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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Overall: Do you love Aerosmith? Do you love Guitar Hero? (And when I say love, I mean LOVE) If you said yes to either of those, I would highly recommend this game. Anyone else should save their money. There is no reason to spend 60 dollars on this game unless you're an avid fan of either GH or Aerosmith. The core gameplay is essentially the same. There are only 41 songs available in the game (with no chance of DLC.) The non-Aero songs are less than impressive. As a huge Guitar Hero fan, I must say that I was thoroughly disappointed and wish I would have waited to buy it used or after a price drop.

Gameplay: Typical Guitar Hero gameplay. The mechanics of the game are more like GHII than GHIII. Casual GH players wouldn't really notice, but there's a slight difference between the gameplay in GH:A/GHII and GHIII. Performing hammer-ons and pull-offs was much easier in GHIII due to the large window and the ability to hold down the note for an extended amount of time. It made the game a bit easier but was evened out with the addition of more difficult note charts. Which brings me to my first gripe with the game: the difficulty. This game is painfully easy. The best thing about the Guitar Hero series is the feeling of accomplishment you get when beating a particularly difficult song. No such feeling is felt throughout this entire game.

Graphics: The visuals are the same as in GHIII. It has some nice renderings of the band. It's great to see Aerosmith in their virtual glory. The addition of some interview videos kept things a little interesting. But basically it's the same graphics with the addition of some rock icons.

Audio: With a game called Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, you can expect what kind of audio you're going to get. The tracks were rightfully chosen with the majority of them being from the 70s-80s. Some of their newer tracks weren't as interesting. The non-Aerosmith songs felt unneeded in this game. They should have been replaced by more Aerosmith songs. While on the subject of songs, another gripe I have (and possibly the biggest) is the amount of songs found on this game. 41 songs is pathetic. This game has 6 tiers in career mode (as opposed to the usual 8) and about 1/3 of the usual amount of bonus tracks (one being a 2nd version of a song already in the main setlist) For the price of a regular guitar hero game, this is inexcusable.

Suggestions: Make the game harder. Drop the price. Add more songs. If this isn't done for future GH games, consider Guitar Hero Aerosmith the first sign of Activision killing the guitar hero series. At least they aren't adding drums to a game called Guitar Her...oh wait.

Overall Score: 7.5 / 10 Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

Overall: It's the same amazing Guitar Hero gameplay. The setlist has been much improved with the addition of master tracks. The gameplay has been slightly simplified with more forgiving timing. The addition of online play was necessary. The graphics are as colorful and vibrant as they should be. Overall if you're a fan of the Guitar Hero series this is a must have. If you're new to the series, this isn't a bad game to start with.

Gameplay: My Guitar Hero addiction began with GHII. I played GHII until I could 5* ALMOST every song on expert. So you can imagine my excitement for GHIII. My first experience playing the game was with the demo that was released several weeks before its launch date. The first thing that I noticed was that the gameplay was noticeably easier. Specifically, there is a bigger window in which you can strum or hammer a note without missing it. At first I thought this was a bad thing, but when I played the actual game, I realized that the difficulty of the actual songs made up for it. GHIII brought two additions to the game: guitar battles and online play. In my opinion, the addition of guitar battles was unnecessary. It's not a mode that I frequently play, and I'm sure there are plenty who love it. I don't really mind it because it doesn't take anything away from the core gameplay. Online was done very well. I would have liked to be able to play an unlimited amount of songs in a private match with my friends. I would also have loved to have a good lobby system with several people in a match and a spectator mode, similar to the system in Street Fighter. DLC is a little pricey, but is a very welcome addition. New songs aren't released nearly as quickly as Rock Band, but GH offers free downloads much more often.

Graphics: The graphics got a nice overhaul since GHII. The colors are much more vibrant. When I look back at GHII, it just looks bland. The characters also look very good. Although I miss some of the old characters, (Pandora!!) I must say that the new models look very nice. The new venues are amazing.

Audio: The most important part of a Guitar Hero game. The major thing done with this game in the series is getting the master tracks for many of the hits found in the game. I feel that the set list of GHII was a little better than this one. But often times a terrific song would be ruined by a horrible cover of it.

Suggestions: Don't dumb down the gameplay. The one thing I hated about Rock Band was how easy the guitar parts were. I understand the new GH game will add drums and a microphone, but I really hope the difficulty stays. Add a lobby and spectator mode to online gameplay.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Max Payne

Overall: Bullet Time is the best feature no doubt. It would have been a little cooler if you could do some hand-to-hand combat (Solid Snake style) The story is pretty good (who wouldn't want revenge after killing his wife and kid). The dream sequences are too long and a little hard. But it can't bring down this game too much.

Gameplay: Action game at its best,Bullet Time is a good addition to action games. I know we can expect many more Bullet Time games to come. I heard there is going to be a Matrix game.

Graphics: Good Graphics, but it isn't "Excellent Xbox Graphics". It could be "So-so PS2 Graphics". If this game looks So-so on Xbox then it must not look very good on PS2. The lighting on this game is very good though.

Audio: Really great, voices are excellent and guns and explosions sound Movie like on the Surround Sound.

Suggestions: Get rid of those Dream Stages! And take more of an advantage of the Xbox Graphics System.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding

Overall: Excellent Game, although with a few flaws it is still one fun game. Whether you love Snowboarding or you don't you are going to love this unique title. What makes it unique is obviously the Media Challenge. It really gives you the feel of being a Pro Snowboarder

Gameplay: The Career mode is fun and addicting. But if your in it for the multiplayer, i suggest you stick with Tony Hawk 2x. Although the multiplayer is fun for a while, its missing something, i just don't know what it is.

Graphics: Top Notch, really great looking graphics. Character Design, Mountain Design, everything to as little of a SnowFlake is detailed. It really takes advantage of the Xbox Hard-Drive.

Audio: Excellent, so many songs to groove to, you can even choose your own genre to board to (and might i add rip your own songs). Even though this is one of its best feature, it is also one of the worst. What i mean is, the music is great, but at times the Voiceovers are downright irritating. It can get to you so bad you just want to hit something. This is escpecially bad in the Pro Challenges, you'll know what i mean when you challenge Jenna Meyer on Stratton 2.

Suggestions: Yeah.. fix that Voice problem.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10

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