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Test Drive Unlimited

Test Drive Unlimited is a self proclaimed massive multiplayer online racing game. This particular racing title takes places on the island of Oahu Hawaii. All landmarks, road signs and highway layouts are modeled to a T. A thousand miles of roadways await to be discovered and experienced by the player in this racing titles debut in the MMO spotlight.
Test Drive Unlimited is a must have game for all race fans and online gamers alike. Even if your skills at racing suck, much like mine, you are going to love this game just for its online options and fun value. If you can?t afford the price tag right now then I fully recommend giving the game a rent. This game takes all the best features from other popular titles and rolls it all into one and makes an engaging MMO as well.

Test Dive Unlimited takes the player by the hand the first five minutes of game play. You are given a choice of character skin and from here you board an airplane to Oahu, Hawaii. Once your flight lands you are given the choice of a rental car and told to drive to a real estate office, to buy your dream home. Once your house is purchased, you may as well buy a car to park in your newly acquired garage as well. Once your first auto purchase takes place you are free to do as you please. A player can choose from a myriad of activities including races, timed events, vehicle transport missions or hitchhiker missions. All missions and race events completed successfully will add to the players bank account, and more money in the bank means more vehicles to collect and more real estate property. Or the player can drive around aimlessly and discover the miles and miles of roadways. You don?t have to be the best driver in the world either, as wrecks and fender benders do not harm your precious automobile in any way. However, you may want to pay attention to your driving while cops are in the area, because you can be caught and forced to pay one hell of a ticket.

When I mention vehicle collection, I mean a vast collection can be made from a solid selection of both foreign and domestic autos, motor bikes and classic cars. The best thing about the availability of all the selections is the ability to try before you buy. A player is given the option to take any vehicle on a ?test drive? to get a feel for how the vehicle handles on the Hawaiian roadways.
Not only is the player given a plethora of selections in the vehicle category, but the player is able to create a driver to fit his or her style so to speak, right down to facial features.
Test Drive Unlimited gives people the choice to customize their cars interiors, exteriors and performance parts. But the best of the options and playability comes from the online play. Players are put right in to the online scene with other players from around the world. Just like any other MMO you are playing in a world right alongside other players. You can create custom races including or excluding certain automobile makes. You can create custom races to include only your friends. You are given the ability to download outfits for you character, and also the ability to collect and trade performance parts. In my opinion the online play is the bread and butter of this title. I mean countless racing titles offer the player fancy elite cars, or specific customizations and the race/mission for money play style, yet none of them can touch Test Drive Unlimited and its online play.

The graphics are pleasing to the eye. Car and bike models are done flawlessly and the environment looks realistic right down to the leaves falling and the sun rays. The car interiors look fabulous and are done right down to specifics. My only gripe would be the character models and cut scenes. The cut scenes were boring and lacking and the character models could have been done much better in my opinion. Then again that?s not why you would buy or play this game anyways, and it does not take away from the games playability at all. Test Drive Unlimited offers seamless transitions throughout the island and load times are very short. The menu and interface are pretty well presented to the player and easy to navigate. Game controls are also easy to understand and master, its pretty much pick up controller and play, easy.

Test Drive Unlimited scores just as high in the sound department. Vehicle sounds are done extremely well right down to there being a difference between different car makes and whether the windows are up or down. The game offers a soundtrack boasting a selection of music genres and tunes that blend well into the whole driving in Hawaii scene. My only gripe about the audio would definitely be the voice overs. The voice overs were boring and few and far between. Not to mention, that watching a cut scene was like watching a Japanese film where the talking does not coincide with lip and mouth movement. However disappointing this aspect was, it in no way took away from the game.

Suggestions: My only suggestion would be for the devs to give the solo mode a more in depth story line( I am a sucker for a good story) and a less sufferable cut scene. Other than that, kudos, for a job well done from an anti-race game type of person.

Overall Score: 8.6 / 10 Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Ever since I was twelve, I have been an avid fan of this particular novel. Now, seventeen years later I am still a fan of the book and have read it to my children. So imagine my surprise when I found out that a movie and game where in the works to be released this year. December, and the holidays are upon us and so is The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. In all honesty, I could not wait to get my hands on this game and awaken the twelve year old inside of me. I hoped against all hopes that this game would satisfy my notions of the Pevensie children and their escapades through the wardrobe and into Narnia. So, with a great sigh, I powered up my Xbox, put this game in the loading tray and I was off on my own adventure.

From here on out I am going to refer to this title as just Chronicles as it is a long title to type. If you have not read the book, don?t fret this game follows it pretty darn well save for the very intro. It incorporates the for Pevensie children, the Professor they stay with, Mrs. Macready the housekeeper, Mr. Tumnus a faun, Aslan, the majestic lion and countless other creatures of Narnia. Each of the Pevensie children are, from oldest to youngest, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. The adventure starts as the children are whisked off to the country to stay with an old professor and his mean housekeeper. Each of the children has a difficult time adjusting to the changes. So, it all begins with a simple game of hide and seek as Lucy finds a wonderful wardrobe to hide in. It?s not just any old wardrobe, it?s a doorway to another world, a world known as Narnia. After much debate, the older children discover that their younger siblings have been telling the truth as they all decide to hide in the wardrobe to escape the foul mood of Mrs. Macready. As they enter the wardrobe they are amazed to find a winter wonderland all around them. A world known as Narnia that is stuck in a one hundred year winter under the control of the evil White Witch. They grab some coats from the wardrobe and begin their adventures in Narnia.

At the start of the game, your thrown right in the action as you have a view from inside a bomber as it flies over war torn London. This was the first clue that portions of the movie, to be released, are going to be incorporated as the cut scenes for this game. I was fully impressed by the intro into actual game play, regardless of the fact that this whole scenario is only mentioned in passing in the first couple sentences of the book. My first mission was to get out of the house before it is bombed. During this ordeal or tutorial basically I learned to switch from one Pevensie child to the next as each child has a special ability. Peter is the oldest and therefore takes the rule as leader, he is the strongest and able to smash doors and obstacles as he is skilled with a sword. Susan is focused and as such is the barer of bow and arrows allowing her to fight foes and obstacles from a distance. Edmund, the stubborn one, is able to wield weapons and still be agile enough to climb. Lucy, the youngest, may not be strong but she has the ability to heal the children, tame certain creatures, and also climb into small crevices.

The Chronicles incorporates each of the children?s special abilities into the game, as you are forced to strategize how to use these abilities to get from level to level. Another remarkable feature of these children is the ability to team them up with one another to open up a whole new ability scenario. For instance, Peter and Edmund may team up allowing Peter to swing Edmund around like a rag doll to kick foes or obstacles in a path. Peter can Carry Susan on his back allowing her to shoot or throw projectile from a greater height. Lucy can be teamed with either Edmund or Susan to be swung into obstacles and enemies. Throughout the game coins can be collected and found to purchase individual abilities or group abilities. It is wise to search and collect as many coins as possible to purchase the abilities, as some of these abilities are required to pass levels. The key to playing Chronicles, is to take in your surroundings and to strategize or look for clues as to help you choose the right sibling for the right job. Objects can also to be manipulated or used to help you kill or get past enemies so pay attention and remember to switch to Lucy for a quick group heal every no w and again. The Chronicles also has a wide variety of boss battles to keep you on your toes. Each scenario differs from the previous one and requires a different strategy with the siblings.

As for the graphics of the game, they are right on par with other film to game titles. The cut scenes are absolutely beautiful as they are taken from the movie itself. I thought it was pretty cool how Buena Vista transitioned from cut scenes to game play, it was seamless. The children looked very much like their big screen images. This game looks so well polished as opposed to other movie titled games. Everything from character generation to the surrounding backdrop environments impressed me. Each character and npc is animated easily and there is no problem presented as wave after wave of enemy is seen on the screen. The game also boasts a constant change in landscapes. One battle you may find yourself in a winter tundra, while the next battle may take place in a tunnel or picturesque field. Overall, this is a great looking game to match the impressive play structure.

The Chronicles also has an impressive audio to boot. This in part is due to the fantastic clips from the movie and intense battle sounds. In the thick of adventures you are able to hear Peter?s sword clanging against enemy armor. You can equally hear the twang of Susan?s bow string as she shoots arrows at the enemy. Grunts from the fighting children and evil creatures alike, can also be heard amidst all the battle scenes. I was also equally thrilled with the musical score of the game. Each adventure had a musical composition to match the mood and is one of the most important things to pull you into the game from an audio standpoint.

Suggestions: There have been countless video games modeled after blockbuster movies. Sadly many of these games were done so poorly that games made after movies have gotten a bad reputation. I am happy to report that this is not the case with this game. The Chronicles of Narnia has completely surpassed all of those to come before it. This is the way all other movie to game adaptations should be done, because there is now a perfect role model out there. I loved playing this game and seeing a childhood novel to life on my television. I could play through the adventure myself in a wonderfully done action adventure game. In fact, I totally recommend all fans of the book to play this game. However, the only thing I must caution you against, is to not play the game before watching the movie. This is simply because the game employs movie clips as each cut scene. Having played the game prior to viewing the movie, I have a pretty good idea what to expect in the theaters. So unless you want to see major spoilers, then play the game first, otherwise go see the movie then buy the game and play it afterwards to relive the adventure all over again.

My sole gripe is but a minor one, and in no way takes away from the magnificent game. I did however have a minor targeting problem while using Susan. I found that I would have to retarget occasionally with her as she would automatically target the nearest enemy instead of an obsticle I needed to shoot at. Other than that I thought this game was wonderfully done. From now on all games titles adapted from movies should be done in this fashion, as Chronicles of Narnia has set the bar in my opinion.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 The Warriors

The Warriors is a game that derives from a 1979 cult favorite of the same name. This button brawler comes from none other than the Rockstar team from Toronto. True to form this game touts shady activities and lewd language by the gang load. You will see your share of cut scenes as this title has a pretty in depth story mode, as it must be up to par for the fans of the movie. I expected the run of the mill fighting from this game and it delivered that and much more. Not only did I get to brawl in the streets but also got to tag buildings, steal radios from cars, mug anyone in sight, and I got to do plenty of breaking and entering. I must warn you though that this title does have the mature rating for a reason, the language in this game was a nonstop cuss buffet.

You?ll start the game as Rembrandt, a pretty darn good tagger, who is eager to join an up and coming gang out of east Coney Island. As the proverbial new kid on the block, you?ll go through the cliched initiation, which of course is the tutorial for fighting. You?ll get to practice your moves on some bums who are in it for the beer. Sadly enough you?ll maul them quite easily, because the fight moves are easy to pick up and perform. Once you?ve proven your mettle, it?s time to do some legwork for the gang. By legwork I mean tagging and gaining funds. Tagging of course involves spray paint, which does not grow on trees, so you?ll need to steal radios, merchandise or mug some innocent bystanders. Being in a gang is tough work, let me tell you. You?ll also have to rescue gang members who have been captured by the pigs, or those that are engaged in fights with rival gangs. Along the way you?ll encounter rivals such as the Destroyers, the Hi-Hats, the Boppers and many more. The story follows the Warriors rise to power in Coney Island, so naturally you?ll assume the responsibility to take the gang there.

I can?t believe the depth this title has as far as game play. As I stated previously, I was expecting a run of the mill fighting title. This game is so much more than that. There is the option for weapons as well as a war chief option. Also just because one may construe this game as a fighting title does not in the least imply that that?s all you?ll do. There are plenty of side missions that can be taken. The missions range anywhere from stealing car stereos to painting over opposing gangs tags. You can run around the back alleys kicking drunks, throwing bottles at them, smashing crates, you can even set yourself ablaze via burning barrels if the whim strikes you. Another neat feature allows you to navigate over chain link fences, dumpsters and stairwells, as well as allowing you to bust through old wooden fences. Earlier I mention a war chief option. This feature by far is the best in this title, in my opinion. The use of the unique feature allows you to give commands to your little war party. One of the most memorable commands to me was, ?mayhem? which let my little clique know to wreak havoc on everything with in eyesight. ?Watch my back? was also helpful, because heaven forbid I get dropped while I am leaving some beautiful tags around the block. Another strong point is the AI of opposing gangs. These guys are not like zombies in the least they will group up on you and use smart tactics to take you down. You?ll actually have to think about their defeat, by looking around your environment for weapons or issuing commands to your war party.

Basically if you are a fan Rockstar, you will also be a fan of this game. They stay true to form as the game is filled with lewd activities and foul language in each and every cut scene. They do not hold anything back.

The Warriors was visually pleasing as it stayed true to the movie. Where else in a game are you going to find the tough guys sporting afros, bell bottoms and vests with no shirts. Quite literally you can play this game and think that you have actually taken a step back in time. Pretty much everything around you can be manipulated in some form or another, and half the fun is discovering just how to do it. Although the developers took great care making sure everything was circa 1979, I found that graphically the game seemed lacking. I thought the graphics could have been a tad bit better being that it was very similar to other Rockstar titles, I guess I was hoping that this one would be different, but I was let down. Also I found it annoying that the camera would get caught up and blind me if I were standing too close to buildings or objects. I mean the camera allows you to sweep the view a full three hundred sixty degrees, which is great, yet the fact that it gets caught is very annoying at times especially amidst a brawl. On a lighter note, your individual opinion may differ, whether you spend your time fighting or running around the environment.

As Rockstar went full throttle with the 1979 theme, the audio of course followed. The music you can hear in the background was clearly circa 1979. The voiceovers were very impressive as was the talented lineup used for it. The voice actors use phrases one could have only heard if they were around in the 1970?s, you hear me, jive turkey? Also I was impressed with the care taken in the little things. When you hit a chain link fence it sounds so authentic, the same can be said when crashing crates and breaking bottles. It?s little things like this that can make or break a title, and audio that is this well done will really grab your attention.

Suggestions: My suggestion, or should I say question? Is it really necessary to push the boundaries of the gaming industry by the use of foul language and degrading activities in each of your titles? Or is this a Rockstar mainstay? I mean to say, do you define your games by the content in them, or does the content in them define your company? As a consumer and game player I, would be most impressed if you could create a game that pushed other boundaries such as graphics, and game play in general. It seems you have stumbled upon a formula to garner attention by using the repetitive behaviors of hookers and delinquents in your games, and I wonder when this will become old with the general gaming public. I just wonder, if you are able to put a winning title out there for me to play without having to usher my children from the room?

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Spartan: Total Warrior

I must admit that I have never played a game of this genre before. That was a mistake. Spartan Total Warrior drew me in and held my attention for a couple hours at a time, and that?s hard to do to any busy mother. The game features fierce battles between Sparta and Rome. Imagine if you will the power to decapitate and slay numbers of opposing soldiers at a time.

The sheer amount of damage Spartan was capable of leashing out upon the footmen of Rome was oh so addicting. I honestly can say that I had so much fun giving thrashings, unleashing my deadly combos and using the power of the Gods to destroy those in my way. The story of Spartan, the main character, is a very common one throughout all genres of games, so this was not a strong point for me. The graphics could have been a bit better within the cut scenes. The voice acting was well done, and accurately depicted. However the game play is one that will pull you in and hold you.

Spartan is an unnamed orphan (this is what I meant about common story that?s been done) who is raised through the ancient Greek training camps to become a true warrior of Sparta. This ancient city is one of the last cities to stand against the might that is Rome. Spartan has a gift though, he is guided by Ares, the God of war. Ares guides the warrior through battles and helps him in his quest to know the truth of his past. Spartan is also aided in his quests and battles by his friends,Castor and Pollux, twin brothers who have strength and intellect respectively. Spartan also finds Electra, a princess of the Amazons, along the way. The first battle takes place outside the gates of Sparta where the warrior must defend the city from Roman invaders. After each battle there is a boss fight, of course.

Each boss fight is different from one another, because they require a different strategy of defeat. It is always important to listen to any help your fellow comrades in battle may be shouting to you. Also each defeat of a mythological boss gains Spartan a unique weapon that each has special powers of the Gods attached to it. For instance the blades of Athena allow you to strike foes down with lightning, the shield of Medusa turns enemies to stone, and the hammer of Beowulf that shakes the ground beneath your attackers. The end of each chapter allots you tokens to spend on power, health and damage, and also gives you a save point. I would recommend this game to anyone, and all gamers alike. As I said before, I have never ventured into this genre per say, yet I found this title to be so enjoyable. I was not bored even though the story plot has been done again and again.

I never felt as though I was button mashing, as the combo moves are easy to perform and easily remembered, by using combinations of the triggers and buttons. If one does have a problem with remembering combo moves a menu can be brought up each time with the directions for each attack move. This is a game you can pick up and play right away, with no learning curve to worry about. With each boss defeat you gain a unique weapon and part of the story, so you feel as if you have truly accomplished something rather than going through the motions. The ability to change weapons on the fly for certain jobs is also a boon to the game. Over all, Spartan Total Warrior is a must play for those looking for a good time.

I have some praises and complaints regarding the graphics of Spartan Total Warrior. Let?s begin with the praises. I loved the seamless transition of frames during battle. The sheer number of npcs on screen presented no problem. There were no issues with lag as the screen was flooded with images and background textures. When Sparta would perform a power or combo, there was no confusion as to where he was hitting and who was going down. The combos and power moves all looked amazing, increasing my urge to perform them. Speaking of background textures, the buildings of Rome, and Sparta were beautifully done. War zones, armor and shields were all appropriate for the time period, and I can?t say enough about the great building structures in the game. My major complaint involves the poorly done graphics of the cut scenes. The characters appear too polygonish in my opinion. I thought for a game this late in the Xbox development that the full use of graphics capabilities would have been utilized. It?s a shame that with this much technology that the characters looked so poorly in the cut scenes.

Spartan Total Warrior made great use of their voice actors. Each one had an appropriate accent and was melded well with the game. It sounded emotionally accurate rather than plain old voice acting, if you get my drift. While in battle combo moves had awesome sound as well as power moves. Swords clashing and shields bashing? Yep all of the above. If you?re paying attention you can even hear your comrades shouting commands or warnings to you. It?s very important to heed their commands and warnings as well, so the way that their voices are audible yet do not take away from the battle atmosphere was brilliantly done.

Suggestions: My only recommendation to Sega would be to please utilize the full capabilities of the Xbox graphic card. There is no excuse for the cut scene graphics to be so poor this late in the game. Other than that well done!

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 L.A. Rush

L.A. Rush is Midways shot at the underground street racing scene of Los Angeles, California. It contains all of the typical racing elements such as licensed vehicles, flashy characters, soundtrack and races to win you dough. The game lets you select difficulty ratings and play modes, such as quick race, story mode and multiplayer mode. I have to say right off the bat, I was impressed by the sheer size of this game. Rush includes all the boroughs such as Compton, Long Beach, Santa Monica and more. It also has a decent soundtrack and great graphics to boast about.

In the story mode you play a character named Trikz, who happens to be your typical underground street racer. Trikz has it all, as far as reputation and a garage full of street racing power. The introductory cut scene takes you inside the home of Trikz during a party. All the games characters and stars are introduced here, such as the West Coast Customs Crew who includes the MTV stars Mad Mike, Big Dane, Q and Ish. The meat of the story mode involves Lidell Rey,who wants a piece of the popularity pie, by all means necessary. Luckily for him he has connections, which enables him to take each of Trikz?s mad rides and hide them throughout L.A, save for his puddle jumper. So you start the game as many other street racing games, with one vehicle and a dire need to race for money. The first race is easy and earns you some quick cash to pay for the next race?s entry fee. Each race hereafter requires a racing fee to enter, which is typical of races in the real world, and allows the story to progress as you move from series to series. My only gripe here would be the onset of boredom between races as the only break came during cut scenes or the occasional phone call from Trikz?s right hand man or the informant. So basically its up to you to win back your reputation find your scattered cars and settle the score with Lidell. The game mechanics were on par with other racing titles. You?re able to pick up the controller and go speeding down the road while running over all manner of utility poles. As a player you have the option to use the nitrous oxide and take it a step further, awesome if your eye hand coordination is up to par, mine is not. I was frequently busted by the local boys in blue, and I am sure you will be too because they are everywhere, constantly watching and ready to take you down. Loading times were short and sweet and transitions were seamless as well.

I loved the graphics of this game, the cars were flashy and the maps were enormous. Landmarks were right on and transitions from one area to the next were seamless. My favorite graphics effect was hands down the collisions, which was awesome because I wrecked about every ten seconds it seemed. Particle effects flew in every dimension as the collision was shown in slow motion from a separate camera angle. The police were in the loop as they were everywhere just waiting to bust me, while letting those with cereal box licenses pass on by or park in the middle of the road, whichever suited them. The amount of non player vehicles on the streets is amazing, due to their sheer numbers. You have to be a very skilled at racing games to avoid losing races because of their uncanny ability to cause you to crash. That in and of itself was great due to the collision sequences, but sucked hard core because I had to come up with more money to reenter the race I just lost, bittersweet I guess. Also landmarks, time of day and sidewalk pedestrians were all appropriately done, it puts you right in the scene.

I have no complaints in the audio department. Everything was well done, from the swish of nitrous to the sound of pedestrians screaming ?jerk!?. Voiceovers were done by many well known stars such as Twista, the West Coast Customs Crew and Bill Bellamy. I also appreciated the soundtrack for this game and the ability to switch from rap to techno to rock and roll depending on my mood. The soundtrack touts big names as well such as J-Kwon, Twista and Lil?Kim. Sound effects of passing cars, police sirens and typical city noise are all audible yet they do not take away from the sounds of your own vehicle.

Suggestions: My only suggestion for Midway developers would be to fully take advantage of Xbox Live next time. I was a real bummer to find out I cant race people on Live, but only download the occasional paint skins for my cars and race content, or upload racing scores. Xbox Live is so popular among gamers now, and for developers to not use it to their advantage is a sure let down regardless of the genre of the game.

Overall Score: 8.0 / 10 Evil Dead: Regeneration

Evil Dead: Regeneration is a game based on the Evil Dead series of movies. It picks up the story with a man named Ash as the character you will control, for the most part. Ash finds himself committed to a loony hospital. And rightfully so, I mean who believes stories of the walking dead? The answer to that question is Sally Bowline, our games dame in distress and holder of Ashes redemption the diary of a Dr. Knowby(former fiddler of the Necronomicon). The doctor of Sunny Meadows, as this hospital is named, is Dr. Reinhard your typical insane doctor. This mad scientist has obtained the infamous Necronomicon Ex Mortis or Book of the Dead, and plans to use it to change the world. So once again Ash, our hero, finds himself in the position to fight deadites or the walking dead.

Once you progress towards Ashes signature weapon the game becomes pure action/comedy. This very weapon happens to be a prosthetic chainsaw, and it packs a punch. It gets more interesting here, because now you are able to perform a series of combo moves and finishing moves. The finishing moves were by far my favorite part of the game, because they are each horrifically bloody yet ironically entertaining. When I say bloody I mean that in a non frightening way, the way it is implemented in the game, is supposed to be taken in a comedic fashion. There are also weapon pickups, like a flamethrower and harpoon launcher, which are very necessary in your later boss defeats.

Another aspect of the game is the puzzle solving. Personally I would prefer not to call it that, as I found them to be very simple as to say they weren?t really ?puzzles? at all. The point of these minor brain teasers incurs the use of your trusty sidekick, Sam. Let me speak of Sam briefly, as he also makes the game bearable. Sam, himself is half deadite, thanks to Reinhard, and helps Ash out of some near death experiences. He helps in a couple of ways. One way is that Sam my be used as a projectile?.no I am not joking. Ash can kick Sam at targeted deadites and items. Secondly, Sam is implemented by finding spirits to feed the soul eater so you can fight the bosses. Sam has his own arsenal of moves like decapitating the enemy but none of them compare to Ashes finesse.

Graphics were nothing spectacular but the ability to rotate the camera fully was nice. Speaking of camera rotation its fitting to have in this game due to the fights. The camera angles allowed me to jump backwards or sideways and rotate the view to enemies at every angle. I admit I was a bit upset when it would bind me at certain angles in a room during a fight. The camera also would over rotate at certain points in an environment. I found that if I stayed away from walls or corners this happened less frequently.

The game has good audio in part due to the voice overs and appropriate chainsaw mauling. Each zombie made appropriate death rattles and the guns sounded authentic. Evil Dead fans would appreciate the voice acting of the series star Bruce Campbell along with the help of Ted Raimi as Sam. The game made great use of comedic dialogue between Ash and Sam, and also the intercom at Sunny Meadows. My favorite intercom announcement was, ?Please empty your own bed pans, we will not take crap from you! And Remember, no one cares for you like Sunny Meadows?.

Suggestions: The game progressed very quickly perhaps because I felt I was constantly button bashing or the mere fact that it was a simple game to play. It?s a game you can do without unless you are a diehard fan of Evil Dead. The cut scenes and comedy held my attention otherwise I would not have enjoyed it at all. Its probably worth the twenty dollars to those who enjoy some action with their comedy, and to those looking for a quick hack and slash fix. My only suggestions are as follows, perhaps tweak the camera angles by using less rotation next time and try to be less repetitive please.

Overall Score: 6.0 / 10

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