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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Overall: The long awaited sequel to the HUGE Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise has arrived.
Modern Warfare 2 has hit most of the right buttons, intense story lines that are sure to shock and anger you at the appropriate time's, and sure to keep you playing again and again.
The online features more than CoD4:MW and CoD:WaW combined, Pretty much everything you can pick can be upgraded, from your guns to your perks and kill and death streaks.
The new addition of customizable callsigns that the opposing player will angrily see when you pop him in the face with your silenced sniper make it truly enjoyable time and time again and with a level cap of 70 (maybe higher) there will be nothing to get bored of.

Gameplay: Single player plays incredible, with a variety of different missions spaced out perfectly,
All out firefights, stealthy, and action packed vehicle missions.
As soon as you start the game you can tell that its going to be like no other game before,
The training camp looks huge, there is lots going on, and you get the feeling of being in an army checkpoint, The missions have the familiar CoD feel that we love and controls haven't been changed that much. And the Storyline was immense, with a nice little tease at the end, Will they, Wont they? (you'll understand when you complete it).

Multiplayer plays pretty amazing aswell, with a couple controls that may take a little longer than usual to get to grips with i.e. Claymores replacing grenades etc, but beside the minor things there isn't much more you could ask for, there is things i wanted for CoD4 like directional airstrikes MAN!
Infinity ward have touched on all bases here, and there is in every case, something for everyone.

Graphics: Visually AMAZING, Thermal's through smoke, people flying from explosions, the way dead enemies fall, there is almost nothing poor about MW2, a thing that I noticed was that when me and my teammates pushed close to enemys they would stop shooting and run past us, but that's nothing to complain about.
The game is so visually pleasing that if it where any better our eyes would probably implode.

Audio: Get some good gaming headphones or surround sound speakers, and become overwhelmed with explosions, bullets, ricochets and orders getting shouted at you, gives you an amazing sense of being in the game, and the intensity is turned up to 11, you will here enemies shout amongst another giving you another depth of realism.

Overall Score: 10.0 / 10 Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Overall: Set on Skira island with a rising conflict between the Chinese and Russian forces. You are sent in under various teams, from @!%#*!ault to spec-ops, you command three other team mates with commands taken straight from the United States Army, This was a very hyped game, which I was looking forward to from the moment I heard about it.
It left me very, very disappointed and feel that Codemasters really let me and a lot of other people down.

Gameplay: Gameplay well, it could be a lot better. From AI team mates that form a strange likeness for trees and rocks and can't bare to leave them, to enemies that literally die on their feet and refuse to lie down and enemies that have deadly accuracy at 200 meters but go blind when you are right in front of them. Almost everyone who plays Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising has got a story to tell about bugs or glitches, and that's not a good sign.
Onto the map, Which is M@!%#*!IVE, (1 point) personally I felt I didn't get much of a chance to explore, only used a boat once, which I had to steal from team mates at the end of a mission, and the story line is over fairly quick.

Graphics: Visually Dragon Rising is on par with most other games, nothing amazing, the 2-D graphics of bushes etc, look like they have been taken straight out of a Playstation 1 (Oh yes, I went there),
Also I find that unless you have a relatively big T.V then you are going to struggle and strain to see enemies amongst the 2-D bushed and the forresty parts of the map, (The huge, huge map) That you don't get much of a chance to explore.
But there are some nice touches, like the cloud of blood you see when you hit an enemy at range, to inspecting the heads of enemies that got shot in the face (there is a nice exit wound on the other side)

Audio: Well, firstly I have never personally heard a gun fired right beside me or bullets fly p@!%#*! my ears, but if I had It would probably sound like it does in game, since that's what Codemasters spent most of their time doing, but I think unless you have been in the army, you are not really going to reap the benefits. The speech between you and your commander adds another depth of realism, But when it comes to your team mates speech its very limited and I think spending 3 days on an island they would say more than " This is getting hardcore " and the Chinese forces that speak in some weird alien type language, that doesn't sound Chinese.

Suggestions: Codemasters are going to pull together one helluva patch to make this game better, They should have stopped having so much fun shooting guns in the desert and making sure everything sounded right, and made sure that vital in game features worked, to many times I died because my team mates where busy somewhere else trying to make rock babies and not responding to my commands.
I also heard (but haven't experienced) that people playing Online had their stats reset after each match disabling them from ranking up.

Overall Score: 5.0 / 10 Red Faction Guerilla

Overall: Imagine a game where you can destroy a building, then go on an hour long killing streak at the other side of the map and come back and that building is still a pile of rubble. Can't ask for much more than that and that is what red faction: Guerrilla can offer you.
Thanks to the Geo mod 2.0 engine, this game is completly destructable, no building will fall the exact same way as one before it.

The vast landscape of mars, the variety of cars straight out of 1980's sci fi movies ( no flying ones though, sorry) the multitude of weapons from sledgehammer to thermobaric rockets (don't be to close to one of these bad boys when it goes off) No two players will ever have the same experiance while playing through this game. They should have named this game, Satis Faction: Guerrilla. But that idea is probably why im not a game namer :(
Red Faction: Guerrilla is a 100% must buy.

Gameplay: The year is 2128 and you are alex mason, you find yourself arriving on mars to "mine" you meet with your brother and you quickly see what Red Faction: Guerrilla has to offer you by going to collect salvage from an abandoned work site.
Once that mission is over (without revealing any spoilers) you get really into the action.

Now with 3rd person view as opposed to the original Red faction fps series, you really can get a feel of being on mars, and see a whole shed load more destruction you would have playing in first person.
The gameplay for RF:G is superb, with the ease of blowing up an EDF tower with a couple of properly placed mines and a couple swift blows from a sledgehammer, just make sure you are out of the way as the flying rubble can hurt you, which is good to keep in mind when fighting a whole loada goodies turned bad guys (EDF).

Also the jump to multiplayer offers you nothing less than the single player campaign, well.. minus vehicles, but who really wants cars in a shooting game if you want that go play gta, where im sure you cant blow up nearly as much ;).
Multiplayer boasts the same feel and gameplay as single player, is there an enemy in that building? blow it up and find out, you may crush him to death or at least make him flee his hideyplace or if your feeling a bit more tech go and suit up with the vision backpack and simply "see" your enemy and where his campfire is set.

To keep you playing and intrested (or to keep things intresting?) as the more you destroy you gain salvage which can be used to buy more weapons or upgrades to existing ones carry upto 18 mines, detonate 12 at a time (that's a whole lotta boom)
You can even upgrade your armour once,

The gameplay on RFG is top quality and i have no complaints!

Graphics: Visually stunning. From buildings collapsing from stress right down to the little mini tornados of dust you see whilst driving about.
RFG is really a visually stunning game, and the guys at voilation have really added to it by making it in 3rd person, you would really miss so much of the action in this game if they never added that feature.
you get the nice warm feeling inside when sledgehammering an enemy into a wall and it crumbles. you get the nice warm feeling outside when seeing the greenyblue explosion from blowing up big gas tanks. RFG is a visual WIN!

Audio: *Bang bang bang bang....Grrroooannnn....CRASH* the lovley sound of putting c4 at the foundations of a bridge and then hearing it moan under pressure untill it finally had enough stress and crumples under its own weight. There is nothing more staisfying than that.
RFG's audio bring alot to the already awesome game from the sound of thermobaric rockets being fired and the bone crunching impact of a sledgehammer to enemy face leaves you satisfied with the buttons you just pressed

Suggestions: The guys at voilation have done an outstanding job with this game, they've done more than enough to keep the single player campaign addictive, and done an amazing job at keeping the multiplayer just as mind numbingly addictive with unlocks after each couple of matches depending on how good you do.
All i can suggest is they can wow us further with some awesome DLC!

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10 Skate 2

Overall: Highly anticipated, Eagerly awaited Skate 2 rolled its way on to the shelves on the 21st of january, and bragging a whole lot more to offer than its first born.
After 5 years of being incarcerated behind bars (? when that happened i dont know)
Your first stop is your freind slappys for some tutorials old and new, and 2 achievements.
After your first few bails and first few lands you emerge out into the city to find old spots you loved, changed for the better (or worse) and new spots all over the place.
Lots of challenges and activities to keep you skating for ages, and lots of spots to keep you skating some more.

The skate revolution DOES Continue.

Gameplay: When you get control of your character for the first time you are told "while you where in prison we learned to walk". Yeah not very well, Granted it is a godsend being able to walk up stairs and position ramps etc, but when your trying to manoeuvre your way up a fire escape to get to a roof or the top of a diving board it kind of feel like pushing a square through a circle.
Although when you have your two feet firmly planted on the board thats when the true gameplay kicks in and you wont be dissapointed from the simple flip tricks to footplants and inverts there is so much more added extras to keep your fingers flickin.

And an added feature which is sure to make you intentionally "bad" at skating is the new bail control system which allows you to intentionally bail from your board and make your character divebomb, swandive,judo kick his way to pain and broken bones HOURS of fun.

Graphics: The city of "New" San Van is huge, and be it from skating the marble inertior of Mongocorp or the cracked alleyway of downton you will never be dissapointed with the look of Skate 2. The way your skater moves into an invert or a brick wall you never feel like your "just getting an animation" rather than everything you do more than once still has a slight difference and its impossible to bail twice the exact same way.
Even your shoes and pants get dirty the more you bail, and you pick up scrapes and brusies along the way. Superb.

Audio: Ahh the lovely sound of flesh grinding away at concerete, of bones breaking cars. Ok maybe i got that mixed up but hey, thats the aim of the game.
The sound is lovley to say the least, skating at high speeds will sound scarey yet cruising around on marble feels and sounds like your skating on clouds. Skating into walls will sounds sore with added "dings and @!%#*!s" when skulls connect with poles just satisfys you that little bit more.

Suggestions: EA have done good with Skate 2 maybe investing a little more time in the minor details would have made a big impact. Face customization, chains/necklaces that dont float above your neck
to the off board phsyics, I've found myself pushing an object then for some reason getting thrown into the air. But hey just adds to the fun.

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

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