the rifle to even work, and even then
you have to be within 10 feet of the TV.
This is not a problem with the light rifle,
which works great with House of the Dead
III. It is a problem with this game. They
need to recall this game, fix the problem,
and then release it.

Gameplay: Tried playing the game with a normal
controller, and it just isn't the same. It
takes too long to pan across the screen,
and it is very difficult to isolate distant
targets. Don't even try the speed runs,
because you barely have time to pan
across the screen. Would have been a
great game if it was programmed better to
deal with the light rifle.

Graphics: Visuals are good but not great. Still, what
do you expect in a sniper rifle game? The
graphics are acceptable. Compatibility
with the light rifle is my main beef.

Audio: Sounds are imported right from the
arcade, which means they are designed to
compete in a loud arcade parlor. When
you are at home by yourself, they sound
too over the top. Same problem afflicts
House of the Dead. I wish they had gone
in and adjusted the sound to give it a less
carnival atmosphere.

Suggestions: Figure out why the light rifle works so
poorly with your game. Talk to the people
who designed House of the Dead III for
Xbox, because they already figured out
this issue. Re-release this game once you
have solved the light gun sensitivity

Overall Score: 4.0 / 10 Medal of Honor: Rising Sun

Overall: After conquering The Suffering, I wanted
a change of pace. Rising Sun, with its
realistic gameplay and far-flung locations,
provided just what I needed. This is a
beautiful WWII game with truly spectacular
locations. Anyone who does not enjoy
blowing up the bridge on the river Kwai or
riding through the nighttime jungles of
the Philippines simply does not have a
clue. This game has two key flaws: the
bonus requirements are almost impossible
to meet, and there aren't enough levels.
But if you judge this on gameplay and
visuals and sound alone, this is a top
notch FPS.

Gameplay: You run and gun your way through Asia
and the South Pacific, killing Japs,
shooting down planes, sinking ships, and
blowing up bridges. We all know the
formula. What sets this apart is the Medal
of Honor attention to realism and detail.
You feel like you are really in the Pacific
theater during WWII. As I said, the two big
problems are the extreme difficulty of
achieving medals (you have to get like 80%
accuracy on every level without getting hit
more than 100 times) and the limited
number of levels. The game ends with a
cliffhanger, so they'd better have a sequel
in store. How about Medal of Honor:

Graphics: Visuals are excellent from start to finish. I
especially loved the jungles and the
riverboat ride through the Philippines.
The game has great atmosphere, and it
was a lot of fun to be transported out of
my living room and into this turbulent war

Audio: The sound is great! I love games that
actually utilize 5.1 surround sound.
Totally immerses you in the environment.
Every game should pay this much
attention to sound.

Suggestions: The game should have been longer. Plus:
When are you guys going to deliver a
Vietnam game?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 The Suffering

Overall: The best horror game I've ever
played. I don't scare easily, but this game
had me trembling. Just conquered it and
WOW, this is truly what
gaming is all about. The game excels in
every aspect, from the concept and story
up through the technical details. Highly
recommended for gore/horror/shoot-em-
up fans.

Gameplay: You are Torque, a badass death row
inmate who may (or may not) be wrongly
convicted. He's African American, which is
somewhat original for these sorts of
games. You fight your way through this
Alcatraz-type island overrun by horrific
monsters. Pretty standard third-person
controls, with an FPS option thrown in.
Very easy to aim, lots of kick !&%$@#* weapons.
The game has intense flashbacks and Max
Payne-type psychological mind warps to
keep you involved in Torque's story. Not
only is he trying to escape this island, he's
also trying to figure out if he killed his

Graphics: Some of the best visuals I've ever seen in a
third person shooter, although Manhunt is
close. Very gory, very violent. I loved
walking through the dark tunnels, the
island cemetary, the abandoned quarry,
the "D block showers". Felt like I was
really there. The monsters are very
frightening. I guess they were designed
by Stan Winstons studios. There's nothing
freakier than having a Mainliner hop on
your chest and stick a hypo in your neck.
Man, this game is sick.

Audio: Great sound. Midway and Surreal have
done an outstanding job with this game.
Each creature has its own creepy sound.
Great voice acting for the AI characters.
The sparse soundtrack sets the mood, and
the sudden loud sounds scare the hell out
of you!

Suggestions: The ending could have had a little more
closure, regarding the characters you meet
along the way. I'm really hoping for a
sequel: "The Suffering 2: Return to
Carnate Island". Great job!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Manhunt

Overall: Truly fantastic, demented snuff film game.
You are a death row inmate sent out to kill
a bunch of Insane Clown Posse-type gang
members, with stealth as your number one
weapon. The killings are brutal. I love it.

Gameplay: Kind of a mix between GTA and Splinter
Cell. Creep around through the shadows,
keep quiet, sneak up on the bad guys, and
then "snuff 'em out!" The controls are
pretty easy -- the most important part is
to learn how to build up for the more
shocking killings. Great cat-and-mouse
between you and the a--holes you are
trying to kill. Fantastic job with the enemy

Graphics: Very nice shadows, truly grimy settings,
and the's really wild. Rockstar
delivers the goods for us more mature
gamers. This is a game that should never
be ported to GameCube. Very nice touch
with the video static & surveillance camera

Audio: Two words: "Brian Cox". This is the actor
who provides the voice for the snuff film
director who tells you what to do. A
perfect choice! You may remember him as
the original Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter
in the movie "Manhunter". I'm a big fan of
his work, and here he delivers the goods
with glee. The sounds throughout the
game are creepy and effective. Things are
usually very silent, so when you hit a
shopping cart or accidentally cause a
noise, it startles you -- and the bad guys.

Suggestions: Sequels sequels sequels. Also, allow us to
replay the snuff killings, maybe from
different angles. The training instructions
should linger a bit longer...I sometimes
had trouble reading them before they

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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