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Dead to Rights

Overall: No appeal for anyone who enjoyed Max Payne WHATSOEVER. What a pile of !&%$@#* ing !&%$@#* . I think I hate Namco now - HATE!!! Who do they think they're trying to fool? They've ripped off a perfectly good game's idea, changed the setting and added a few ridiculous extras here and there. This game sucks as bad as my ex. Alright, not THAT bad.

Gameplay: This game has some of the crappiest controls I've been subjected to. Everyone else who's (correctly) given this title a bad review has already mentioned the controls, so I won't bother, but it feels so restrained, feel like I'm on a leash, not as much freedom in this game as Max Payne. The dog's pathetic, but the graphics will have to wait for now. Those little tasks everyone talks about (stripper, disarming bombs)?? - just a cheap way to make an easy differential between this game and MP. They suck bad. Shooters shouldn't be like this.

Graphics: I hated the graphics, an obvious PS2 port - everything from the dog to the enemies sucked, I could almost see the wireframe model of each character in my head, look close and you see that objects lack proper definition. Sucks baby, it sucks. The enemies were all clones, which is where I draw the line. In a game where the goal is to kill PEOPLE - having a situation where all the people are the same just doesn't make for a good game. Crappy namco barstewards.

Audio: meh - sound was alright, I didn't have many issues here. I thought the gun sounds weren't as realistic and individual as they could have been though (see MP, Halo, Splinter Cell). Except for the shotgun, I loved that.

Suggestions: Suggestions? Sure, I've got one. Crawl in a ditch, repent your long list of 'sins', and then kiddy-fiddling freaks.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc

Overall: Okay, maybe you'll want to consider this review biased, I haven't played and enjoyed a platform game for a while - but Rayman 3 has failed to break this trend. My god, this game is stupid. This game sucks! You start off the game doing a task so boring that my heart sank - what if the whole game is like this?? It isn't exactly, you have to do different tasks per 'level', and you get scored at the end of each as a percentage. The problem is - you're thrown into thris crazily beautiful world, no training no nothing, and after you've done exploring, you have to do the most retarded things possible in such a cool environment. So frigging disappointing.

Gameplay: Controls are relatively simple, but the fighting scheme is a little weird, I think its flawed, and could have been done MUCH better. Using the right trigger to lock on to an opponent doesn't work all the time, and as for trying to change the camera angle......let's just say that I committed suicide (as Rayman) repeatedly in protest at the clumsy camera movements. And at the war. But the left thumbstick just doesn't move the camera as you'd like it, and there's no way to snap the view to centre. Controls suck. Some of the tasks can be a little difficult, and thus enjoyable, but all in all they left me feeling depressed and stabby (when you feel like stabbing someone).

Graphics: Wow - they weren't kidding when they said it'd blow you away - the graphics are awesome! You can't interact with EVERYTHING in the environment, but the graphics are still supoib, good lighting, colour, and no bugs to report.

Audio: Sound's ok. I only appreciate sound if it's reallyreally good, and this was just ok. Some of the voices get a little annoying, but the music is nice and funky, which suits the psychedelic graphics.

Suggestions: I'm not gonna say anything too constructive, I'm not a big platform game fan - but a !&%$@#* task/scene wouldn't go amiss.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 TimeSplitters 2

Overall: Despite all of the positive attention this game has received, I didn't really take to this game very well. It's way too cartoony and the multiplayer options are insanely fast - in a bad way.

Gameplay: This game IS fun to play, but has its flaws. There are too few checkpoints in the game, and when playing with harder difficulties this can be a pain in the ass. The movements are too sensitive, and the aiming system is !&%$@#* . When you enter sniper mode, both the breathing of your character and the movements are too heavy, which gives rise to crappy aiming. You can't look up or down for sustained periods, especially when moving, the aim snaps back to centre. Multiplayer can be fun for a while, but the developers should have stuck to the slower style of Goldeneye, which this game has a lot in common with. The bots are handy though.

Graphics: The visuals are good, a little minimalistic in areas, but there isn't any slowdown, and characters seem pretty smooth. Its ok.

Audio: Nothing spectacular, the music sounds like it was completely ripped from Goldeneye, but the general sounds are ok - nothing great or horrendous to report.

Suggestions: No. You're shifting units, which you'll prefer to some strange looking kid's remarks.

Overall Score: 7.0 / 10 Deathrow

Overall: The concept is genius - merging both action and sports, two parallel gaming types. So the concept is good - what about the game? The game lives up to the concept and delivers a fine, addictive package. You'll be playing this for hours on end, just as I am, trying to unlock different teams/players/arenas - trying to reach a fighting nirvana. This game is brilliant in all aspects. The swearing and violence isn't the game's 'gimmick' selling point - it's a genuinely cool game.

Gameplay: The default controls are excellent, and work best in Action view, which I think everyone will use much more than the sports view. Having the right trigger as the aim AND focus on the disc is best for players who wish to go on a scoring spree. But beware - especially on multiplayer - your team will be subject to ass-whoopings if you don't lay down some authoritah on the opponent's asses. This is the only bug in gameplay - novices will beat the !&%$@#* out of your team and thus win if you don't have subs. I'm guessing that after unlocking x amount of players, gamers whose only strategy is killkillkill will end up running out of ideas as the score counter ticks away. The fighting controls are simple and effective - in single player, hold moves are met with slow-mo matrix-stylie angles. The conquest mode is cool, and you're met with offers from business fat cats who want to sign you up and offers to take steroids/gene therapy to enhance your team's performance. Random (and tough as nails) teams may also challenge you for huge sums of money in higher leagues, making you wish you took the drugs earlier on. Multiplayer is great too; nothing beats kicking the crap out of your mates as they lie in a bloody mess on the ground. Nothing.

Graphics: The graphics are second to none, in my opinion. Yes, even the mighty Halo. Halo was brilliant, but only because of its wide scope for graphical possibilities. Had Deathrow been set in a huge world, it would make Halo look like pollyprissy-pants. The trails the disc leaves are cool, and the slow-mo moves make you grin as you pull 'em off.

Audio: The swearing adds another dimension to the game. There is a variety in the swearing, but not as wide as you may have been led to believe earlier. Swear at players in the opposite side and they'll attack you, which is best to do to the opponents' goaltender, luring him out of position. The fighting sounds are great - and the custom soundtrack option is an added bonus. Minus points - in the pre-match movies when both teams mouth each other off - the dubbing is kind of bad; and you can only put, say, 20-ish songs in the custom soundtrack! This pissed me off immensely - I've got over 200 tracks sitting in that machine, and I can only put 20 on in a game which NEEDS high-octane music.

Suggestions: I have no idea why you added a track limit to the custom soundtrack, maybe it was memory issues. Overall, this game is an XBox classic, and should really have been there for the X's release.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Dead or Alive 3

Overall: This game epitomises everything that's wrong with the XBox. Japanese developers sticking to a given formula and trying to exploit it to the fullest. It ain't happening though. Like many of its predecessors, this game has a sweet graphical package, but fails in every other category. You'll all soon get tired of this game, it's fun for a while, but after - say, a week - you'll wished you never had it.

Gameplay: Learning what each button does and timing moves takes a while, especially with the counter-blocks and hold moves - and Survivor mode may utilise these - but the Survivor mode sucks. The stories aren't hugely interesting, and story modes can be clocked easily. The angle when you're fighting the bosses is just plain stupid - what were these guys watching when they made this - Pokemon?! Multiplayer does not work at all. Instead of being able to know how and when to use specific moves, you can win by simple kindergarten-style button mashing. The character strengths aren't balanced well at all; you'll soon find that winning is easiest by being either Jann Lee or Kasumi and pressing the kick buttons repeatedly.

Graphics: This is the only positive aspect of the game - sweet graphics. Shadows and general textures are mapped !&%$@#* well. The arenas are brilliant - though the tag team ones are quite boring and repetitive. Shame that you can't interact with the snow or sand in different levels. The moves are pulled off smoothly, and there are few if any bugs to report. Player costumes look good too.

Audio: The dubbed voices after the characters win or lose are pathetic - as bad as the crap that comes out of their mouths. Apart from that the sound is kind of average. The music is poor, just average rock music, with some Aerosmith at times if you're lucky.

Suggestions: Please - don't do this to us! We've got a bad enough selection of games out there, and you have to go and make a friggin' sequel!!! Typical.

Overall Score: 3.0 / 10

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