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TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

Overall: Consistent with the outrageousness of its predecessors, Future Perfect follows the hectic life of Cortez through 1920 to 2200 something chasing a madman who wants to take over the world and achieve eternal life. Sounds very stereotypical, and it is. FP has mastered stereotypical masterfullness! :watchout:
Cortez plays his usual corny self. A lot people didn't like this, but I think that is what makes Timesplitters. The single player mode (which I did in Co-op) is very fun, but doesn't offer much of a challenge. I thought the story was just fine for a game of this genre, but I beat it in about 7 hours. It was definately fun to play, and I was laughing... a lot... at times.

They have a lot of old weapons but some new ones still. The greatest addition is Half Life 2-esque device that can pick up items and launch them. This is extremely fun!

The challenges return. Each of them was very fun. You have the classics such as Behead the Undead and Cutout Shootout, then you have some nice miscalaneous ones, including Monkey Curling. Yes, curling, with a monkey. It may be because the control is better, but I did a lot better on the challenges this time around. They seemed easier...

The arcade league was pretty much the same. In fact, a lot of the levels are from 2. That's not necassarily bad, but they weren't much of a challenge.

Multiplayer kick some major ass! The obvious great thing about Future Perfect is its XBL capability, which I didn't have a chance to try. I did try all of the multiplayer modes with bunch of friends, and it was a lot of fun. The bots are still a little dumb, but it's all good.

I had this game complete in 13 or so hours. That is 70% complete because I beat the single player on Co-op instead of single.

Gameplay: Very similar to TS 2. I feel like the controls are better though. With TS 2, I could not start playing right after Halo because it's sensitivity and control was off the chart. The control is very smooth, It feels really good, I'm not sure what they did, because it is still really fast, but they fixed something. The only thing that got a little tired was the one button for two guns, but that's just because of Halo 2.

Graphics: Reminiscent of the Timesplitters universe. Nothing groundbreaking, but still unique in it's own way. The game looks better than its predecessor and has better animation, cutscenes, and special effects.

Audio: Dolby Surround, just like every other game. Immersive, but again, nothing groundbreaking. The voice acting is pretty good. Except for Cortez, which I'm sure Free Radical did purpously. Cortez is a hoot, from start to finish. You can, in fact, draw many similarities between Vin Diesel and Cortez. The single player was very cinematical, and felt like a movie. The one-liners from Cortez were hystercal at times. The game made me laugh, which is nice break from the norm. So, don't play this game in a bad mood, the tone of Cortez voice alone was enough to send me rolling.

All of the other voice acting is great however, so no worries.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Dance Dance Revolution: UltraMix

Overall: Definately a very fun, very addictive game that requires more than just pressing a couple buttons. You can get a pretty serious workout from this game. On my sixth song or so, I will be dripping sweat everywhere. It combines rhythm and balance in a very clear, seamless fashion. I haven't met anyone who doesn't get a kick out this game.

Gameplay: Well, this game is all about the gameplay. It's replayability is amazing. Just make sure that you buy the official pad becuase the knockoff ones are chit. They will easily wear out and you will be left frustrated and kicking random things. But yeah this game is almost too fun the only reason you will really stop playing is becuase your legs give out.

Graphics: LAAAAAAAME. That's really the only bad thing about this game. I mean I know you just can't do much with floating arrows. But I mean, even teh dancers are lame. It's not such a huge distraction though because all you'll be looking at is the arrows. But from a graphics standpoint, this game is horribly plain.

Audio: It has an awesom soundtrack. Some of the songs you may get fed up wioth after the twentieth or so time, but most of em are pretty catchy. Easy to dance to stuff you might say. There are tons of songs though, so you can't really get fed up with all of them.

Suggestions: Add a Jukebox mode where we can just listen to the songs. Make it so that you can create playlists and chit.

Overall Score: 9.0 / 10 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Overall: It is a really fun game with good gameplay and well done animation. The controls are simple enough to learn, and when you do learn them well then you will look very cool playing this game.

Gameplay: Simple controls. Easy to learn how to play. Also has really good way to get rid of button mashers: you button mash, you lose your combo.

Graphics: Most beautiful game I have ever seen on xbox. Fluid character animations make Prince of Persia look very nice. Don't forget about the 480p.

Audio: Good sounds. All sounds are where they are supposed to be. Very good voice acting. Sound is extremely immersive.

Suggestions: More playability after it has been beaten. Mini games. REAL XBL support.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Jet Set Radio Future

Overall: Very well made game. Has deep gameplay, really good multiplayer, and is good to beat more than one time.

Gameplay: Very easy to learn. You will have no problem mastering this game on the first level. Very immersive.

Graphics: Best use of cel-shading I have ever seen. Doesn't take use of much of xbox's power. Stay away if your a cel-hater.

Audio: Sounds can get annoying at times (grind combo sounds) but that is about it. Best game soundtrack ever!

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10

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