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Mass Effect 2

Overall: From the high acclaimed RPG developer Bioware comes the sequel to the hit M@!%#*! Effect. In this game Bioware has done what no other developer has ever done correctly and well. Integrate RPGs with Shooter games without an overwhelming tipping of the balance. M@!%#*! Effect 2 has taken every possible problem from the first game and catered to the needs of the player. To name a few improvements there has been a definite increase in the combat which allows the combat to run much much more smoothly then its predecessor. At the same time the game pulls you in with its extremely complex, and compelling story and dialogue. Bioware has created many masterpieces from Neverwinter Nights to Knights of the Old Republic, M@!%#*! Effect 2 definitly has set the bar for all new games to come. I honestly do not have enough good things to say about this game. Its so in depth and so much time has been put into it that I am glad that some video game companies are willing to take time and effort to make a quality game.

Gameplay: The gameplay is extremely compelling. I found myself seeing hours p@!%#*!by without me even realizing it because I was so into the game. I was able to play this game for extreme long periods of time without even the sign of getting bored or tired of the game. One major reason for that is that it imports data from the first m@!%#*! effect to have all your decisions from the first one actually affect the second game. For many game developers replayability is definitely one of the top things and this game definitely has lots of replayability simply because there are so many different ways you can go about the game you are willing to start over to try them all out. Another major reason is your party. Every person you find and recruit on your squad is so extremely complex and interesting that you don't want to leave that character until you know everything. In this game I actually found myself getting achievements not because I was working for them simply because I just happened to pick them up as I was having fun. From the first game there have been many improvements off the complaints from the consumers. One being the mako, many hated the long drives looking for minerals. Bioware heard this and replaced it with the planet scanner. Some hate it some love it I'll leave it up to you. But this time though these minerals actually mean something as you can use these to upgrade weapons, armor, and your ship even to satisfy your wants. The game also improved the hectic inventory system with something much more organized. Combat has been improved significantly as well. This is one major reason that makes this game so great. The controls have been completely redone so that it is more like a real shooter with more hotkeys for your powers so that combat flows smoothly I hardly found myself pausing the game at all. Along with cl@!%#*! specific powers and abilities, it provides even more reason to replay the game. One thing that really put a smile to my face was all of my past decisions from my first game in M@!%#*! Effect. I would see recognizable faces and I would realize that my choices actually made a difference and I don't think any other game has been able to do this and do this well. But even with all this improvement Bioware still remains faithful to what makes them them the good stuff. The story. I never think I have found a more compelling story, just watching the trailer makes me want to jump and down from excitement I would literally see hours fly by as I watched eagerly to see what happened next. Each character is complex and extremely well done you can see that Bioware definitely put many many days just thinking and working on each character. This is the major thing that makes this game stand out from all the other games of this time. Many games are fun yes, but how much time have they really put into it? Some games such as Modern Warfare 2 simply added some minor things made it shinier and just put it back out it seems like many games just get a new set of paint then are reshipped. Bioware though always produces quality work and always makes necessary changes and the time to make sure their work is always original and new.

Graphics: This game is simply beautiful... No other game can compare to the graphics of this game. Time magazine even quoted this as the "Avatar of Video games except with better story" And I agree 200%. This game has top notch graphics and each little detail is implemented very nicely. For example the character "Jack" She is covered with tatoos, but the thing is each one of those tatoos actually means something and each one is individually drawn to make this character mean something. As you play this game you actually believe that this could be real and that all these aliens you see are real because they are simply just that well made.

Audio: The music of M@!%#*! Effect 2 is similarly to the first one epic. The music goes along perfectly with every possible moment in the game. Each piece of music also has a lot of time spent into it that you can hear the hard work and you can see how the music fits perfectly with whatever is happening.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 DJ Hero

Overall: For the past few years we have been bogged down the by the numerous music games whether they are guitar hero, rock band, DDR, or any other brand of music game. DJ hero is a new kind of music game in the sense of different music and different instrument. When you first such a game your first thought is probably is this really that much different? Or this a completely new inovation towards music gaming? Well DJ hero is indeed a little different, but the difference seem differs from players. For one the insturment is a lot different you aren't using a guitar (Even though you have the option to) or drums, or singing. This DJ pad has 3 buttons which like other music games you push when the note hits the right moment. Although in this game you are required to perform other tasks along with hitting the notes which creates a different variaty of things to do. The music selection is also extremely good I for one do not like rap or hip hop or the such, but I was still able to get into this kind of music as it combines two songs from varying catagories of music. The game is definitly a new take on the music industry, but some people may see the game as nothing special. This game like when you first played guitar hero or such requires time a lots of it to be able to work yourself higher. This game I would suggest each person to atleast try it at the moment they do have demos at best buy and such or you could go try a friend's first, but the appeal of the game mainly bases around your taste of gaming.

Gameplay: The gameplay of DJ hero is rather fun in my opinion and also extremely difficult. Along with the 3 buttons you have to push you also must scratch the notes by moving the disk back and forth as well as use the crossfader to make your track back a forth which all together creates a pretty challenging game altogether. This game as I said before requires a lot of time to get the hang of probably a bit longer than guitar hero is reaching the higher difficulties. On the good side though the gameplay is rather fun, but you will probably be unable to play the game for long periods of time because it starts getting repetitious and boring if played too long.

Graphics: Visually DJ hero is just like every other guitar hero game the visuals are pretty crisp although since this is also a music game I doubt you will spend much time looking at the visuals especially since you will probably be playing the entire time. If you do happen to look at it the graphics are not top notch, but they are good enough for the game.

Audio: The audio is definitly the highlight of the game. The music of cource mainly consists of Rap and hip hop, but the game suprised even me when it had catagories such as jazz of Herbie Han@!%#*! and techno such of Justice. The music although I normally loathe music such of rap and hip hop I managed to really get into the music. The music choices are really diverse, but if you do not like any of the catagories I mentioned above I don't think you will have the greatest time with this game. For everyone else though I would almost get the game just for the remixes.

Overall Score: 9.2 / 10 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Overall: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare was considered one of the greatest games ever in almost every aspect. So when Infinity ward went to go make its highly anticipated sequel knowing it would be spit it if it was nothing short of the greatest thing of all time. Amazingly enough they did it. Modern Warfare 2 in my opinion has been the greatest video game I have ever played and will play in a long time in all aspects of single player, story, gameplay, and especially multiplayer. This game is guaranteed atleast a year of gametime.

Gameplay: If you have played the extrordinary game Call of Duty 4 then the experience won't be too different. The controls for the most part are the same except there are a few changes on multiplayer but they are so minor I doubt it will hinder this game's performance at all. The game is so well made this game had one of the craziest storylines ever. The controls to this game are exactly the same, but it was already really good so if it isn't broke don't fix it. Single player is great very very captivating, but the only downfall about it is that it is too short. Multiplayer is something that I can talk forever about it is the same as the old game except much much improved. The developers have added new perks, guns, attachments, equipment, maps, titles, emblems, gametypes, and most of all customized kill streaks. These features will definitly keep you playing this game for a long long long time.

Graphics: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 looks nothing short of amazing. Just watching the game is enough to make your eyes water. The game is so stunning just about everything is completely accurate sure there are a few things not completely the same if it was on a battlefield, but nothings perfect but this comes pretty close to it. Not the greatest visually but definitly up there.

Audio: This game definitly has an amazing audio. The audio will always fit to keep your heart pumping at every moment. The game has the perfect music for the perfect moments especially for suiting up or when your playing single player wherever you are. The game is also extremely good at copying the sounds of all the different guns, equipment, environment, and support. Although these seem very small and insignificant, all of them together creates an amazing atmosphere that really makes you appreciate.

Overall Score: 9.7 / 10 Halo Wars

Overall: If someone asks you have you ever heard of Halo Wars? Of cource your going to say yes its been hyped up extremely for the last 3 years with trailers and rumors and halos. Halo Wars is a new halo game, but wait its an RTS. Halo Wars is trying to do what other RTS games on a console haven't been having much success with trying to micromanage and stratigically win battles with a controller rather than a keyboard and a mouse. Although this game is not great so far it is the closest, and most fun.

To buy or not to buy:
If you are a hardcore RTS like a korean and starcraft you might be a little disipointed in the RTS factor because those who are used to the mouse and keyboard and extremely fast manuvers will feel this game lacking a lot. For those who just want to have a good time and don't take RTS to seriously I would suggest getting it.

Gameplay: Halo Wars is a Halo based RTS or Real Time Stradagy game where you or "God" or whatever you want to call yourself creates a army of your choosing and your goal is to destroy all of the enemy's buildings and units. If you look at computer RTS like starcraft or warcraft those games are really fast paced and complicated sometimes. Halo Wars is kind of sluggish in comparison the main cause is the use of the controller. A keyboard and mouse is very different from a controller first off your action won't be as fast. And second there are small things that frustrate and bother you. One thing is the unit selecting with a mouse its fairly simple with a controller not so much you have to singly pick out units if you want a certain type like the flyers your options are 1 unit, a bunch of that 1 unit, or all the units on the map. Another thing since the action isn't as fast paced the game feels rather predictable. In computer RTS people would make armies in seconds from their coordination and speed in Halo Wars you have limited buildings and along with the controller it feels really slow.

Graphics: Visually the game looks really nice. So far in my opinion the best RTS graphics so far. You can see some great detail on the units the portraits and the terrain. The plasma and the bullets look really nice even though it is a future prespective when you play this game it almost seems like your in a blimp watching a war.

Audio: Audio wise this game is great just like all the other halo games. One thing I especially liked was how well the music worked with the cues. Like when your doing nothing there is a song, but when you have things like combat the music changes very nicely and smoothly and it fits in very well.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Resident Evil 5

Overall: Everyone likes zombie games. Just the thought of an onslaught of undead m@!%#*!es with you as the or one of the few survivors. Out of this genre one of the most prominent has been the Resident Evil series by Capcom. This game is another zombie game taking place in Africa hence where the controversy is from. You play Chris Redfield again seeking to bring down the evil companies Umbrella and Tricell who develop these zombies. Of cource there are big mobs, guns, and a new partner. Overall in my opinion this game is a lot of fun, but there are a lot of minor and major problems that will make you angry. Although if you can look past these mistakes and just play the game is a lot of fun.

Gameplay: The gameplay in the game is really good, but it really depends on your taste. For one it is a over the shoulder shooter. You will have the normal array of weapons consisting of rifles, pistols, and melee. Some major problems though were for one INVENTORY you and your partner Sheva both have 9 inventory spaces for any item. Which of cource makes things.... Unfun. For instance a herb can equal a weapon which if you think about it the size difference is a whole lot larger. And with that comes another large problem when you want to put on armor you some how wear it in your pocket yeah your armor takes up a space while your wearing it. Resident evil is also a co-op game and nothing less. If you play by yourself its possible to win, but extremely frustrating considering how stupid your partner can be at some times. Resident evil 5 also seems somewhat identical to Resident evil 4, but thats minor.

Graphics: Resident evil 5's visual and graphics are stunning it is extremely realistic and looks really nice while you play. In this game people look like people, guns look like guns, and when you have a cutscene what you see makes you think it is actually happened. In these times I haven't seem very many good games with these sort of graphics it was one of the main reasons that kept me going.

Audio: Audio in the game works really great with the stunning visuals to help set the mood and tension even more and gives you better experience when you play the game. Another part that is expected, but its always nice to see is the realistic noises whether it being gun shots or running. At some times the music helps by changing when your about to fight which would prepare you somewhat when your about to be attacked.

Suggestions: Well for the developers IF they are going to make another resident evil game which I'm pretty sure they will is they fix the inventory system maybe going back to the old system with the suitcase. They also need to work on the AI. Other than that they are definitely on the right path.

Overall Score: 9.2 / 10 Guitar Hero Metallica

Overall: The Guitar Hero franchise has been a very successful chain of games best known for its uniqueness of using a guitar rather than a controller. From this game others have emerged such as Rock Band and Rock Revolution. Guitar Hero Metallica is the newest guitar hero game from the company. Its like a hybrid between Guitar Hero Aerosmith and Guitar Hero World Tour except it surrounds the band Metallica. Overall this game is just another Guitar Hero World Tour except for a few minor changes, new characters, and a lot of Metallica songs.

Gameplay: The gameplay is pretty much identical to the Guitar Hero World Tour game the only major difference in the instruments is the option of adding a second b@!%#*! pedal for the new difficulty for the drums expert+. As I said before the game is the same as GHWT; it has a b@!%#*! guitar, a lead guitar, a vocal part, and a drum part. Unfortunately there is no rhythm guitar part so there won't be any Hetfield and Hammet guitar tradeoffs, but if you look it at in total it is still fun for friends and solo because even if there is nothing different its still guitar hero. One last thing this is NOT a good game for people just starting guitar hero it is still possible, but this game is purely heavy metal so most of the songs are really fast, and really hardcore.

Graphics: The visuals are a whole lot better the graphics are better than before there are also some cool new features such as when you play the actual band because they made it with motion capture so that the characters actually do exactly what any member in Metallica would have done on stage such as hold a cymbal or fist pumps or whatever. There are new characters such as Lemmy from Moterhead and King Diamond from Mercy Fate. Overall the visual is very nice if you have ever seen a Metallica concert it looks very similar.

Audio: Audio wise... Well its Metallica. Half the songs are Metallica and they add the Death Magnetic pack if you bought it. The soundtrack is pretty much mostly Metallica from all their different albums even from their early days. There are also other heavy metal and hard rock bands that are in the game, but if you are going to play this game you better @!%#*! well like Metallica otherwise this won't be that great for you.

Overall Score: 9.4 / 10 Call of Duty: World At War

Overall: Over the years the Call of Duty series has pulled in a great deal of money on their famous WWII games as well as the trend-breaking blockbuster hit Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. In Call of Duty World at War the creators go back to WWII in efforts to show the people about the battles and bravery of soldiers no one knew or cared about as well as famous battles such as Makin and Berlin. Like past Call of Duty games you play split characters one being Private Miller of the Marine Raiders and the other being Private Petrenko of the Red Army where you go on and fight battles to win the war. Another thing this game has added was the gore. They added effects such as legs being blown off from bouncing betties or a shotgun. Another nice and fun feature is the flamethrower which dispose of enemies quickly with screams that make you feel fuzzy inside. Overall if your looking for a completley new game with completley new stuff I appologize because I have to dissapoint you. Overall this game is pretty much a replica of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare except in WWII, a new storyline, new weapons, and tanks, a russian Gary Oldman, and of cource the zombies. In Modern Warfare at the end of the game you are granted the airplane mission, in World at War you get a Nazi Zombie survival mode which is freaky and fun and can be played over and over for a long time. Claymores are now Bounching betties, Grenade launcher (has been moved to last upgrade for a rifle [Thankfully]) is still a grenade launcher, online is the same as the old online. Although if you continue to move up the Call of Duty series this will be a great game to go online for because online is still intact and the new maps add some new experiences and stradagies for all players. I have been a fan since Modern Warfare and overall I like this game its fun to play, challenging on veteren and online, and great when your playing co-op on Nazi Zombies.

Gameplay: Overall theres nothing special about the gameplay if you have played Modern Warfare. Its pretty much like playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare again with different skins, areas, levels, guns, and Kiefer Sutherland telling you what to do. Although many people including myself really loved Modern Warfare so we have no problem playing World at War. Basically gameplay is exactly the same shoot, throw grenades, aim, die, repeat. The process is a lot more fun that it sounds. Recommendations are to people who liked the Call of Duty Modern Warfare and every FPS fan. 60% of the people who say Halo 3 is better have never played it (I was one).

Graphics: From a visual standpoint this game's graphics aren't top-notch, but they are still really nice. They added some real world effects such as gr@!%#*! being burned, people being burned, tanks with flamethrowers. They also added gore and more blood which makes shooting people in the legs with a shotgun so much less shameful than it really is. Overall its graphics are good and are up top, but if your expecting Fallout 3 or Gears of War graphics this isn't what you think.

Audio: The audio of the game is still nice like it was back in Call of Duty Modern Warfare. The guns sound like an actual gun, the grenades sound like grenades, the people screaming sounds like screaming. They also added nice features like Artillery strikes giving off the screeching sound and also the sounds that the characters make. If you kill someone online you may taunt them, or when your reloading you actually sound desperate which adds a nice realism effect. But to top all that off your Marine Raider general is Kiefer Sutherland and your Russian General is Gary Oldman. It can't get better than that.

Suggestions: In my mind I think the developers are in the right direction on advancing this game towards perfection they listened to complaints about things like grenade launchers and fixed it. Suggestions: I suggest that they work on adding some mindblowing features to the game so it doesn't seem like Call of Duty 4 with new skins. My only other suggestion would be to go back to modern warfare which created a giant success for them, but they are already planning Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 which I eagerly await to play.

Overall Score: 9.4 / 10 Battlefield: Bad Company

Overall: Over the years the franchise of Battlefield has been known for their great large scale battle games although the main problem with those games was they were lacking a storyline. This game brings not only the Battlefield we all know and love but with a very solid very good storyline to back it up. This game is very fun to play and very addicting and will guarantee a good time with the combination of gameplay, graphics, storyline, plot, and humor.

Gameplay: This game's gameplay is the same game as any other Battlefield game Multiplayer wise otherwise your playing a regular shooter game. You select a cl@!%#*! and you fight. But this game has added some extras. This game has not only added new weapons and equipment to tinker around with but they have added the choice to spawn at a squad member instead of spawning at a base. Also this game has added ranks on Live and as you kill more people you can get medals or new guns and equipment. Ever get mad at when people camp or hide in a corner? Well a fun part about this game is camping and hiding doesn't work very well on this game because the buildings and trees and destructible so if your enemys are guarding the front door just blow your own from the side.

Graphics: The graphics of this game are very nice maybe not Gears of War nice but they are still very clear and very nice. Some problems might be seeing far away. But overall the graphics of this game are very clear and very detailed. The visual won't be the part that keeps you hooked but they won't drive you away either.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

Overall: Guitar hero the game that has brought rock music to everyone out there. This is the third installment of the guitar hero series. The graphics are much better, the gameplay is..... exactly the same, and the audio in my opinion is better mainly because it has all types of the rock music. This shows that not all games have to be violent to appeal to different people which makes me feel better and shows that not everyone in this country loves constant violence. This game is great for single player with it being very very challenging and having 1 song that seems unbeatable. The co-op is ok and the cut scences are original. The idea of boss battles was a good idea although it may seem strange at first but its lots of fun with freinds. This game lets people actually feel like they are a guitar hero which is a feeling like none other.

Gameplay: The gameplay of this game is fun, addicting, and will have you wanting to play every song on every difficulty but the only problem about the gameplay is that it is the exact same thing as guitar hero 2 and 1 which for the people who have played all the guitar heroes make it feel only like a expansion pack for more songs and slightly better graphics. Other than that the gameplay is original where you strum and push down the right colors which is challenging and lots of fun.

Graphics: The Visual is better from Guitar hero 2 but it isn't the best but why would you be looking at what the people look like when your supposed to be watching your notes the visual doesn't matter too much because the gameplay covers it so if you decide to stray for a moment and look at the graphics you will pay. The cut scences aren't exactly the most detailed but I dont think it is supposed to be.

Audio: Audio... The part of the game that it couldn't go without. The audio is the most important part of the game having all the best rock songs from Guns N' Roses to Tenacious D and even better you can get packs for extra songs. The people at Activision choose the challenging songs so for our approval. You won't be satisfied until you can get 100% on Through the Fire and Flames on expert.

Suggestions: I can't really think of some suggestions the only thing i would want is certain songs such as Bat Country, Come out Swinging, Master of Puppets, and Aces High

Bat country - Avenged Sevenfold
Come out Swinging - The Offspring
Master of Puppets - Metallica
Aces High - Iron Maiden

Overall Score: 9.7 / 10 Halo 3

Overall: Halo has been a hell of a trilogy Halo 3 is a game that brings it to the next level the gameplay is the same except new weapons new maps (unfortunatly) and new game types. The game is a stunning game except it has only 1 downfall that makes this great game be desecrated and that is the maps coming from bungie and microsoft im very dissapointed with the maps. Putting aside the maps the campaign is pretty short the campaign is ok overall but the 4 player co-op is a brilliant idea and that is one of the shining details that makes halo 3 so great. It gets an 8.8 not because i dont like it its because the great game is tarnished because of the bad maps and whats the fun of bad maps fix it or it will get old and boring fast.

Gameplay: The gameplay is the same as the other halos but its slightly improved which makes all the difference. They brought back guns and they added new ones which make the game fun as well as vehicles which also increase the fun. The game is very fun to play which makes it great and why it gets a 10 if it had halo 2s maps it would be non stop fun and last for years no decades and be remebered for as long as people will remeber.

Graphics: The visiual is just stunning its takes your breath away bottles your mind and blows it up its that good. Everything looks nice from the background to the guns to the people your giving their daily dose of lead to. Even at some moment you willl even want to stop and just look and be stunned at how realistic a video game can be.

Audio: The Audio is great the music is just plain great and perfect its cl@!%#*!ical but with a tinge of rock/ metal in it which makes a stunning and perfect combination which will appeal to you. these songs are almost guaranteed to be stuck in your head for a long long while.

Suggestions: Only 1! Only 1! thing you MUST fix or halo 3 is going to go by fast MAPS MAPS MAPS if you dont fix these people are going to get tired of it and fast especially since COD4 is out so better hop to it

Overall Score: 8.8 / 10 Rock Band

Overall: Rock Band is a great game that has changed the face of rhythem games, music games, and the way gamers can play their xbox. This game almost always has something for everyone to be good at and have the entire family/freinds to do something. Rock Band is a game that lets you the player become a rocker whether your a guitar, a b@!%#*!, a drummer, or even a singer you and your band get to rock to some of the greatest songs in the music history from Enter Sandman by Metallica to Red Hot Chili Pepper's Dani California. In this game you can also "battle" which is something that you would probably think (if you haven't played guitar hero that is) is absoultly ridiculous thinking how could you battle with music, a "battle" is where you can either do a tug of war for the crowds favor or just play and see who gets the most points. For the people who played Guitar hero your "star power" has been replaced with "overdrive" which does just about the same thing except you can also use it to save band members. This game is just about guaranteed to be entertaining and extreme fun for a real long time because if you start to get bored with your regular insturment you can just switch and the fun starts all over again who needs real insturments when you got rock band.

Gameplay: Well the Game play is great because it is a new way to play. The gameplay is great because it is challenging for just about any part the Guitar and b@!%#*! you have to strum and push the buttons at the right time which is no easy feat for the hard songs. The drummer must hit the right drum at the right time which gets harder as you have to drum faster as it gets more difficult and the singer has to sing for the right amount of time. Rock band's gameplay shows its unique because it is popular without violence.

Graphics: The visual is good but its not the best unfortunatly but the good part is who cares?? I mean you will be spending all the time looking at your parts concentrating why would you take the time to look around? I bet that it could be a blank background and you never would see the difference. This shows a great way how they make up their visual with gameplay.

Audio: Do I even need to say anything? Rock band is pretty self explanatory itself I mean its got some of the greatest tracks of rock and metal history some will be a cakewalk for some and for other it might be a walk through hell the soundtrack has plenty off songs and will only continue to have more.

Suggestions: I only Suggest that you can make more harder songs than there is. Maybe a song that is almost impossible for the people that will keep the people even more addicted and play it more for example like in guitar hero 3 "through the fire and flames" requires all the skill and all the reflexs I would like to see something like that in rock band

Overall Score: 9.8 / 10

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