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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Overall: Badass,its Mortal Kombat brother.Shang and company are back ,feels good to play a real fighting game again.

Gameplay: The relience more on combos an the abilty to switchup martial arts is cool.The only thing is its missing its patented upercuts and old school special movies . The new 1's are cool too just they should have carried over a few things.

Graphics: Good graphics , nothing to complain about. The backgrounds in this game are the best i've seen in any mortal kombat yet.Every background looks like it could be a pit but for now nothing has been confirmed or denied of the existance of pits .

Audio: good sound everything is great no complaints , its missing the boss words like superb, outstanding , excellent , and some evil laughs which i thought made the game in the past but , its still mortal i'll take the good an the bad.

Suggestions: More fatalities , this game should have been built around fatalities and pit fatalities . what the hell were u thinking ed? maybe theres more an its not unlocket yet but,hey at least next 1 keep this formula..add more fatalities per character, pits for every stage,lots of characters like marvel vs capcom ,add the voice effects like stated b4, just take your time and maker a great game for the gamers .

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Spider-Man

Overall: This game is great,one of the best Xbox titles so far if not the best out right now.Spiderman is the best comic book character in my opinion and they bring him to the xbox almost flawlessly . I only have 2 complaints , they're not all bad but for 1 i wish they would have made more kinds of different enemies and when your running around on the ground the camera can be annying but you can always set it forward , kinda like in Jet Set Radio Future.

Gameplay: Man , this game is so great , i would give it a 5.0 right now if it wasn't for the camera angle anoyaince but the controls for the most part are great , and you can climb,dangle,websling and speedsling just about anywhere,if you love spiderman this game is a must have , even owning an xbox this game should be picked up,in time , i'll get used to the camera and setting it right so maybe i just need to adapt to it more,its good to see the quality finaly hitting the Xbox,i thought it was gonna take forever.. sheeesh!

Graphics: This game has awesome cutscenes,title and subscreens and the gameplay graphics are so awesome, the city looks great , i felt like spiderman for real,now i have to put aside Blood Omen cause i won't have time for it since i'll be freebasing this game for awhile :D

Audio: Nice , absolutely no complaints, and why should i have , its their game that they made, like i know what it should be , they brought a good spiderman game to the Xbox and the sound kicks !&%$@#* on my 5.1

Suggestions: When you make the next one can you please just add more different kinds of bad guys, it'll add lots to the overall funfactor my friend.If its one thing in games today that sux is how they never add more kinds of enemies to a game, whats the realism in that?I kill the same guy and his 400 identical twins in a game? is that what you wanted us to experience with the game , doubt it , it takes alot of the graphic apeal away,makes it look like you were just to freakin lazy to follow through totaly with the project so hire some couch potatoe to program some new guys while the rest of you do what you gotta do.Yeah and fire the camera angle guy while your at it.Where's you get him from a !&%$@#* set?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Blood Omen 2

Overall: This games pretty cool man. Its like Castlevania and shadowman , shadowman being graphics and atmosphere and castlevania in style and level progression, kinda like Symphony of the Night but with better graphics and less items.

Gameplay: This games real cool . you can sneak up in a mist form and rip a bad guys heart out , or if your carrying a weapon you cand kill him with a sword thrust right through his neck! awesome , plus more. The bosses are cool and their fun to defeat , not hopeless but you have to use the enviorment too to kill them.Kain is back and he's not takin anyones crap this week.

Graphics: Nice moody effects , just like shadowman had for dreamcast but even better graphics.Water looks great , sky looks nice and dreary , and the mist looks freakin great man , the only thing is they should have added more different kinds of guys for us to kill but it doesn't matter much , its fun to kill them all the different ways regardless :D

Audio: The sounds are good top notch where they should be , i have my xbox hooked to my reciever and my powered sub and this game knocks big time my friend.Dogs and cats in the backgrounds , all the sound effects are nicely done for everything.

Suggestions: make the next one just a tad less linear, and it would be cool if we could change humans to vampires in the next one to help us instead of charm or something , maybe both,make the levels longer , keep the many ways of killing your enemies but add more too, and more variety of enemiesand make another Legacy of Kain please :D

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 WWF Raw

Overall: In love wrestling. I frequently tape Raws and Smackdowns and order every pay-per-view.I bought the X-box with WWF Raw in mind.I was pissed off after Christmas when it was being pushed back after they said it would be ready on the 26th of Dec but i was like ok maybe this is a good thing. Maybe they're updating or tweaking some stuff.For an X-box wrestling game this game should have been A+ . It should have all things just about perfect and instead their are missing elements everywhere so lets start the real look at this game shall we.

Gameplay: The gameplay is ok when u read on how to do it but for some reason i found myself not even caring about wanting to learn or unlock more wrestlers but i did anyway and the moves are ok but its still limited theres not a whole lot of moves to do and when you pull off the trademark finshing manuever the other wrestler gets right up afterwards and usualy before you do , isn't it supposed to be the other way around , if i'm dominating the match isn't it one of those things where i should at least get up before my opponent who i was just pinning.The crowds look great but u can't fight in the crowd areas.This game gets boring fast lol . I wish i could defend it more but who cares because i'm going to Raw in Providence in 2 weeks !

Graphics: The guys walk like they got a load in their pants. I mean this is x-box, In nba inside drive they walk with realism but not with WWF Raw.This game has its flaws . On one hand u got people who like Raw and the other the people who hate it . This game in my opinion will get stale quick and be another game that needs to be improved in its next version instead of getting it right the first time like they should have :( somebody outa tell Bill Gates to step in and take some action now!

Audio: sound is great , the titantrons music is dead on but the fighting background music is so anoying and you can't shut it down or the titantron music goes with it because their in the same catagory but over all its bearable.

Suggestions: Make the guys walk more fluidly ,and the facial expressions just seem thrown in their , like a surface appeal , study how the wrestlers walk and act more and that will definately win me over some more.Whats up with Christians pyro technics , he had the pyros and the music debut on the same day , it makes me think you guys are lazy and wanted to make a quick game without thinking it through properly , if you can't do things right , move aside and let some other company do it . this game is more eyecandy , developers hoping graphics will WOW the masses and in the long run they will make they're projected profits . X-box games arn't that fun and i've traded in about 5 games for it already , i gave them all time and a shot , i'm still keepng my xbox but i'm going gamecube now with Luigi's Mansion , Super Smash Bro's , Star wars and more and i'm not getting anymore X-box Titles untill they get their act together .TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE X-BOX AND NOT THE GAMERS! . End of Story.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: I alrdy had 1 review here but it seems to have been deleted from the system . The xbox version is a lessser one than the pc , many elements and details have been taken out not to catch heat from the wider audience range. beware i'm typing this again so you all know the truth, i have the pc and the xbox version and to tell you the truth the graphics are practicaly identical, except for the missing factors like cops being stuffed in crates obviously to hide a body,and a few more.The xbox version could have been better, i'm a little disapointed in this version , in fact its almost ready to be traded in in

Gameplay: the bulletime rules and i look forward to the Max Payne move.The enemies are repetitve which to me is worth a whole point, the xbox version just seems sloppier than the pc and i think it should be the other way around.

Graphics: THe enviorments are awesome , more games should be as interactive as Payne but Paynes face looks blocky and like he used to take steriods.and the enemies are ok but the same goes for them.

Audio: realy cool , everything sounds great , its real funny if before u run into a room with baddies you listen to their conversation , that realy impressed me . Max Payne is a great game but it has its flaws especialy the xbox version,if u have a pc i would get it for that instead

Suggestions: Yeah don't delete my reviews for telling the truth, i see people giving 5.0's to so many games that don't realy deserve them and i think its just becuase they're up all nite freebasing them. I've been a gamer since atari 2600 and seen it all. When is teh XBOX going to start producing the quality , all i see is eyecandy , all graphics and no gameplay or story.How long do you think you can keep this up?And then you push back like 10 games till after Christmas and New Years all of a sudden , in my opinion i think you tried to lure us with realese dates when you knew these games wouldn't be ready .And believe me i've had just about every XBOX game so far. You guys need to create more fulfilling games . The 2Dimensional sidescrollers had way more substance than most of these XBOX games. I think your relying to much on graphics and sound and not the GAMEPLAY.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10 TransWorld Surf

Overall: I should have known what i was getting when i bought this game. Transworld surf has great graphics and water effects but the action is repetitive and theres only a short amount of tricks you can pull off. You can surf to your own soundtrack but the action is kinda boring , i was into this game for about 4 days and i haven't played it since.Whats with all the Xbox games that have no real gameplay . I bought about 4 games i've had to trade in already because they sucked overall.Yeah good graphics but very boring gameplay. on a 1-5 on the funfactor i'd give it a 1.5 :(

Gameplay: i found it tough to land the tricks sometimes if your board is not aligned with the wave properly.Expect your friends to tell you to throw in another game because transworld requires some patience to begin to master.

Graphics: Everything is great , the water looks real but i've seen better water in waverace64 for nintendo. transworld doesn't exactly break the mold in water effects in fact it looks like it lacks personality some , it sorta looks like plastic :( but its not all that bad.

Audio: the sound is cool , it really sounds like the ocean and you can hear buey's and seaguls , the reef Girl gets kind of annoying.And the anouncer sounds like a jackass.Its no wonder there arn't many surf games. The sound is cool but not revolutionary or anything special.

Suggestions: Add more tricks and maybe a tutorial for begginers ,let me see myself being toe'd from the reef girl instead of a quick flash, add more water capabilities , it just seems that transworld could have been more and this was just a forced release to have something on store shelves.This sucks , i've traded in more games for the Xbox than i should have , i'm being realy careful now about purchasing most XBox games. I recomend renting the xbox titles at least untill this first wave of their low gameplay games is over.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10 Airforce Delta Storm

Overall: I was real phsyced about getting this game. With the war on terrorism happening i wanted to take my frustrations out with this game. Having flight sim games before this i thought its xbox so its gonna rock . This game is a major disapointment . The graphics are good but the plane phsics totaly reaked . it was like fighting in a flying dumpster , yeah theres many planes in this game with their own physics but the planes manueverability is limited and unbending.The story has about as much substance as a UPN sitcom. I think the developers needed a quick game to show off the xbox. Maybe thats why WWF Raw is being pushed back , they probably realized they actualy have to make gameplay and a story now that evgeryone is pissed off. This is the third xbox game i've traded in.I was greatly disapointed . Even the combat is cheap . There are blind spots everywhere when fighting and the planes turn to engage the enemy way to slow.My advice is to get Amped or Halo and pass this hollow excuse for flight combat.

Gameplay: Sluggish, slow paced, an insult to gamers.barrel rolls are practicaly non exsistant , rigid gameplay.

Graphics: The graphics are good , everything looks great but thats the only good thing about it.This game is a major bore.Don't make the mistake i made.Its a waste of typing and gas money.

Audio: you can't upload your own soundtracks,the music's unspectacular this game was doomed from the start.

Suggestions: find a new line of work , i'm writing down the name of your creative team so i don't make the excuse of buying anymore games you guys produce.make games for gamers not what you think is just cool.My view is that every1 working on this title was 40 years old or older.If we used planes like this over Afganistan we would be losing the war and all the other nations would probably invade us.

Overall Score: 2.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: This game is AWESOME. I was real skeptical when buying this game knowing the amount of snowboard games already to date but this game is a winner in every way a game could be.Hats off Amped has set a standard in graphics sound control and overall . I've had this game awhile so far and it still hasn't lost its luster. Great work guys.

Gameplay: Tricks galore , fluid , intuitive, you can feel the cold , you find yourself moving and twitching when pulling tricks . The media is hilarious and the option to board to your own xbox soundtrack just adds baby .Even the over 200+ game soundtracks kick ass.This has become the reason to get the xbox

Graphics: Its beautiful.the many snow textures to the sky and backgrounds ,from fog to weather effects ,everything is seemlessly woven .Flawless Victory!

Audio: i'm still hearing things from the media i haven't heard before.They really put effort and realism in the sound department. I can't explain , this game is simly put..IMPRESSIVE!

Suggestions: Be patient when mking amped 2 . This is a great game and you guys have set a standard not only for yourselves but for all games !

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: The graphics are real good but i can beat this game just mashing buttons with no real skill to aquire.This game is an insult to the martial arts.Yeah the graphics are good but like so many others before it thats all its got :(

Gameplay: Poor . I played this game for a quick hour and traded it back in , i made it to the boss in the first game i played and i suck at 3D fighting. Bring on the Mortal kombat series again.

Graphics: Beautiful lifelike enviorments and character details , but thats all dudes , don't expect a chalenge or fun because DOA 3 is just eyecandy for the x-box and an excuse for your hard earned money :(

Audio: good but i don't speak japanese it would be cool to not have to look at an american fighters subtitles in the game. Thats right folks DOA3 is all in Japanese but hey as long as we still spent our money , sad but true. where was i when we all started talking Japanese in the USA ? what are you doing with the 50$ we keep dishing out? I would have voiced it for you guys over at the programing department for free.:D The music is alright. Aerosmith is kind sissy music for a fighting game haha , i wish i could stop typing the flaws already

Suggestions: Don't make any more . Get off your asses and make some real fighting games ? you guys ever see movies like Enter the Dragon ? How about those 80's Kung Fu and Ninja Movies ? Go to blockbuster and do some research Padres and stop weighing down the gamepro magazine with your ads for these totaly mundane games.:D

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams

Overall: Ok first off I wanna say Silent Hill 2 has some of the best graphics i've ever seen in a game but it lacks in the enemy character department.In my opinion the developers spent all the time on enviormental aspects of the game and just threw in cheesy monsters er zombies or whatever they are , the cinematics are really awesome but the enemy characters are almost comical beyond belief , in one part i walked into a room and some shark monster was what it apeared to be was trying to have !&%$@#* with another when really it was mauling the other to death but it looked realy bad it was so hilarious it ruined the whole fear factor . If You love the Resident Evil series you'll probably enjoy this to a certain degree but feel disapointed in the end. Hey Microsoft,how about a Return of The Living Dead or Day of the Dead instead of these second rate story and monster games. The formula worked good with resident evil but not every single horror game after it . Be creative and daring , and surprise yourselves and your gamers . Its the same with fighting games the 3D arena fighting was good for tekken and virtua fighter . Make a game great instead of trying to make all of them as close as reality with no story. Thats what SH reminds me of the movie House on Haunted Hill with monsters not worthy of a gameboy advance!

Gameplay: The gameplay is alright , the overall creative use of the views is great but the action is slow and repetitive at times .The weapons system is ok and this game tries alot to succeed. My advice? Fire the lead programmer and make him play his own game.

Graphics: Beautiful ! Stunning ! which is why its so sad and i'm giving this an overall poor rating. Visual appeal is great but for how long can you honestly gawk at the graphics. With a good story and enemies to back it up there'd be a plus but SH is all beauty , end of story.:(

Audio: Sound is good except for the footsteps of the monsters which some sounded like chalk scratching on a wall and others like they were wearing high heels.

Suggestions: Come up with your own game engine , Fuller story ,more thought out enemies. I mean lets see some real gore and monsters. This is america , there is freedom to think if you actually apply it ,quit making games with one hand tied around your balls.Your stealing our money and losing are respect for you .First it was Dead or alive and Delta Force Blue Storm now this. The Gamecube and PS2 are looking better everyday with games like this.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10

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